Apple iPad to Be Sold in AT&T Stores?


The Boy Genius has been hearing from his AT&T contacts that it is highly likely AT&T will be selling the 3G version of Apple's iPad in their corporate stores across the country.

Don't get too excited thinking AT&T will offer any sort of subsidy because that is simply not in the cards. The rumored plan is that AT&T will be pushing prepaid data plans along with transforming some of the in store netbook display sections into substantial iPad display areas.

Would you prefer to visit an AT&T location over an Apple store to pick up your very own iPad? Sound off in the comments!

[via BGR]

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Reader comments

Apple iPad to Be Sold in AT&T Stores?


Just like I'd never buy an iPhone from AT&T if there was an Apple store within an hour of me, I'll never buy an iPad at AT&T. The experience from Apple is so much more enjoyable.

I don't have a 3g network in my neck of the woods, so I would probably pass and just go to apple for a wifi enabled only (if I like what I see when they finally come out). I always get much better service and technical support through them directly rather than an AT&T csr that has to memorize 19 different phones and service plans.

Yes, I would rather go to AT&T over Apple. Every time I go onto an Apple store it's just a headach.

I'd have to agree with Leanna. I would never go to a AT&T store to buy an Apple product. Right before I got my iPhone 3Gs, I went to a AT&T store to "scope" out the phone. I knew more about it than the saleman. Then I knew these "knuckle-heads" could never be any help to me, so I went 2 miles down the road, to an Apple Store and BAM! walk out with a shiny new iPhone! Those people know their stuff.

Seems like to me at least with the iphone the apple Store had more phones than the att stores. I don't know if this would be the case with the ipad.

Will the iPad run on edge also is my question. I hope it can. Or else I'm going to have to skip iPad for my area.

Lot easier to find an ATT store.
I personally find Apple stores snotty, snobish, self congratulatory dens of fanboys, which always leave me feeling I'm expected to write them a thank you note for kindly inviting me into their social function.
AT&T is close, convenient, and they understand who the customer is. No way I would drive even 25 extra miles to an apple store if an Att store was closer. Its the same damn phone people, and its going to be the same same iPad.

There are just more AT&T store then apple stores. So I will go to the closes one. That has it

No Apple Store near me, would have to drive 200 miles to get one so will either order one or if its available at AT&T at the same time that it is on Apple web store then I will just drive one mile and pick it up from AT&T. Still has the same service from Apple as if I bought it direct from them.

@icebike That's never bothered me. In fact, its my experience that many iphone owners usually aren't all that bright when it comes to smartphones, computers, etc. But then again that's why Apple is so successful.

I bought all of my iPhones at my local AT&T store. I have three Apple Stores within thirty to forty-five minutes of me... but I can't stand waiting behind people needing help with how to turn their devices on and off. There's very little (or nothing) their employees know that I don't already know anyway... so I never need their help.
ATT&T's so much quicker and easier.

I always buy my Apple stuff online unless it's really urgent because I just hate going to the Apple Store. I realize they are Steve's idea of what customers want, but I disagree. I like to go in, get what I want, and leave - even doing that at an Apple Store takes more than 10 minutes and requires me to talk to 3 different staff.
So yes, I would buy an iPad from AT&T instead.

I would rather buy from AT&T, although above it says corporate store which means not every at&t store, There are 10-12 stores in my area, only one corporate store.

I would just get in online and save the sales tax!!! And everything I want to know will be available online, even user reviews which are honest and objective (most at least).

I will be ordering at just as I did to get my iPhone 3GS. I just wish we didn't have to wait til April for the 3G iPad.

I really doubt this. If there will be no contract with the iPad, then why would they sell them at an AT&T store? I'm thinking this will be Apple Stores only.

AT&T stores are all over. Apple, not so much (At least where I live). So, I would definitely hit up an AT&T store to get an iPad...

The closest Apple Store is 45 minutes away. The closest AT&T Store is 10 minutes away.
I'd go to the AT&T Store just to get it over with and get my iPad.

I would totally buy it at an apple store. I would probably get the wifi version, and going to the apple store is always a pleasure. Plus, I'm going to want to try it for quite a while to make site it's really something worth investing in, which I think it will be. It makes sense for AT&T to have it given the 3g capability, but without subsidies the apple store is way better.

So if att does sell these will there be an unlocked version and an att version. I can't see att selling unlocked ipads.

ATT is five minutes from work, Apple Store is about 30. But I'm not sure I even want a 3g iPad anyway.

I will probably go to an AT&T store. Mostly b/c of what icebike said and b/c every single time I go into an Apple store, it smells aweful. Like no one that goes there showers. Not to mention the constant horde of kids. Its a stressful experience going there. At AT&T, they greet you kindly, its rarely over crowded and they don't pussy-foot around. Just how I like it.

@Mims. Just because it's going to be unlocked, doesn't mean at&t won't be providing it! They're going to have to because they're the company providing the 3G & wireless wi-fi service.(That's if Apple wants them to provide the iPad.)

Every area doesn't have an Apple store so I think it's a great idea. Best Buy should have them too.

Whoever has it for less, other than that it wouldn't matter. Initially, those getting them won't need much guidance, as they'll be going wherever they're sold with the intention of purchasing, not 'fact-finding'.
After these customers dry up, they'll start offering subsidized purchase pricing, as regular people are going to wait until a 2nd or 3rd generation iPad before considering a purchase. If these initial units had an internal front-facing webcam, things might be different ;)

At least there will be more than one option of places to test drive and or buy an iPad when they are released. It's always nice to hold a product before you actually buy it.(as long as you can endure the AT&T sales pitches while you are there.) lol

yaaaann zzzzzzzz more bars in more places. less 3g in most places. sorry guys i just had to pull this one. just think about it how much better this apple products would be on a network that actually is able of supporting them the right way.

you guys deserve better treatment since your loyal and pay so much for service and you at least should be able to use 3g pretty everywhere. i dont see a good future for AT&T if apple products come out on 3g 4g ready networks what soon will happen. because having 3g is just nice. i am not dissing you guy i am feeling the pain you have and hope there will be soon light on the end of that dark AT&T tunnel. you deserve so much better service and support for your apple products.

I have seen more messed up accounts activated by Apple. People put on the wrong plans, thought they had text but didn't. Yes Apple sells the equipment and that's about it. When Apple screws up someone's account guess who gets to fix it and take the blame...AT&T!

hi there your are right apple ipad will out sell at&t or verizon netbooks see most netbooks have a extreamly fragile hard drive that could fail if you hit just one small bump on the road soo having the ipad useing solid state flash drive will out sell all other netbooks or unless there are compedatpors tablets with ssd comeing out on market too for mobile use of flash drives not hard drives is a real good thing too have for mobile use

hi there i have both apple store and at&t store at the mall of goergia i will be buying mine at the apple store and i will buy the wi-fi 64 gb ipad for $699 becuase i have a 64 gb ipod touch already soo i will have 128 gb flash memory between the 2 devices

There are more ATT stores then Apple store by far! We had a good experience at our local ATT store!! More options to buy with out waiting!!

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