Apple shows iPad making a difference in schools around the world

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Apple has released a video showcasing how the iPad could be used in the educational segment, in particular with students who have special needs. The video profiles educators and students as they use the iPad as a learning tool to develop skills like counting, living life, and communications.

The video is posted on Apple's website and shows how students are able to do things they were previously unable to do.

According to the website, teachers "discover how they use iPad and apps to motivate learning, improve social interactions, and encourage independence in the classroom and beyond."

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple shows iPad making a difference in schools around the world


I agreed, I always bring my ipad Mini with while in class, and it helps me alot to find some new topic or subjects

my daughter just started at a new high school and they use the ipad in almost all the classes, i was surprised when we took her to get enrolled and they asked if we'd buy her an ipad, i mean she already had one but i didnt think theyd expect every child to have/get one. i guess theyre that useful and second hand ones are cheap these days so why not. the list of apps they had her download seem very useful and i got a couple of them for myself too. sometimes im seriously amazed by what these devices can do and doesnt it just feel like the future is here, if someone would have told me when i was a kid how MY kid would be doing her school work i wouldnt have believed it.

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