Apple Introduces iPad Tablet!


As widely expected, Apple's "latest creation" is a tablet device called... the iPad! Here's the official press release, and some details from TiPb's take:

It looks like a giant, wide, iPod touch with a gorgeous display and enough graphics power to throw around HD video and handle very slick UI elements without any hint of lag.

Also shown off were Maps (including street view), iTunes LP and iTunes Extras, and Email, Calendar, and iPod functions that look like the iPhone but with a massive functionality boost from the Mac side, including pervasive use of popups.

It will run virtually all iPhone apps, unmodified. Pixel accurate, or via pixel doubling. iPad specific SDK ships TODAY!

  • .5 inches thin
  • 1.5 lbs
  • 9.7 inch IPS display
  • 1024x768 (Old school!)
  • Capacitive multitouch
  • 1GHz proc Apple A4 chip (PA Semi!)
  • 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
  • 802.11n WiFi
  • BT 2.1
  • Compass
  • 10 hrs battery life
  • 1 month standby
  • Running iPhone 3.2 OS

Images after the break, more as this develops!


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Reader comments

Apple Introduces iPad Tablet!


Not exactly what I expected :P
Hope there is gopnna be an iPhone 4G
And how is this gonna play apps like NOVA? That would be ackward :P

Wow, iWant.
Apple Fanboi Mode Off
No seriously, nothing groundbreaking, but the best of the tablets for sure.

The icons on homescreen is far too small. Too much empty space, they should make the icon size customizable or something.
Other than that, it seems alright - like an oversized iPhone haha. I hope it gets its own apps and not just iPhone apps. I'll be keen if it had 3G, could possible replace a netbook (although 10 hours is a bit stingy). If not, I don't see the point carrying another iPhone.

Didn't see anything it did that my iPhone can't do. But there is one thing the iPhone does that this doesn't, fit in my pocket.

Some people can't afford an iPhone plan or don't want to switch to AT&T, so this would be ideal for them.

I'm most interested to find out the screen resolution, and whether it will support Flash. In other words, would it be a suitable stand-in for a netbook?

One of the things that made the iPhone so popular was that it was like having a laptop in your pocket. Im not knocking the iPad but it would seem like Apple is taking a step back and not forward. Not to mention that its the same os as the iphone and ipod, can you imagine trying to carry this around in a backpack, the slightest bump would probably crack the screen. Just my opinion

Well, I don't know about you-all, but I like what I'm seeing in the iPad thus far. The screen size looks just about right for my needs, so I'm getting one as soon as it comes out (and I can actually afford one); it'll be a nice little portable companion to my very un-portable 24" iMac.

I wounder what kind of accessories will be able to be pluged in to the ipad.
A regular key board a nice mouse and I hope it will have a kick stand that come with it so I can set it up on my table at home.

doesnt support flash , no WOW factor , no iWANT factor , name sucks major booty. Interface is cool but nothing innovate. should i also be concerned that it doesn't have a 3G radio ?

i would be tempted to agree with you Mobile Virgin, but there have been reports that the iPhone was actually based on the iPad... so I can understand the similarities. I think 3years was enough time for them to visually stimulate us a bit more but, this is what we get.

This is the end of the Mac. Well eventually. Why buy one now? I suppose keyboards will come out for this, so you can take notes, etc. Also larger ones - like 40" as your TV set.
One reason to get a Mac now is if you need more screen real estate, (but Apple can fix that with larger versions).
Another reason to keep a Mac around is if you are a photoshop / web developer / programmer etc.

I don't understand the logic of this. Why would I extend my iPhone or iPod to a bigger screen if that's it's only function? I guess I'm not reading articles and stuff. Would you consider this as a replacement to a laptop where I can install like Word processing applications and such?

