Apple tapping Samsung for AMOLED iPad 3 display?

iPad 3 to use Samsung AMOLED display?

Could Apple be going with Samsung AMOLED for the iPad 3 display? Rumor has it Apple COO Tim Cook recently visited South Korea to work out just that deal:

Apple wants to tap into Samsung’s AMOLED technology for an upgraded version of the iPad2, considered as many as the iPad3 [...] During Cook’s trip last week, Apple seems to have offered Samsung an advance for the AMOLED displays.

An AMOLED display on the next iPad would offer improved brightness, and reduce reflection and power consumption. This also adds more fuel to the rumor that Apple may end up releasing the iPad 3 later this year, effectively resetting the release cycle to better align with the holiday season.

But with Apple going after Samsung for copying aspects of the iPhone and iPad, do you think they'd actually be able to come to an agreement? And what about those iPad 3 Retina Display rumors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

[Asia News Network via OLED-Info]

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Reader comments

Apple tapping Samsung for AMOLED iPad 3 display?


Lack of a higher resolution display is the only think that prevented me from buying the iPad2. After being used to the iPhone 4 the iPad just looks blurry to me. Especially photos and text.
It doesn't need to be retina display - just better than it is... When it happens I'll bite...

Sounds great. I've never seen a new display technology I didn't like! As for the agreement, the whole thing makes my head spin, but money talks and Apple has lots of it ;-)

The will be no new iPad this autumn (fall :). No way. If they want to re-align they would delay the next one not release two in a year. No way.

I think Samsung should make a written agreement for Apple to drop their suit and not pursue any further legal action against Samsung. Then agree to a huge sum of cash for the displays.

They should all drop these stupid suits and then maybe we can actually say:
Let the best phone win!

What people fail to realize is that big companies sue each other all the time. It's never personal, it's just business. If Apple is willing to pay Samsung to develop AMOLED displays for their next iPad, Sammy would be smart to consider a deal.

Apple could Use their patent suit against samsung to strike a good deal with them for the screens like ok will drop the suit against you if you lower the price of your screens

Absolutely agree, that could've been Apple's whole reason for filing the suit in the 1st place - to gain leverage on Samsung's pricing for their tech.

And if you think I'm wrong, just ask the Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings & Arians. None of them like each other but they all get down with one another when it comes to business. They all want to make money.

Will this reduce the iPad's weight? I bought the iPad 2 and this mother is still heavy for extended use. I would like it to be light enought that i can hold it up eye level and not get tired. Yes i work out and stretch, so no stupid comments.

These are not the tablets you are looking for.
ie: you got a couple years buddy before anyone will have that.

Samsung's manufacturing divisions have nothing to do with Samsung's product divisions.
If Samsung executives forced their manufacturing divisions to refuse customers because those customers competed with Samsung phones or computers or appliances, whatever, it'll be a bad day for Samsung. Total net loss for the company as a whole if they did that.

Apple won't use OLED until it's good enough. If it's good enough by the end of 2011, then that would be the perfect time to introduce it. There wouldn't be too many major engineering changes, and since OLED doesn't need an LED backlight system, it will no doubt be a few mm thinner.
It may actually be in Apple's best interest to do more than one iPad update per year, on average. Apple has a gigantic lead over all pad competitors. And the best way to maintain and/or increase that lead is to develop iPad as quickly as possible while still maintaining quality. That would mean multiple releases per year.

I can potentially see samsung providing an AMOLED screen as this seems far more like than a retina display on a 9.7 inch screen for ipad. the last part of the article seems to suggest that the samsung panel would be amoled and retina but i find this extremely unlikely

Of course Sammy will deal, Apple pays in cash. No one will turn that down.
Although I don't see how an AMOLED screen will reduce reflections, it's the glass that causes reflections (or any glossy coating over the actual panel).

Why are they even bothering suing them ... Samsung is getting their money back ! Sammy : " Go a head and sue us, you need our displays "

I was really hoping that the iPad would be released sooner. However it doesn't look like the screens will be ready in time.

It's still at least year or more away, but I'd love to see an iPad with a hybrid AMOLED/E-Ink display. I'd probably put the Kindle away for good when if/when Apple does that.