UPDATED: Apple pulls Best Buy’s iPad 2 inventory due to strange sales practices? [rumor]

A reader of CrunchGear, who works for Best Buy, said that Best Buy was holding off on selling the iPad 2’s it had in stock, telling customers there weren’t any available. In fact they were in stock but allegedly Best Buy had just reached its sales quota for the day and wanted to hold further sales over to another day. As a result Apple is rumored to have pulled all stock of iPad 2’s from Best Buy stores with the exception of display models.

The Best Buy employee also told CrunchGear that Apple’s Tim Cook was involved in the decision and that further discussions would be taking place to rectify the situation. Until then, Best Buy would not be selling the iPad 2.

It will be interesting to see how this one pans out, if it turns out to be true. Best Buy Online still show the iPad 2 however it is not available for home delivery or in-store collection. Have any of our readers been to a Best Buy over the last couple of days to pick up an iPad 2? Let us know if you noticed anything out of the ordinary!

UPDATE: Best Buy has responded: [BGR]

“Best Buy continues to receive iPad 2 inventory from Apple on a regular basis. As we’ve said previously, we are fulfilling customer reservations first. Our stores have been asked to temporarily hold non-reserved iPad 2 inventory for an upcoming promotion. This is a customary practice for us when there are supply constraints. Best Buy enjoys a great partnership with Apple, and we’re delighted by customer response to iPad 2.”


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UPDATED: Apple pulls Best Buy’s iPad 2 inventory due to strange sales practices? [rumor]


I was there 2 days ago and the dude say "this is the last one in stock... But we might have more in the back let me check" I found it odd if its the last one why would you think there are more?

What's in it for Best Buy? Do they get performance bonuses from Apple by meeting their goals or is this internal goals?

I read some reply from some other sites. I think it has to do with Best Buy putting out the Sunday flyer for iPad 2, and they must have so many units in stock guaranteed. The other story was that Apple would not honor price reduction guarantee, meaning that Apple told Best Buy that if we were to drop the price of iPad in the future, you are on your own to refund the difference to your customers, something to that effect.

This definitely happened to me. This was with a Canadian Best Buy in Ottawa.
I'd been checking stock on all the local BBYs and finally found one which had stock. Went there, the employee said they had a "partial shipment" but couldn't sell any until they received their "full shipment". I called BS so went to the CS desk and asked for one, and they finally let me have one.

I don't purchase from Best Buy, I will purchase from ANYONE ELSE.
Years ago I caught a salesperson lying to me and when I confronted the manager he lied to cover it up.
And let's not even talk about the rebate fiasco's from years past.
They are one of the worst and most dishonest retailers out there and I refuse to purchase anything, even if it is an exclusive.
Oh, and GEEK Squard - Total morons, couldn't fix there way out of a paper bag.

google "best buy horror stories" and I think you can see it is their way of conducting business. I would never buy anything from them, have heard horror stores from friends on trying to return items and being treated like criminals.

Google (insert store/company name here) horror stories and you'll find the same thing for just about every one of the large ones, including of course Apple. Best Buy is a corporate chain and if you're unhappy with how a local store is performing you can actually get something done about it going over their heads with complaints that corporate would have to deal with.
Courtesy and kindness can actually take you EXTREMELY far when dealing with local stores in my experience. Same goes with dealing with corporate CS. These "horror stories" often times come from people that enraged and went in "guns blazing" rather than exercising calm.

Agree 100%. More often than not, remaining calm, polite and firm works most of the time (assuming your request is reasonable). Acting like an ass, yelling or threatening just puts them on the defensive. Remember this phrase: "If this is something you cannot address at the store level, I need the name and phone number of your District Manager please." Best case is that they can suddenly fix the problem, and worst case is you can now contact someone who will fix it.

+1 to Mazon. I hate best buy. They're morons and the "geek squad" does sub-par professional installs. I've had to fix home theater systems that they've installed. What a nightmare.

I've heard a few horror stories about their installs and one day I actually saw one. Install tech told my aunt all kinda lies, if you don't know anything about computers, they will take you for a ride. Although there are 2 best buys near me that I like, and a couple other that are horrible, so it depends on the store and the humans running them.

