Live! Brings Video Along With it!

ipad is now showing off the iPad, and is now live.

Along with the usual Features, Design, App Store, Gallery, Tech Specs, and Pricing, and Notify Me links, there's a video up

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Reader comments Live! Brings Video Along With it!


Yeah okay... big difference in cost between an iPad and MBP. Not much of a difference between the iPhone though. In fact, it's cheaper!
So what's Verizon's big event about? Lawlz!

According to techspecs looks like the 3G version has GPS. With Navigon that would make one big-a** GPS unit!

pretty disappointed, especially since i have a macbook and a 3G[S]. not something i will be adding to my apple collection. sn: pretty pissed no new iPhone OS :'(

Don't miss the big picture. This is not a replacement for a MacBook Pro user or a power user or anyone with uber-geek skills. This is for the majority of consumers who have no desire in having to learn a computer OS to watch a video on youtube, read the news, email, access music, contact friends through FaceBook, email, or play a game. Basically, computing for the masses. It removes the peripherals out of the way. My 4 year old can navigate through my iPhone to play her game with little or no help from me. A flop? Don't think so. The only thing that was a potential deal breaker was it being locked in to a mobile carrier, but thankfully is not. This is a game changer.

Ives, Schiller, Forstall & Mansfield ... but no Steve Jobs on the video. Does that indicates that Jobs is planning to step down in the near future?

I still marvel if we have a tendency to won¡¦t see a flip in the ¡§publishing¡¨ model, too, where, instead of the publisher basically ¡§hiring¡¨ a stable of writers, if we won¡¦t see a stable of writers pool their resources to rent an editor, marketer/publicist, and copyeditor/designer (and, presumably, some reasonably accountant).