Apple releases iOS 3.2.1 for iPad

iOS 3.2.1 for iPad released

Not to be completely over-shadowed by it's older if smaller iPhone brother, iPad also received an update from Apple today -- to iOS 3.2.

We're updating as we type but if you notice and Wi-Fi reception fixes or anything else of note, let us know in the comments!

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Apple releases iOS 3.2.1 for iPad


Interesting. I was having issues with my yahoo email not being pushed, but not wifi. Then I went to an apple store and they restored it to see if that would fix my yahoo email, which it didn't but then it started giving me the wifi issues of forgetting the password and dropping the signal. So I went from bad to worse. Luckily for me that was last week so if this update fixes all of that I'll be a happy camper!!

I jail broke so I'm thinking this update is not worth going through the necessary steps for me to update.
Unless I just plug it in like normal. I'm still new to the JB world.

I am disappointed. It did not help my wifi issues at all. In fact I'm almost sure my connectivity issues are worse after the update.

Are there release notes for 3.2.1? iTunes won't let me check for iPad updates until after my iPhone 4.0.1 finishes downloading.

Here are the release notes for 3.2.1 (from the Update dialog):
- Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
- Fixed an issue that could prevent copy and paste of single-page PDF attachments in Mail
- Addressed an issue that could cause video playback to freeze
- Improved reliability of video-out when using iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter
- Added Bing as an option for Safari's search field

Despite the lack of anything mentioning 3G signal indicator formula changes, I'm seeing 3-4 bars sitting at my desk that previously had 5 bars, so it looks like the indicator is a bit more honest now.
However, it retains the visuals of OS3/4.0.0, the smaller bars didn't grow like they did on 4.0.1. Whatever.
Would be really nice if the wifi signal could be tweaked too, I don't think I've ever seen 2 bars, it goes from 3 bars to no signal at all most times and only rarely shows one bar when I'm significant distance away -- It would be nice to see the signal fade off rather than suddenly disappearing when relying on it.

All I can say is WOW. The iPad update has completely solved my wi-fi issue. Before I could not use my iPad on my porch which is 5 rooms and ~60 feet from my D-link N router. Using Speedtest I can consistently get a 3x improvement in download speeds and about 30% bump in upload speeds.
Thanks Apple!

Can anyone confirm if this fixes the frozen playback that occurs when using I can't watch a video using the native Videos app without the iPad freezing and thus needing a hard reset. This happened both pre and post jailbreak.

Do not update as you will lose all your JB. Wait until the dev team or Comex find away around 3.2.1.

I updated my iPad to 3.2.1, now my wifi is nearly gone completely. I was using EyeTV to stream over my network, was perfect in 3.2, now I get 1 bar when I am 3 feet away from the router and can't get more that 3 seconds of streaming. Very sad, does anyone know how to go back to 3.2.

Well after 1 hour call to Apple Tech Support, finally got my iPad restored - completely bricked by software update. Now syncing back to latest version. My devices do not like Apple OS updates - same happened with my iPhone 3g when iOS4 was released few weeks back.

This 3.2.1 update has basically hosed my Wifi completely. It was working fine before the update but now I can connect to my normal access points but it does not get an IP and does not show as connected at the top of the screen. I've tried resetting network settings. I've tried forgetting the access points. I've tried a restore through iTunes - it does nothing.
I have a feeling I'm going to be calling Apple on this one.

My connectivity is definitely worse. It will now never connect to wifi after it goes into standby mode. I have to reboot every time. It holds the connection once up and running but it's a pain to reboot every time you use it.
Any work arounds out there?

I have fios, and prior to 3.2.1, it would connect then lose connection, it would forget wifi info, etc (tried brightness, WAP2, etc). This update seems to have fixed it..... I think. Anyone else have fios issues prior to this update? And has it fixed your issues?

I had the fios problem, it's gone with the update. Comparing past and present signal bar representations, it now looks like the ipad bumps wifi power selectively to compensate for lower signal situations. I am assuming this will somewhat raise power consumption at times.

After the update, my wi-fi and bluetooth get greyed out and I am not able to connect to wi-fi at all. Now I am forced to use 3g and probably need to go back to 3.2.

I think my ipad wifi connection problems are a little worse after the update, as well. I have my router set up with a guest account, and the easiest was for my to regain ipad connection is to switch from one account to the other.
I had this problem before the "great fix", but now it seems a little worse. But, hey, the iPad is a pretty thing.

Well, I "upgraded" to 3.2.1 this morning. Although I have not checked the other fixes, I do not think there is any improvement in the WiFi aspect of my Ipad.
With my laptop, which I am using now, I get good reception ( three bars), on wirless G. The Ipad does not see the network I am now on.
Can an external antenna be adapted to the bottom jack? (Apple)
It might help those of us who RV and depend on Parks WIFI - various strengths- to do our I-Net work.
Looks like SJ dropped the ball on the Ipad as well as the new Iphone.
My 2 cents.

WiFi and Ipad 64GB 3G.
I have now confirmed that the 3.2.1 update adversley affects the WiFi reception on my Ipad. Places where I had reasonable reception and able to access the I-net are no longer available to me. In fact, sitting within 20 feet of the router the Ipad does not detect the signal even if I impute the WiFi name. I can no longer see any networks from my RV after the update but I could see them BEFORE the update "fix".
When I have access to a landline phone I will call Apple Care to help me reverse the update.

My Wi-fi connection wasn't brilliant before but since the 3.2.1 update it is a lot worse. Now when I have 3 bars, which is most of the time, I can not connect to the internet etc at all, but on the rare occasion it drops to 2 or 1 bar it works fine.

Poorer wifi is the result for me.
Typical scenario is: wake up iPad from sleep mode, click on Safari or any app that goes to the Internet (e.g. Google Earth) and watch the wifi fan in the upper left disappear. I go to Settings and either turn wifi off and on or go to details and renew lease to get it back. Connectivity using the off-on technique is still sketchy. Have rebooted the iPad which has solved most app issues, but it doesn't help.
It is so consistent and annoying, I am thinking of rolling back to an earlier version of iOS. Glad to hear I am not the only one having wifi issues. Hopefully enough numbers will get Apple on the case.

I have the AT&T 3G 64 and have had wifi issues from day-1. The IPAD shows that it is connected, but I cant surf unless Turn the wifi off & back on by tapping wifi or the airplane selection. After doing that i can surf straight out, the a few minutes later same thing again.
I have read all the posts in the forums and have tried everything suggested, turn off security, change channels on the router, change IPAD brighteness, etc., etc.
A friend has a Verizon 3G 64 & he never has the issue. So I thought it was a bug with the AT&T 3G version. By the way I have wireless cameras, laptop, etc. and they never experience this issue. My router is a Cisco Wireless-N VPN small business router.
I went shopping for an IPAD for my daughters birthday with the intent to buy her a wifi only, and all they had in stock was the 3g, and onlt the AT&T 3G 16, no Verizon. I couldn't wait cause it was too close to her birthday, so I bought it.
Guess what, her IPAD never experiences the wifi issue. She lives with me and connects to the same router, so the issue is not my router comparability, the issue is with MY particular IPAD.
Is this an iPad hardware or software issue?