Apple’s new dock connector to be called ‘Lightning’, new headphones called ‘Earpod’ and a new ‘Loop’ accessory for the iPod touch

Apple’s new smaller dock connector to be called ‘Lightning’, new headphones to be known as ‘Earpod’ and a new ‘Loop’ accessory for the iPod touchLater today, Apple will hold a keynote where we expect to hear all about the new iPhone 5. One of the rumored changes that Apple should announce is the new mini dock connector which takes the place of the current 30 pin connector that has been on all iOS devices since 2007. The new 9 pin dock connector will supposedly be known as the “Lightning” connector according to a report from 9to5 Mac.

According to our sources, Apple’s new, smaller 9-pin dock connector is dubbed “Lightning” internally. As of this evening, we believe that this name will extend to the new connector’s marketing name. The moniker makes sense for two reasons. One: it goes along with the Thunderbolt connector name on the Mac (Thunderbolt and lightning!). Two: perhaps “Lightning” means that the new dock connector will be able to sync via a computer at faster speeds that the current 30-pin connector. With Apple’s new USB3-enabled Macs, we’d hope so anyway. It will sell for around $10/pop.

We also heard earlier this month that Apple was set to replace the standard headphones that come with its lineup of iPod devices and of course the iPhone and iPad. According to the same source, Apple will indeed release a new set of redesigned headphones under the name of "Earpod". The new headphones will feature a unique design and improved acoustics although it is not certain if these new headphones will replace the ones that come as standard or if they will be a premium model.

Finally, the new iPod touch is rumored to receive a new accessory that will be simply called “Loop”. The new accessory will be available in multiple colors but that is as much as we know for now. We can only speculate that this may be some sort of lanyard to stop you from dropping your iPod touch. Not much longer to wait now until the keynote, we will have full coverage of the event with our live blog; so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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Apple’s new dock connector to be called ‘Lightning’, new headphones called ‘Earpod’ and a new ‘Loop’ accessory for the iPod touch


Hmm. Thunderbolt is the non optical fibre version of Light Peak. Therefore I expected that when Apple introduced optical connectors, they'd call it Lightening.

I'd be extremely surprised if the new dock connector used fibre optics.

Macrumors says it will retail for $10, if this id true it wouldn't be a bunper. Besides they would just call it a "bumper".

I thought the $10 was for the ADAPTER to use old chargers with new connector ? You shouldn't need an adapter if you just want to connect the new iPhone to your Mac/PC. as it comes with all that you need to charge and sync it.

i am sure it will come with earbuds, but we just dont know if it will come with the default ones or the new ones or if you will have to choose the upgrade of including the new ones.

Man i am ready for this to get rolling. At work here at At&t and I know we are ready. I dont work in wireless but i have seen emails for apple and iphone training that we will be doing here soon.

Given the recent reports on how carriers hate subsidizing the iPhone, I wonder if that will be training for selling, or selling-against, the iPhone?? ;0)