Apple introduces iPad 2, ships March 11

Apple introduces iPad 2, ships March 11

Steve Jobs today announced Apple's iPad 2, with an all-new design that's 33% thinner -- 8.8mm -- 0.2lbs lighter -- 1.3lbs total -- and includes an Apple A5 processor. The A5 boasts dual-core 2x CPU speed and 9x graphics speeds. Other hardware improvements include front and rear FaceTime cameras, a gyroscope, and more.

“With more than 15 million iPads sold, iPad has defined an entirely new category of mobile devices,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “While others have been scrambling to copy the first generation iPad, we’re launching iPad 2, which moves the bar far ahead of the competition and will likely cause them to go back to the drawing boards yet again.”

It will come in 2 colors, white or black bezel -- and white will be shipping day 1! There won't be an LTE model but there will be support for both AT&T and Verizon. Pricing remains the same, starting at $499 with all storage and 3G options staying the same.

Shipping starts on March 11 in the US, with 26 other countries on March 25 including Australia, Canada, UK, and more.

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Apple introduces iPad 2, ships March 11


@webvex.... so....
I may upgrade or skip. The market is so competitive that Apple could have one by fall and that will be the one to get.

@JBC - I'm not really sure what else they can do to improve upon the first 2 iPads come fall. This one is thinner, lighter, has cameras and faster processor. And I still love my original. What is the next logical step? People really clamoring for an SD card? The accessory they'll sell now allows for HDMI out. And if Flash is ever going to be implemented, it'll be on the software side. I guess they could improve the display, but other than that, what?

I'm getting one but I am not waiting in line again after spending 9 hours in line for the iPhone 4. I was going to pre-order and have it shipped to me but it doesn't look like they are allowing that right now.

Eh... until the app market truly utilizes the improved performance capabilities, this is a skip for me. Yes, as a first time tablet, it kicks some butt, but for current owners, not too much to jump on. I still don't get the need for a rear facing camera on a large clunky device...people buy compacts over DSLRs for a reason. Front facing, sure. Rear, oh well.

I think the only reason to wait is to see if they improve the screen resolution down the road. I'm willing to wait because my current iPad is working just fine and don't really need increased power or Face Time (yet). If the screen resolution does improve down the road, then I'm willing to invest in another machine -- the added benefits will at that time justify the price in my mind. But right now, I'm waiting. But only because I'm still happy with my current iPad. If I didn't have an iPad already, I would be pre-ordering the new machine ASAP.

Very underwhelmed!
I was hoping for:
More memory than 64GB
SD Card
Higher Resolution
Pre-Jailbroken ;)

I'm agreeing with Mark in Spokane ... I'm very happy with my current iPad and see no justifiable reason to upgrade to this one. For people who don't already own the iPad, I could definitely see jumping to the 2 instead of getting the first one - but as a current owner, the improvements seem minimal. Yes, a step forward, but no giant leaps just baby steps. It's faster? Cool, but the iPad is already plenty fast - how anxious do you have to be to want an app to load 1.3 seconds quicker? And cool, it's thinner .. a few centimeters really makes that big of a difference? Plus I really don't need a camera on every device I have. I see the iPad as more for business than pleasure (just a personal opinion), and these improvements don't really push the "blown away" button for me. I honestly didn't have much of a wish list for it, but a smaller bezel and bigger screen plus retina display would have (for me) been a more justifiable means to upgrade.

Been an iPad holdout waiting for iPad 2. Pardon my ignorance, but with the wifi+3G iPad 2, rather than pay for a month of 3G service, can one just insert their iPhone 4 micro-sim card into the iPad micro-sim slot to download data over 3G when you're away from wifi?

RAM is something we'll have to wait for the first teardowns to see, but it had better at least match iPhone 4's 512MB. The current 256MB is why you see websites reload every time you switch back to them if you have more than a couple of tabs open. It's driving fives times the pixels of the 3GS on the same amount of RAM.

Waiting in line overnight at the downtown Montreal Apple Store at the end of May was ok, but dang, it's going to be cold waiting outside at the end of March!!!

I have at&t now with unlimited data, with the new iOS on AT&T Should I just tether the iPad 2 rather than buy another plan that's limited to 250mb or 2gb ?

If I were you, I'd jailbreak and tether using MyWi .. AT&T will make you pay for tethering if you use them. I think it's like 20 bucks a month for 2GB of data to tether (regardless if your data plan is unlimited). But if you jailbreak and use MyWi, AT&T will be none the smarter and you'll be able to tether for free to your iPad. But jailbreak now while you have 4.2.1 and don't upgrade to 4.3 - as I'm sure Apple's iOS upgrade will block the jailbreak.

What about RAM size? It wasnt mentioned int he presentation. It is also not shown on the Tech Specs page on Is it a big secret, or did Apple bump eveyrthing on the new device but kept the puny 256MB RAM?

I would guess they had to go to 512 to get the 9x faster graphics, but we probably won't know for sure until the tear down of one after they ship.

Anyone have any clear news whether it's simply Apple stores and that are selling on March 11th, or whether their retail partners (i.e. Best Buy, Target, etc.) will be getting this as well?
BTW, called my local Apple store and found out that they won't be launching until 5 PM local time on the 11th. Curious, no?

Wow that was the most pathetic inaccurate comment I have ever heard.
iPad is going to send the other manufacturers back to the drawing board?!??
Has Apple heard of Motorola Xoom?
The Xoom offers way more than the iPad2 does on every level. Still the stupid gimmick device does not have widgets for weather or email. The device is a piece of crap and there is no innovation behind it. Good luck with your sales Apple.
I'm sure I will have a few trolls commenting on this post in a few minutes.
You trolls would probably buy a piece of turd stuck to the asphalt if Steve Jobs put an Apple logo on it. Idiots.

I don't remember hearing about long lines wrapping around the corner to get this so called "better option". And 5 out of the 6 iPad offerings are CHEAPER than the entry level Xoom. Hater's now-a-days, going on an Apple specific site to troll.

Honestly, not having an sd slot does make me shy away from it. I was hoping to replace my laptop and without an sd slot, I can't upload my photos to it without using itunes.

Hey Just a question I cant find. Will they be offering the Ipad at Best Buy on March 11th or just online and at the apple store?? If not at best buy right away when will it be offered there??

Apple under Jobs always amazes me. The competition is aiming at the iPad, and they introduce the iPad2 before any of them can get to market. As we all know, the electronics is only a (large) part of the equation as the software can foul up the best hardware. I was very much hoping not to drink the Apple Kool Aid on this one, but they really have the edge. HP? Where are you?