Apple iPad Orders Start Tomorrow 5:30am PT, 8:30am ET, 1:30pm GT

iPad pre-orders

TUAW played hero today, riding to the rescue of would-be iPad pre-orderers everywhere with firm news from Apple PR of just when exactly those iPad pre-orders would start:

"Customers can pre-order online at at 5:30am Pacific time on Friday, March 12."

So that's 5:30am PT, 8:30am ET, 1:30pm GT. Of course, the Apple Online Store might go down first, and who knows what delays might spring up between now and then, but for what it's worth that's currently go time.

So now the question remains: who's placing an order?!

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Reader comments

Apple iPad Orders Start Tomorrow 5:30am PT, 8:30am ET, 1:30pm GT


I'm gettig one! Cheapest one of course 16gig wifi. $500 is too much to pay for a large iPod touch..... No camera. .... Not good...
If this doesn't wow me, I will sell it on eBay in a few days and stick to my iPhone 3gs and Asus netbook that can do everything the ipad can't do...... And for half the price!

I don't know which one, the 16gb or 32gb? I have a 8gb iPhone 3g and regret not getting the 16gb. I don't know why I would need a 32gb. Seems like 16gb should be enough. Thoughts?

@callmeclint - the way I see it disk space is like time - you can never get enough of it..
Also remember that whenever media quality gets better it requires more space.
I'd go for the 32.
My 2c.

I'm predicting the servers will go down with all the pre orders. Headline news! Apple servers go down in a massive iPad pre-order rush
Wolfmore: backtype enabled

@Callmeclint I will get the 16gb. I plan to primarily use it at home and I can use apps like Music 2 and Air Video to access media on my computer via streaming. I do it on my iPhone now it's great. I don't think I will feel a need to max out the 16gb memory. Wolfmore: backtype enabled

We're talking a revolutionary device that will have more impact than the iPhone.
So, if I can, I'll order 3: 2 32GB 3G's for nieces & nephews, and 1 64GB 3G for myself. Though I'm seriously toying with the idea of ordering an entry level iPad just to be able to have one April 3rd, and if the rumors of shortages are true, sell it for some profit and then buy the 64GB 3G.

@ Callmeclint:
On the one hand, 16GB is fairly low if you want to use the iPad for music and especially video. On the other hand, the 16GB iPad in its first generation is a good way to make a minimal investment for the first year -- since you will probably want to get the second generation iPad no matter which iPad you want now. The 16GB iPad will be the first to be discontinued for sure. The 16GB + 3G is another alternative. Also consider that accessories will drive the cost up by a hundred or so.
It's a tough call.

Thank you so much for your outlook, I totally concur with you. It is excellent to see a fresh outlook on this and I look forward to more.