Apple Reminds: iPad Arrives this Saturday!


Apple wants to make sure we don't forget that their magical and revolutionary new iPad hits US Apple Retail Stores and select Best Buy big boxes this Saturday, April 3. and they've brought along a quote from Steve Jobs just to show they're serious:

“iPad connects users with their apps and content in a far more intimate and fun way than ever before,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We can’t wait for users to get their hands and fingers on it this weekend.”

And if you still aren't convinced, they want to make sure you know you'll get your experience's worth:

Apple retail stores will offer a free Personal Setup service to every customer who buys an iPad at the store, helping them customize their new iPad by setting up their email, loading their favorite apps from the App Store, and more. Also beginning Saturday morning, all US Apple retail stores will host special iPad workshops to help customers learn more about this magical new product.

TiPb wants to remind you we have a complete iPad preview, a "should you buy and which version" guide up, and an iPad discussion forum going just in case you've still got questions...

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Apple Reminds: iPad Arrives this Saturday!


in the uk, will they do the same service? Will they open at midnight or in the morning? Will ray give a special surprise to campers? And will yeh have There own section in apple stores like iPhone did so you can go and buy them?

Sorry, Mitchell, no clue.
For accurate information on what's happening, I look to TiPb's coverage/forums every time.

Thanks just I really wanna know what's happening cos I'm desperate to have one in the UK in late april, first time and first day. What time do you think I should camp there to be first in the line?

I hope you guys aren't counting FedEx or UPS for your deliveries. They don't deliver on Saturday.

CJ not sure what planet you live on but here in America UPS and Fed Ex have Sat delivery in all major metro areas. I get Sat deliveries almost every week

CJ, the tracking number for my iPad is a UPS number. Clicking the number directs the browser to the UPS tracking page. UPS does deliver on Saturday, I should know, my wife is queen of the eBay brigade.

I just got my iPad shipping email yay! ...but... when I click on the tracking number the UPS site says:

UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later.


Oh, another interesting thing, there is a link for you to pre-sign for the shipment. Although there's no way I'm letting that thing sit in front of my door, I'm staying home until it gets there.

UPS nor FedEx has NEVER delivered a package to my house on a weekend. Numerous times I've seen a package arrive at the sort facility on Friday and then sit there all weekend long only to be delivered on Monday. Oh, they'll do a location scan several times throughout the weekend but God forbid if they actually load it up on a truck and deliver it on the two days Nascar and Pro Football or on TV.
I wonder what the deal is? It has always been like this where I live.

@CJ, the package has to be specially marked for Saturday delivery, and I believe there's an extra charge. So if your package was sent normally, you probably would not get it delivered on Saturday.

Well, if it's the most important thing Steve Jobs has ever done, he better darn well make an announcement or something.

I too received my shipping confirmation e-mail. When I browse to the tracking information page, I too don't receive any tag information. There is, however, a possibility that nobody has yet considered. Red label is the only UPS level of service eligible for a Saturday delivery. Apple may have contracted with UPS to hold the iPads at an off-site location until Friday morning. They'll probably be scanned and overnighted then. In this way, Apple can justify the sending of the confirmation e-mail.

@Takeover no that's because apple has sold out of ipads alreay being preordered. They are the new preorder dates