I know its been posted before but this is just a Giant iPod touch. Woohoo. I don't know what it is but this is exactly, but this is pretty lame.
I wasn't sure I'd like the iPhone without a physical keyboard, but I was wrong. So its not its lack of a keyboard that bothers me. I thought it would require a 3G subscription, but it does not (that's good in my book), so that's not my issue.
I guess I'm just having trouble figuring out how this would fit in my life. I can't really use this anywhere I can't already use my laptop and you probably can only use apps available in the app store, so its like a crippled laptop without a keyboard.
I guess that's it. I'm willing to put up with the lock in to the apps store for my iPhone because it provides things nothing else before it could (although others are catching up), but the iPad provides nothing a netbook or small laptop can't and has all the lock in badness.

@omari james Do you read anything or just assume everything? Iy has a 3g radio. read read read people never read.

Is this supposed to be in the laptop family or the iPod family?
I mean can it replace a laptop or will I still need a real computer at home?
No DVD drive... Does it at least have USB ports?

So...when will someone give me a reason to get this?
Only thing I'm looking at is a purchase so I can have a nice eBook reader.
But then again...I can get most of em cheaper than $499...
But I guess I'd be paying for the extra screen. So hey...

Very disappointed,a mini laptop is cheaper and does more. They needed to launch the 4.0 os filmware for iphone instead

Aside from pure technolust, I just do not see what need this fills to create that "third category."

I think you guys are missing the point. This was supposed to be for ebooks. You guys want to read your books in the little a@$ print on an iphone, go ahead. Otherwise you can use this for whatever you want. You get an extra 6" of lcd screen for 200 bucks. For a flat screen tv, you have to pay an extra 2-300 bucks for the bigger screen too. I was wowed at first but then when I saw past the smoke and mirrors, I dont really see it as something anyone needs either. What amazes me is they can put all that stuff in an iphone that is 3.5" and they couldnt put more into a 10" model. I understand that may be greedy but what do you expect when the company always try to impress. So yes it is an iphone with a bigger screen but if your using it for what It was originally intended for, its pretty nice.

I'm calling it now.. this will be a bust.. like most of you have already said.. I don't see what need this fills. Sorry apple.

Its an ebook. They didnt say they were doing everything everyone was trying to create. This is just the beginning. A screen for a flat screen cost more as it gets bigger so does this. But if they can do this wait til later on. Those shows about the future in technologoy are developing right before all of our eyes. Not only with this but with remotes and microsoft surface. At least its affordable. Havent heard nothing about that surface in a while especially going for 10000. And this ipad im sure can be used as a big remote. Look at the little apps you can use on your iphone to control your house. I guarantee in the next year we will have something amazing. You have the Ipad and the macbook air. The bridge between iphone and computer are coming together.

I think that this is the future of Apple. You'll see this OS grow capabilities, Apple in house chips replace Intel, and this form factor (with minor changes) will become the mainstream Mac. Then Steve will have realized his dream of a complete walled garden, with apps and content for Macs available only from Apple, where he gets a cut of everything anyone does with his platform.
Genius, Steve's true genius, making money.

Hmmm... No front-facing camera (ergo, no iChat or video Skype calls), no multitasking, and not even a disc burner. Apparently not even a USB port! So, on second and third thought, maybe I WON'T be getting one of these... I know, it's basically a super-e-reader/MID, but I was hoping for more of a full-fledged computer in the form of a tablet, with Snow Leopard on it. I was hoping (in vain, I know) for more than just a larger iPod Touch. For now, it's essentially a niche device, and I can see it gradually becoming much more capable as more functions (like a front-facing iSight camera) and apps for it are released. But for now, I'm just a bit disappointed in Apple. Maybe they should just put capacitive touchscreens on their MacBooks and be done with it, so you can have both input methods if needed. So, altho I see the potential for the iPad, I don't think I'll be getting one after all, at least not this 1st-generation device. But I look forward to the improvements Apple will make on the software, and the next model... PEACE

So its a bigscreen ipod, or a nice ebook reader that'll run apps as a bonus. I'm underwhelmed by this. Too bad there is no gps, as it would have made an awesome nav system for my car with some sort of dock. Maybe that'll come later, with an add-on gps receiver. This is definitely more of a crossover device that someone's granny would love, but its not gonna replace my laptop anytime soon. Its still pretty cool, but could've been soooo much better.