US Apple Retail Stores closing 4-5pm today in advance of iPad Wi-Fi + 3G launch

Apple Store Closing for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

Apple is launching the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G in the US today, and if you're planning to pick one up at your local Apple Retail Store, it's been confirmed they're closing from 4pm to 5pm local time to get ready for you.

No doubt they'll be stocking up and getting the demos ready, but will there be crowds again?

Let us know if you're planning to check it out, or if you're sitting at home waiting for the delivery truck to come to you.

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Rene Ritchie

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US Apple Retail Stores closing 4-5pm today in advance of iPad Wi-Fi + 3G launch


Apple is starting to get on my nerves. I own many Apple products but they are getting so full of themselves.

Despite the Microsoft fanboys who posted before me, I'll be in line at Noon. I can't wait! Long live Apple. Death to Microsoft.

Rene, I will be sitting at the door waiting for the FedEx guy to deliver while refreshing the delivery status on my iPhone. This is serious business. The 3G iPad will sell more units than the wifi version watch and see. And once I receive it I'm heading to work to enjoy it. iPad 3G will do better than the iPhone sells believe it or not. It's a great sub pre/ introductory computer for those that are not familiar with computers which is a large base of people compared to those who know how to use computers. Think of it Windows operating system almost available of every computer in the world. iPad owned by those looking for the BEST computer company that has a user interface that don't need instructions. Companies think more is better. Apple knows less is better. Want proof compare the sells. Then with the App Store you can then add what apps are desired to have or is needed.
Kudos to Apple on the birth of the new iPad family of products.

I will be waiting at my local store in Long Island around 3 PM. I agree with Dan. Death to Microsoft and every single piece of crap PC out there in the world. If everything were an apple the world would be better off.

Waiting is like slow death. Did that with wifi version. Wanted to kill someone waiting for that fed ex man.

U telling me i have to wait till the end of first week to get mine from macmall will it's selling at the apple stores. NO WAY
i am cancelling macmall

Definatley cancel. My buddy is a manager in Long island. He said chances are they will have PLENTY of stock for fanboys waiting on line.
13 hours for connectivity 24/7 365
Really thinking about dumping my crappy AT&T iPhone service now that I will have a 3G ipad. Anyone else thinking what's the point in having both? I'm just so tired of the dropped calls.

I'd like to have the iPad along with my iPhone. Just can't afford one now. Need to save my pennies and cut out some monthly expenses. Maybe in six to eight months.

I don't get it. Wouldn't it have made more sense to close from 4-5 AM to get ready? Why run through an entire business day...close for an hour, and then start selling a product?

Anybody have any Best Buy details? I have $175 in rewards waiting to be used on this puppy or I'd just go to an Apple store.

I'll be getting in line after work gut friend will be there early to save my my spot. I hope to be able to get my 64gig 3G today, I can't wait. I love my apple's

I am in complete agreement with Scott. I'm tired of the dropped calls. I'm done with AT&T. I don't see how an iPad changes that. I think a wifi model with carrier of choice mifi or hot spot is the way to go.

What I'm saying is since you have a 3G pad the AT&T Internet is half way decent. Keep the pad for sync to MobileMe, iTunes, whatever apple.
Then buy a verizon incredible or blackberry so you can actually make a phone call longer than 30 minutes. I don't know, I love my iPhone but it's pure insanity with the amount of dropped calls I do. I'm in NY traveling throughout the city every day. I would guess I drop 10 calls per day. It's brutal.

I'm a PC guy - at least that's what my desktop is, but the iPhone sold me on Apple's way of doing things.
The iPAD WiFi + 3G does everything I need for when I'm away from my desk.
I'll be picking up a 64GB version today - assuming the local Apple store has them in stock.
... and AT&T's service has been pretty good here in northern NJ. Big improvement over the last 6 months.

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