Apple to release as many as 24 new iPad/iPad mini models next week

Apple to release as many as 24 new iPad/iPad mini models next week

According to a leaked product list, Apple may launch as many as 24 iPad models, including the new iPad mini at their just-announced October 23 event next week. If accurate, that would likely include storage, color, and radio variants, which is fairly typical for any new Apple product. 9to5Mac scored the list:

With the three storage capacities, four models, and lastly two colors denoted by “A” and “B” (likely black and white), Apple will launch 24 new iPad models. Apple will also be selling 10 packs of iPad minis to education for a discount, according to the SKUs.

It is possible that at least two of the models represent an updated iPad 3 iMore first reported months ago. If that is the case, this would indicate that the updated iPad 3 would have a single LTE version that, in the US, works on both Verizon and AT&T, as well as internationally.

In other words, take this as possible confirmation that everything is proceeding on time, and as usual.

In addtion to the iPad mini and updated iPad 3, Apple is expected to announce new Macs as well. We'll find out for sure in just 7 days...

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Apple to release as many as 24 new iPad/iPad mini models next week


I guess there are 12 models for iPad mini( 3 capacities x 2 colors x 2 cellural on not), and the the other 12 are the upgraded iPads. So no color options othern than black or white.

Just my thought

I'm in agreement on the color x storage capacity variation. A refresh of The New iPad so soon just doesn't seem likely.

Are y'all calling the "new" iPad the iPad 3 now? This is why I'm for labeling the products by generation rather than actually giving the products names. The iPhone 5 being the 6th generation iPhone proves my point.