I have had atleast dozen people come to me to repair computers that had previously been misdiagnosed by the Geek Squad Some had real minor issues. Simple stuff. So the Geek Squad is either incompetent or are purposely trying to rip people off.

Im going into work today... and i will personally check the back and our iPad lockup as well as talk with our on site apple rep, to see whats up with iPad 2s....
Its my department, and I sell sooo many iPads per day. this is starting to seem ridiculous.

One word for Best Buy... de·cep·tive/diˈseptiv/
Adjective: Giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading.
How many more deceptive practices can the be accused of?

I went to Best Buy two weeks ago and was told by an associate that every Best Buy across the nation was sold out of iPad 2's & my best bet was to try & go to an Apple Store or order one online. Didn't think of anything out of the ordinary at the time, now I'm kind of disappointed if it was true that I was indeed lied to.

It was either lie to you, and maybe get you to drop the subject, or tell you the truth and get fired from the job. We can't tell you that Sunday there will be a sale or anything, because all we know is that a) yes, we have them in stock. B) no, we can't sell them because Corporate has told us to hold them for Sunday. I'd lie to you 1,000 times if it kept me getting paid

I went on Tuesday and was told that all they had in stock was the 16GB model. I asked when they would get more in and was told they are getting more each day but have no idea which models they will get when. It was suggested to me that I call everyday to ask about the model I wanted.

That's the way it is no matter where you go. Target, Walmart, heck, even the Apple stores themselves give you the same line. What does that have to do with this article? They can't tell you what they are getting if they don't know what Apple is sending them...

Everytime I visit our best buy they are sold out. Even in the morning. Which is normal right now.

Same here. I put down my $100 3 weeks ago and each week I go, they said that they do not have them yet. I find that very hard to believe that they have not received any. I would be happy to hear that they are slowing knocking down their list, but the manager I spoke with said, they have not received any and still have a full list of consumers waiting.

I put my $100 down on 3/14 and got the call on 4/5 to come pick my 32GB WiFi only black model up at Customer Service. Three solid weeks. Used the Obamapacman website to check inventory almost daily. Checked the morning of the call and the site showed it unavailable. I checked after the call and in showed in store only.
That happened in the NW suburbs of Chicago.

I went into a Best Buy the day after the iPad was released. They were sold out, but I was told they had a waiting list. However, to be put on the list I would have to purchase a $100 Best Buy gift card. This didn't seem right to me so I declined. Two days later, I bought one at Target.

Why not just go to an Apple store? They are very helpful and knowledgeable. They also know much more about the product and won't play stupid games with you like BB. BB blows!

If you are guys are talking about the Apple Retail store, I would honestly pick Best Buy since I can be in and out within minutes, whereas for the Retail store, its always full of people who take forever to get the guys leave so I can buy my stuff. A simple purchase can usually take me an hour or two just waiting for someone to be free

I've had very good experiences with the Apple Retail stores, however on iPad 2 launch day I wasn't able to take the day off to wait in line to maybe get an iPad 2. Happened to be in my local Target an hour before launch, was told that they had 5 Black WiFi 64gb models, and there was no-one in line. I came back after finishing my shopping, waited 45 minutes, and had no problems.
I liked how the iPhone 4 launch went at Apple with being able to reserve one at the local store, without a reservation it's a bit of a gamble as to whether you will even get one. Guess that's the way it goes if you have to get something as soon as it comes out.

There seems to be some truth to this. I just called a local BB in North Carolina because I pre-ordered one that has yet to show up. I asked if they new anything about Apple suspending sales to BestBuy...I was put on hold....when the lady returned she said her manager said all iPad 2 sales were in a holding pattern, but tried to assure me that all pre-orders would be filled. So then I asked....What your saying is you want be receiving anymore iPad 2s except for pre-orders and then she said yes......

All you need to do is sacrifice one early morning at your local Apple store and you will get yours, like I did mine.

