Apple shows off iPad 2 Smart Covers

Apple shows off iPad 2 Smart Covers

Along with the new iPad 2, Apple showed off a "Smart Cover" accessory. It connects magnetically to the iPad and will automatically turn it on when it opens and off when it closes. They're also segmented so you can prop the iPad up in various ways.

iPad 2 is thin, sleek, and flat-out amazing. So why hide it in a bulky case? The slim yet sturdy Smart Cover protects your iPad screen without covering up its durable aluminum back.1 So your iPad still looks and feels like an iPad — just with a little extra protection. Even better, the Smart Cover doubles as the perfect movie-watching, game-playing, web-surfing, do-it-all companion. It folds in all the right places so you can quickly create a stand that holds iPad upright. Or one that lets you tilt iPad into a comfortable typing position. If you prefer to hold iPad, the Smart Cover flips back and out of the way like a page in a magazine. And if you want to shoot some HD video on the fly, the Smart Cover folds in half to expose the back-facing camera. Now that’s something to smile about.

$39 for polyurathane, $69 for leather and they come in 5 colors.

I like the concept but I'm not sold on the implementation, you?

[Apple Smart Covers page]

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Reader comments

Apple shows off iPad 2 Smart Covers


I'm absolutely loving this! Went to and watched the video... I was so geeked I watched it twice. Very cool

I loved the idea too, but concerned when in the stand it may be top heavy and fall when touching icons anywhere middle-up.

What I really want to know is: Doest it also fit the original iPad 1?? Or will they make a identical concept for the iPad 1??

I was wondering about that as well, but it works with magnets and iPad 2 (probably) has this matching magnets. So, I don't think this new cover would stick to the iPad 1 screen since it probably doesn't have any metal strong enough to hold the cover.

What happens to the cover when you want to hold the ipad in your hand? They didn't show this in the demo so it wasn't clear to me if it will fold back and behind the ipad for use.

That was my thought. I'll have to wait for some real world applications. It's a great idea. I'm still searching for the best case/keyboard combo that is both usable and portable.

(Whoops, posted this comment in the wrong article - there are some many of them today :-)
Visa & MasterCard better get ready for a tidal wave of demagnetized credit cards when people start putting their iPad2's in their purses/bags next to their wallets!

One of the nice things about the original iPad case is that it protects the device if it's dropped. My iPad has been dropped a couple of times by me and many times by kids. I don't think the cover is going to provide much protection aside from protecting the screen.