Apple getting Yerba Buena Center ready for iPad 3 event

Apple getting Yerba Buena Center ready for iPad 3 event

Apple's iPad 3 event is schedule for Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 10am PT, and from the looks of these pictures, they're wasting no time in getting the Yerba Buena Center all gussied up for the big day.

We've already posted our iPad 3 event preview, rounding up all the rumors, and we've asked you what you're expecting, so all we can do now is sit back, relax, and watch the fun unfold.

As to the artwork, the color-splotch theme is nothing new -- Apple's been using it since the original iPad event in 2010. Like the iPad 3event invitation, there's nothing much to be gained by staring at it too hard or trying to read too much into it, but Apple's choices are always interesting to see.

MacStories is posting more pictures as the posters go up, so check the link below for the latest.

Source: MacStories

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Cody Hahn says:

Nice. Hopefully the iPad 3 will be better than the original.

Billy Owings says:

WOW Apple is using that money to get into time travel

Umar says:

Plz Rene don't take us back to 2010!!! I'm waiting to see if I could own my second iProduct. The first is the iPhone 4S. If it is really different with the current iPads and comes with MS Office then I will get one.