iPad sales in China and Japan more than doubled since last year

In today's conference call after the Q2 2013 fiscal results, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer revealed that Apple products are selling like gangbusters in East Asia. In China and Japan both, iPad sales more than doubled this quarter from the quarter the year prior. In China specifically, iPad sales were up 138% from last year.

iPhone sales are also up hugely since the last year. In Japan the iPhone has secured the top sales spot for the last four quarters. That's the first time a non-Japanese company has been able to dominate the Japanese smartphone market for a solid year. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company has seen a tremendous amount of interest in the iPhone 4 in China, and they've made price adjustments to make it more attractive to what he said was a massive potential market for first-time purchasers.

Apple brought in $8.8 billion in revenue from China, up 11% year-over-year. That's in spite of the media troubles that Apple has faced in China, though the company has handled the Chinese government's reaction more capably than others that have come under media attack in the People's Republic.

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iPad sales in China and Japan more than doubled since last year

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