I love how the responsibility never lies on the consumer. Ooooh...big, bad Best Buy. Evil corporations! For the most part, Best Buy offers reasonable prices on a large selection of product. If you feel you've been "taken" by the big blue box, it's probably because your a moron and have troublle accepting any sort of personal accountability.

so true!
I saw a guy come in yelling at a Best Buy associate because he brought an iPad 2 from another Best Buy and he claims when he opened it, it was cracked. Now get this, he has had it for 4 days, his email and apps are all setup on it. And to make matters funny is his daughter who looks to be 10 says "dad please stop yelling, people are staring and you dropped it." Which he tells her to be quite and kept yelling at the associate. Than he dropped the line "I work for a law firm"

I do agree with you about personal accountability, and shaolinfinest' story is hilarious, anyone who has worked in retail can relate to stories like that about idiots who blame the retailer for their stupidity. I just have to say that the article isn't really about that. It's really about whether certain Best Buy stores are being honest or not. Not saying that the article is true, I dont know if its a rumor or not. Im just saying that your argument isnt really what the article is about.

Best Buy called me yesterday because I am on the waiting list. They asked if I wanted a white iPad instead of black because they just received a shipment of white. They offered to hold it for 24 hrs. or I could remain with my current request of a black iPad. They were quite pleasant on the phone.

Best Buy is awesome because there's an excess of single girls working the locations near me that are always willing to flex the employee discount on me. I'll remain a Best Buy customer until another electronics shop hires even more inept girls.

Got on wait list the day after debut of ipad2 and I still have yet to receive an iPad or a call about any status updates. Totally weird?!

Seriously, best buy is in the business of making money, not holding product so customers can't get it. Each store is getting new stock based on what they sell. They come directly from apple to each store. There is no huge stock pile at any best buy warehouse. Do people even think? How would holding out on product help best buy at all?
Yes, I work for best buy, and I have worked there for years. Admittedly we have made mistakes over the years-news flash, every company has. "I don't go to best buy because I know more than the employees there"-wow, good for you, why are you asking for help if you know more than the sales person? "they won't unlock my iPhone for me"-we have agreements like every other company that forbids us from doing that.
Stop the pointless best buy hating. No we are not hiding iPads in the back then having secret iPad parties after the store closes where we sacrifice virgins to the big blue box the laugh at all the people in line waiting for iPads.
All I asking that you think about things before believing random stories.

Dude relax, you are gonna get a heart attack, and I bet the Geek Squad won't fix that. Jajajajaja.

My target got two straight days of shipment. I went in at 6pm and walked out with an ipad 2. Try there

I called a BB store in Miami when I saw the inventory checker indicated there was some in stock. The associate there indicated they could only sell me one if I either had a reservation or was willing to spend $100+ on a the extended warranty. Sounds like a scam!

Just at Canadian BB this morning to get a case. Big sign walking in said iPad 2 was temporarily out of stock. Yet, right beside the cases were around 10 unopened in a locked display. I said to myself "WTF?". And now I read this. Too funny!!!!!

Buying tech now is like buying a car. I hate dealing with sales people. Most people walk in knowing what they want. When you know enough about a product it is often hilarious what you will hear sales people tell you.

And when you get a company that comes as close to getting it right as anyone, (by controlling a great deal of the process from design to purchase, like Apple), it's only a matter of time before antitrust hounds take care of that.

Went yesterday to my local best buy they had plenty of iPad 2 in white but went today to see if they still had them or some black ones in. They were pulled from the shelves.

Purchased my $100 gift card the day after release to get on the preorder list. I check with them this past Tuesday and they showed me their preorder list (which isn't that big). Supposedly I'm the next in line for the 64GB Black WiFi. My BB is usually pretty good at having things in stock, so I'm not sure what their issue is in this situation. If I didn't have a bunch of gift cards and reward certificates to use, I'd go somewhere else in a heartbeat.

Just called Best Buy. They said "we will not be getting any in for awhile." I asked why, and they stated "because Apple put a hold on shipping." Guess that sums it up for the Best Buy in my area, no iPads. :(

Most recent official response by Best Buy is that they are holding non-reserved stock for an "upcoming promotion". They continue to receive and will continue to receive ipad2 from apple.

I want to get one @ BB so I can get the reward zone points, but I'm getting tired of waiting. Hmm do I wait and see what this "upcoming promotion" is or go ahead and get it elsewhere....?

