Apple Secures iPad Trademark


Apple has secured the trademark for "iPad" from Fujitsu. Though details are non-existant, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) shows the name changed hands on March 17. Much like when Apple secured the iPhone name from Cisco, it should put to rest any lingering doubts about a last minute name change to iMagical or iRevolutionary iNew iDevice.

What, if anything, will happen to Fujitsu's iPAD point-of-sale Windows CE device is also unknown (but we suspect when the much sexier iPhone and iPod touch-based solutions from Square, mophie, and others begin rolling out, it might kill more than just the name...)

[Patent Authority via Nick Denton via Engadget]

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Apple Secures iPad Trademark


Why make a hamburger and name it "the big mac"
they must had to pay big money after the fact for the ipad name.