Apple showcasing non-Flash websites just in time for iPad launch


If you were wondering exactly what sites out there are geared specifically for iPad without Adobe's Flash, be sure to visit the new page that Apple has created which displays all of the current "iPad ready" websites.

The current crop of sites are as follows:

  • TIME
  • Sports Illustrated
  • New York Times
  • Vimeo
  • Major League Baseball
  • The White House
  • Virgin
  • Flickr
  • People
  • TED
  • CNN
  • Reuters

That's quite an impressive list that Apple has come up with there but we want our readers opinions here, does Apple have enough pull to topple Flash or are they simply fighting a battle they can not win? Sound off in the comments below!

[via 9to5mac]

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Reader comments

Apple showcasing non-Flash websites just in time for iPad launch


I don't think flash necessarily has to die, but I think a good, resource efficient alternative like HTML5 is great. Especially for mobile devices.

I m think that video streaming is important to web and this task should be done with open standart protocols like html5! Flash will exist only to feature rich Internet applications like online graphics editors.

Yes, I DO think Apple has enough pull to topple anything it puts it's sights on. Steve Jobs gets what he wants. It's just a matter of time is all

Apple isn't toppling Flash, but proprietary systems like Flash and ActiveX only fill a void until a standard steps in place. If there weren't an open-standard alternative to Flash, then it would remain very popular.
How many sites do you see these days only catering to IE and ActiveX plug-ins?

I feel like it's not just apple that is going to have to pull down flash. All the mobile devices are going to prefer it since it's not a data hog, and since we are now in a world driven by mobile devices, I think flash will quickly become obsolete. I mean at this point I'm shocke when a mobile site doesn't pull up.

The Flash fanbois/anti-Apple crowd can say all they want about how Flash is here to stay, Google's putting it in Chrome, etc, but there are a lot of websites that are sick of Flash, obviously. Ad click rates are WAY down anyway, and that's the majority of what Flash serves up - ads.
I think it'll be interesting to see what happens over the next few months.

Web designers tailor their pages to the masses. When IE was king, many pages need IE to display properly. How many pages today are made for the iphone. If their are enough ipads out there, flash will eventually go away.

Yep, they have the pull. All it takes is getting others to convert. Then it becomes a bandwagon. It's already started.

So will the ipad open the full versions of these sites, or the stupid mobile version? It'd be a shame to waste that big screen on the mobile version.

Why are people always talking about Flash dying only because Iphone/Ipad doesn't feature it... Flash is also a Web-Standard and if you guys who say "Oh, i'm sick of all the flash-ads and good it's not on the Ihpone". Think further fools, what do you think will happen, if -which will definitaely not happen in forseeable future- Flash dies. Do you think all the Ads with Animations & PopUps will be gone?
NO WAY! Instead it will be made with something else.
It's the same as to say "I hate Advertising between Soaps and Movies. I hope Advertising dies."
And btw, Flash is the best Interactive Rich Application outside there, nothing not nearly as good as Flash. Flash is maybe too cpu-hungry for mobile devices, but this can be definately be optimized for mobile Devices if Adobe wouldn't be "so lazy".

I am not exactly an expert but I am sure that I read somewhere that flash is not the hog people think it is. Apple is against it because it really doesn't run well on macs wheras HTML 5 is far more efficient but the opposite is true on windows devices where HTML 5 runs less well on a windows device but flash runs better. I know I read something along these lines on a relatively trustworthy site maybe engadget. Although I may have interpreted it Incorrectly

Will these iPad sites work on the iPhone, I have seen many articles today but I have not heard one word if it will work on the iPhone also.
All I know is CNN still had flash content, I don't know if it's not ready till iPad release of if it detects the iPad it will send you to the correct site.

Adobe and it's Flash product aren't going anywhere. Thank Apple for suporting a better solution for web animation/video - Flash still has plenty of (better) uses.

all of this is just about MONEY.
Steve Jobs dont like Flash because is a real threat to their apps. Think what would happen if flash run on iphone / ipad... how many applications will appear? already exists too much more flash developers than cocoa developers. If you create a flash app, host in your site... bam! no itunes store! no $$ for Apple.
That is not about performance (a lot of apps crushes the device) or standards. Is about power, apple wants ALL, alays.
Flash used in the right hands (AS3 + real programmers) offers optimized performance, amazing user experience (please, dont even try to compare what flash can do with these nice and stetics javascript plays).. and the real multiplatform system. Just think in the potencial of AIR. One compilation and you create desktop, web & mobile apps.
Is too dangerius for Apple, thats why they are so angry.
I support the HTML5, CSS3, JS and all technology that improves the web and the interactive apps, and what Flash do, flash do better than anyone. We have to combine instead to destroy.
I miss video streaming on my iphone... i really do

Flash is showing no signs of slowing down. Even if Apple could somehow push Flash out of the market, I find it fascinating how Mac lovers embrace that. It's like applauding Microsoft (IE) for pushing Mozilla out of the Market through unfair business practices - as oppose to delivering a better product. In the end, Mozilla has prevailed because it is the better product.
Anyone dismissing Flash's importance or suggesting that it will fade in a few years clearly doesn't understand the presence of Flash on the Web. The best applications on the Web are delivered in Flash.
Oh, and the iPad is a joke.

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I don't understand. Apple's cool iPad-ready sites seem to be news, news, news, sporty news, pretty much news, news... and TED and Nike. Is that it?

I savor, result in I found exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye