Apple now offering free iPad engravings

custom iPad engraving from Apple

Apple is now offering free iPad engravings, just in time for the holidays. Apple have always offered free ‘personalised’ iPod engravings, however, this marks the first time Apple have unveiled the same laser-engraving program for the iPad.

Like iPod engraving, the iPad engraving is available at no additional cost and you can add up to 2 lines of text. However, it will increase the shipping time by 1-3 days.

Will you be buying an iPad with personal engravings, this holiday season?



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There are 11 comments. Add yours.

Boots says:

I have never seen the reason to have something engraved, it lowers resale value to like zero.

Bill says:

Agree. I eBay my old Apple products to subsidize the cost of upgrades, and this would kill my ability to do that. Or at least significantly reduce the value. No thanks.

SciTeach3 says:

This is awesome and something I will use when iPad V.2 comes out. If Apple really wanted to solidify their market and mind share of this product line they would come out with the new version in time for Christmas shopping season!

BNV6 says:

@ SciTeach3:
Except that would be too early and they're doing just fine with the current version. Better than fine.

Al says:

I agree with Boots et. al. I often dump my previous generation Apple products right at launch of the updated model via eBay. Engraving things would MAJORLY lower the resale value!

cardfan says:

It's also not returnable if you have second thoughts.

EPA Lead Paint RRP says:

We had some stuff engraved for gifts to our board of directors

Trevor says:

I agree, they can make even more awesome gifts when engraved. However, it should be mentioned in the article that, as several comments said, it kills resale and return-ability unless your product is dead on arrival. I'm not sure how it effects the warranty/replacement, though it shouldn't.

Qwerty says:

I don't even know what I want it to say.

sonigul says:

Apple now offering free my no 03458172449 ( )

free stuff without surveys says:

Of course there's MyWi for jailbreakers. But this guide i assume is for beginners.