Rumor: Apple prepping 7.85-inch iPad for second-half of 2012 to compete with Kindle Fire

Apple to launch 7.85-inch iPad in second-half of 2012 to compete with Kindle Fire?

Randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes thinks Apple will be releasing a 7.85-inch iPad sometime around Q4 2012 to help compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Apple is likely to launch a 7.85-inch iPad prior to the fourth quarter of 2012 in addition to a new iPad scheduled to be released at the end of the first quarter, according to sources in the supply chain.

We previously heard rumors of Apple planning the release of a 7-inch iPad by Christmas of 2010, and obviously that never happened. With the Kindle Fire gaining in popularity, however, this new rumor suggest Apple may be inclined to jump into the mini-tablet game to maintain a strong foothold in the tablet market. This rumor also backs up previous speculation of Apple prepping manufacturers for a 7.85-inch iPad for a 2012 release.

Then again, Apple never bothered competing with netbooks, so their not adverse to staying away from low-margin products, and saying the Kindle's size is the key to it's success seems rather superficial. Neither the Galaxy Tab nor PlayBook -- both 7-inches -- sold at anything approaching high volume.

Source: Digitimes

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Reader comments

Rumor: Apple prepping 7.85-inch iPad for second-half of 2012 to compete with Kindle Fire


God... Not this one again. We've been hearing about this for four years. Just because you want it doesn't mean Apple does.
It is well documented Steve was convinced this size it the right size. I agree.
Let this one die please.

Yeah, Steve was also convinced that people would never watch videos on portable devices, and that mouses should be round. His record was far from perfect.

He does that one purpose.. Throws the market off, instead of letting competitors get an insight into what future products they're planning on releasing down the road.
Good strategy, if you ask me.

Sadly, this probably isn't true. However, a sub-eight inch iPad with the full resolution of the iPad 2 would make me really happy if they could get the price lower.

What dou you mean by "Apple never bothered competing with netbooks"? What about first MacBook Air?

The Kindle Fire and iPad are hardly alike. I don't get why they are always compared. There is also no way Apple can compete with the $200 price point of the Fire unless they put greed aside. Which I find highly doubtful.

My bet is it will be a dedicated game player to play the thousands of game apps on a larger screen. Makes sense.

We received a Kindle Fire as an early Christmas present, and, I have to say, I like the 7" form factor much more than I thought. The Fire itself is no iPad (not even close), and I would never want to attempt work on it, but as an extremely portable reading, movies and Plants vs Zombies slate, it has been a pleasant surprise. I would definitely give a 7" iPad some consideration.

Agree with Kayneeezy on that one. It was not a netbook, that's for sure. The user-experience of a netbook was much worse than even the base model of the original MBA.