What's Apple.com/iChatMobile for? iPhone? iTablet? More iUnicorns?


No sooner did iSlate.com surface than 9to5mac has noted that http://apple.com/ichatmobile doesn't return a "page not found" error, but rather redirects to Apple's iChat for Mac OS X.

Could be nothing, of course. (But if I didn't post this next part, Chad would never forgive me). Or, in the best-case scenario, Apple is finally (finally) putting the pieces in place to launch an actual, mobile iChat application for the iPhone (and perhaps just-as-mytical at this point, iTablet).

Now whether it will be text-only IM, or use video, or indicates the 4th generation iPhone and rumored iSlate will have a front-facing camera is a box of crazy even we're not opening this holiday season!

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Reader comments

What's Apple.com/iChatMobile for? iPhone? iTablet? More iUnicorns?


Sounds like ichat for the iphone, they are probably prepping a how to page for it. I doubt its for any itablet, who the heck would want to use a tablet pc i would much rather a mini mac or something of the sort.

I'd just hope it works more like BBM than regular iChat. I don't know anyone with iChat/AIM - as it's mainly a Nth American thing.

Actually, if you put apple.com/ichat4483438 or replace those numbers with whatever you want, you'll still get taken to an iChat page. Surely this means their web server just uses htaccess to look for iChat in the requested url and sends them to the most relevant page. Sorry, dudes, I'm thinking no iChat for WinMo, Nexus or Symbian. Possibly iPhone.

Not true. Since the site redirects it must mean that Apple is making ichat for all the platforms.
I'm betting that the Aijhjiajihdjia is what the slate will be named, Apple likes to do things to throw people off.

Not true? Pfft. It'll make my day when Apple release iChat for this old Nokia 3310 in my drawer. Apple have some work up their sleeves to work wonders.

Please apple answer my prayers, add iChat to the iphone with support not just for aim, gtalk and mobileme. But for facebook, yahoo, myspace, msn etc. Basically imagine Beejive IM fully integrated into the iPhone messaging app, with the final cherry on top being iPhone to iPhone messaging a la BBM. That would be reason enough for anyone to get an iPhone.

iPhone-to-iPhone chat can already be done using the Ping! app. It's on the App Store, and it's free.

@ Armchair, yeah Ping and Whatsapp are fine, I've got both of them in fact. But they just don't have that Apple feel and finish to them. Users need an app that matches the quality of something like Beejive IM.

iChat for iPhone has been a rumor for every version since the first one. Is it really that desirable a feature? When I'm using my iPhone, 90% of the time, I'm not in a situation where I can stand still and point the phone at my head. I don't even own a headset, and I never use speakerphone.
iChat for a Tablet seems much more likely to me. Ergonomically, you're more likely to be in the right position for video chat while using a Tablet than a phone. And a camera for chat as well as interaction (and games) seems like a better hardware addition for a Tablet than a phone.

This is why I choose not to get engulfed in the rumor mill anymore, I'll get excited when they make announcements

i think there gonna put a camera in front of watever there working on so it can be live chat?
hopefully a new iphone.

@Frog Dont compare the function of iPhone to the Blackberry. Its a different type. You should compare iPhone to the Pre or Moto. I'm sick of people try to compare these together. It's not comparable dump!

Apple recently increase the resolution on iChat in Snow Leopard, I guess it had something to do with bandwidth - How much resolution will we get on the new iPhones on ATT with data rates that fluctuate ?