Just left my local BB (Mississauga ON) and a big sign walking in stated that they were sold out. Didn't think anything of it till now.
If it's a matter of holding back stock so you're in an in-stock position for the sale, I'm not surprised as it's a very common retail practice. "The sale just started today and you're out of stock!!??" is a very common phrase heard on Day 1 of sales.
Better to be "Out of Stock" (expectedly so) than the store that's known for not having sale items as advertised in the flyer.
I'm glad I left retail...

I asked my local best buy and they said they where all sold out. I asked the apple representative at the store and he said yeah we have like 20 in the back. Either they have no clue or are just liars.

I defiantly noticed something odd, I happen to drive by a Best Buy everyday for work (I'm in Winnipeg) and I've been stopping in quite a lot lately since I'm shopping for a new Camcorder, and I've noticed them having a sign out only in the afternoon saying they are out of stock, but in the mourning, no such warning. Seems very odd now that I've read the article

Ya, I went to a best buy several times over the past two weeks. I was told they had several IPads in stock but that they were being held for people that had ordered them and not picked them up. The guy I was talking to said he would go ask if they would sell them since the people had not picked them up, came back and said no. He said stock was trickling in and to keep checking back because they were not sure when shipments would arrive. He acted rather sheepish about not being able to sell the two on hand.

This article is false. The reason the iPads are being pulled is because of the reservation order system the company put in place. They are actually fulfilling all of those reserve orders throughout the entire company, which means that even if a certain store has no reserves, they must pull and send them to stores that do have reserve orders unfulfilled. So, while this is looking like its a negative practice, this is something put in place to take care of the customers that already paid for a reserve order.

Bingo! This was the internal news. The iPad 2 hold was company wide so no one store was at fault. Also, reason for them holding all iPads was so that the customer that wanted a 64 gb would be given a call even though all that was in stock was 32gb and given the chance to purchase that if they wanted.

I've been checking the local Best Buy for the past three weeks and they never had them. They told me they already had a waiting list with 25 names on it and those people would get them first. After reading this article yesterday, I decided to stop by and see if Apple pulled theirs since I was at the mall anyway. I overheard a manager say they had 16 and 32gb wifi models in stock. I quickly said that I would take a 32gb. He came back and said another sales associate had obligated the last one to another customer who called. My wife flipped out on them and made a scene because they were holding them for people who hadn't paid. Miraculously, they found one behind the counter and I am using it now! :D

I reserved an iPad 2 with Best Buy 30 days ago. I talked with an associate today (at the Dublin, CA store) and he said that they had not received a new unit in 2 weeks. Seems like Best Buy is being blacklisted.

Everytime I call Besy by in the Orlando, FL area, they tell me that they either don't know when they are getting more iPad 2's or it will be several weeks before they get any more. They are always very general in there comments to me. I figured something was going on....

Well I had a Pre-order at best buy in Dublin, and here we are 5/17 and the only thing they have is Verizon 3g models, nothing else. no one in the district has even recieved one in the last month!!! All the while you can just go to Apple.com and order it and it is shipped to you in a week or 10 days. Clearly Apple has held off of sending models to best buy, this isn't just a coincidence.
At best Buy they are saying that the Tsunami affected the Plants where the Wifi and ATt models are being produced and that the Verizon Plant is ok which is why they have so many verizon models. I thought that was complete BS cause again Apple is recieving them DAILY!!
bottom Line best Buy has been put on hold indefinitely and are clearing the crap 3g models. The situation is so bad that the Mgr refunded my $800 store credit so I can get it from Apple, and they never do that so he must have known they weren't gettting it anytime soon!!
Anyone else have insight? I want it from Best buy cause of the replacement Warranty.

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I was at Best Buys in King of Prussia and talked to a woman that really didn't want to talk to me about the IPad 2 only wanted to sell me the IPadAir. They did have them in stock at that time. That was Thursday night. Then I went on Sat night to the one in Collegeville and they said they were out of them. they were really helpfull, they checked all the stores in the area and couldn't find one so they started to fill out the forms to have one sent to me, but after I filled out the info for credit card all of a sudden they say Oh there aren't any to be found. :( now i can't say Merry Christmas to me anymore. None of the stores I went to had them on display, that seemed odd because if there on sale why wasn't it on display and no sale tags up either. The first person to talk to me in KOP said that they were dull and heavy.