Apple launches (PRODUCT) RED bumper for iPhone

Apple launches (PRODUCT) RED bumper for iPhone

Apple has added a (PRODUCT) RED option to their usual selection of iPhone 4/iPhone 4S bumpers, available through the Apple Store. Other than the color and the charity associated with it, and with which Apple has had a longstanding relationship, the bumper is identical to the previous colors first launched with the iPhone 4 in 2010 and updated for compatibility in 2011.

9to5Mac's Mark Gurman first reported the story last night, and as he pointed out, the timing is odd:

With Apple’s redesigned iPhone coming in less than a month, it seems hard to believe that Apple would release a case for the iPhone 4S/4. However, it seems likely that the iPhone 4S/4 will stick around, so perhaps that is why Apple is set to release the new red iPhone Bumper case.

If and when the iPhone 5 is announced on September 12, if Apple stays with recent patterns, the iPhone 4S should drop to $99 on contract.

The real question here, however, is why did it take Apple over 26 months to add a (PRODUCT) RED bumper to the product line?

$29 - Buy now

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Reader comments

Apple launches (PRODUCT) RED bumper for iPhone


Perhaps some of the rumors are not true and Apple will actually stick with the iPhone 4/4S 3.5" screen and handset size, making this bumper fit the rumored iPhone 5. After all, there were tons of rumors last year about an iPhone 5 and what we got was the 4S. I contend that the only true rumor is the dock connector change. Apple would descend upon all of these websites showing so called "leaked iPhone 5 parts" or "assembled iPhone 5" with take down demands and Apple Security forces would've been deployed if any real iPhone 5's had "gotten lost" or "somehow turned up" somewhere. There hasn't been a peep from Apple about any of these rumors, so I have my doubts about anything but the dock connector change and perhaps the audio port being on the bottom. The easy way for any website (not this one, mind you) to insure that they get tons of hits is to post any rumor having to do with the iPhone 5. It's not difficult to create mock up photos. It's even easier for some Chinese (or French) site to construct a mock up claiming it to be iPhone 5 parts or assembled units. But we will see.

Agreed. Then again, the 4S should go to $99 and the 4 should go to Free, allowing, for the first time ever, a free iPhone on the three major US carriers. So this design should be available for purchase/free on contract for at least 2 more years. Think about it. The 3GS design, that is still available new today, was first introduced summer of 2008...

LTE is also pretty much a given.

Could be that we're getting 16X9 screen in an iPhone with otherwise identical external demnsions, making this bumper compatible with the new iPhone 5 or whatever it'll be called. Just a thought.

That's entirely possible. And unlike on the PC side where higher resolution equals smaller icons, we're talking about crisper graphics and clearer text. But then, Apple could shock all of us and the alleged iPad mini could just be the iPhone 5 with a 5" screen, eliminating the iPod all together.

That is my theory exactly. It would give them a pretty good product line up for iOS devices, each having there own different benefits. This also applies to the Mac range which has been changing for a while.

- Mac Pro
- MacBook Pro
- MacBook Air
- Mac Mini
This is pretty good as each option is different and will suit many needs.

- iPhone
- iPad
- iPod Touch
- Apple TV
Currently the iOS range is only near perfect, I have never understood why Apple sell an iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. The iPhone and iPad are 2 different ties of mobile computer and are for different uses, but the iPod Touch was always an iPhone without the phone or a small iPad.
So I think, this "New iPod Touch" or "Mini iPad" will be the same device. I'm not sure what it will be called though, maybe iTouch?

And if they bring out a real Television rather than just simply a box you attach to the screen, it will be a nice lineup:

- iPhone
- iPad
- iTouch
- iTV