Apple product placement exec leaves for Jawbone

Apple product placement exec leaves for Jawbone

Suzanne Lindbergh, Apple's worldwide director of "Buzz Marketing," has accepted a position at Jawbone, according to TechCrunch.

Lindbergh had been at Apple for 25 years. In her role, she was responsible for making Apple products available to film and television studios. If you've ever wondered why you see Apple products in television shows and movies, Lindbergh's been behind it.

Confirming the move, Lindbergh told TechCrunch that she was ready for a new challenge. In her new role at Jawbone, she'll be doing largely the same work she was doing at Apple.

It'll be interesting to see if or how this changes Apple's profile in entertainment. Lindbergh had been with Apple for a couple of decades.

Ever wonder how Apple got its products into the TV shows and movies you watch? Now you know. Will Lindbergh's departure hurt Apple? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: TechCrunch

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Reader comments

Apple product placement exec leaves for Jawbone


It will be interesting to see but I'm sure there will be someone taking her place. The product placement on popular shows and movies is a way people see the products. It will be more interesting to see whether Jawbone products get more places and she can work her magic there.

I think it will affect it greatly. As it is right now, i have seen two of my favorite shows go from using apple products to using Microsoft or droid products. There might be more than meets the eye here. I think she dropped the ball somewhere and started looking for a different gig. I mean why in the world would you leave a company you've been for the past 25 years? Give up your tenure just like that? To go from apple to jawbone? Nah, i dont buy it. It has to do with all the TV shows using other products recently. I cant be the only one to have notice this. Check out two and a half men. Walden is now using a surface instead of an ipad. Also check out haven on syfy, Audrey went from using iPhones in the first season to HTC on the third season.
I'm a huge fan and notice when shows i watch use apple products.

The reason for the decline in product placement could simply be apple doesn't pay for product placement. They will give free iPads, iMacs, and iPhones, but as far as paying to have the product featured it's a no go. It's not hard to imagine where Microsoft or HTC would up the ante with paid promotions on top of free products.

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No one gives a shite about what an actor uses on the TV. I've never once sold a product to someone who openly admitted that x actor uses it and so they want it as well.

I'd get pretty bored with that job after almost 3 decades as well. Apple is about controlling their image. Did they even need to hype up the October 22nd even on to get interest going on their future announcements? No. They don't need product placement to sell their products anymore.

You know, you really couldn't be more wrong. Your support for your argument is anecdotal.

It is highly important for a brand to be shown off in media because it helps relatability. People have connections with characters and shows--- friends, breaking bad anyone?

What products did people go crazy for that were used in Friends? Rachel's haircut doesn't fit the criteria. I guess I'm missing the millions of people running out to cook/buy meth bc of Breaking Bad......FOH bruh

It "is" highly important which is why Apple controls their advertising tightly. Their success doesn't come from actors using their product. They've 150 billion in cash. Oh btw Breaking Bad used cheap nondescript flip phones throughout the series so your argument fails there as well.

People do give a "shite." There is a long history of successful product placement.

Apple computers in Independence Day
Reeces Pieces in E.T.
Princess Cruises in The Love Boat
Manolo Blahnik shoes in Sex in The City
Trans Am - Knight Rider
BMW - Goldeneye
Mini Cooper - The Italian Job

And recent shows. Top Chef is FULL of product placement: GE Monogram i think is a big one and you can bet people buy those ovens. Not to mention Whole Foods and tons of food products. It's part of show I remember Modern Family had an episode with vast ipad placement. I think they even went to an apple store at launch. Mad Men is replete with product placement cause it's an advertising show. And now that i think of it Carrie Bradshaw used an apple laptop in Sex in the City. But Apple is pretty well known to pay for it's products in tons of tv shows. And then there's 30 Rock, known so much for it's product placement that they did an episode full of blatant product placement. Bottom line people do buy stuff because of these things. Maybe not most uses or most people but it happens. Side Note the nature of Breaking Bad's drug subject means it's not gonna get the same level of product placement of commercial sponsors.

One. No they ALL weren't. Two, in the case where they where that doesn't negate that there are people that bought those products because of product placement. You argued nobody cares about products because they are in tv or movies. That's simply factually wrong. Also the fact hat a brand was popular before product placement doesn't mean that a product by that brand was, one popular, or two selling well. This is about products as well as brands. And i sure hadn't heard of Reeces Pieces before E.T., I know there are plenty of women that had never heard of Manolo Blahnik but for Sex in the City, weather they were known in the fashion world or not. They saw the show and had to have them too. That version of Mini Cooper got bought cause of that movie. Nobody was buying mini cooper's in America. Princess Cruise saw a massive bump in Cruise bookings after love boat. The idea that this had no effect is simply not true. That nobody openly tells you their motivation for a purchase is irrelevant. It's done. Most people don't go buy stuff and tell people why.

I think this will definitely hurt apple. It's important to see people using the product that you love in tv and movies. Maybe not so much with the iPhone, but this is especially important with macs.

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Microsoft is certainly paying. No problem with that. The problem I have is that as opposed to just seeing the logo, as you would with an Apple product, the characters are actually demoing the products

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It's turned me off to the shows that do that, which I stop watching. And not because I'm an Apple partisan. It's tacky and manipulative.

Agreed. The Microsoft advertisements in "Parks and Rec" this year have really turned me off to the show. I use Microsoft, Apple and Android products. It's not about which product they are using. It's the fact that ever single person is holding a Windows Phone and somewhere in the background is a Windows computer with the "metro" start screen. It makes it feel like just a commercial and it's distracting.

It'll be interesting to see how this affects Apple but I think I'm more interested in seeing how it benefits Jawbone.

I don't think her departure will hurt Apple. I'm sure someone is willing and able to step up and do the job.

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