Apple's latest iPad ad is... magically delicious!

iPad TV ad is magically delicious

Apple's latest iPad ad kicks up the apps and the verbiage, taking us through a delicious, current, learning, playful, literary, artful, friendly, productive, scientific, and -- you guessed it! -- magical journey. (Absent Peter Coyote this time.)

So while iPhone has left apps and headed back to feature-based (i.e. FaceTime-based) advertising, Apple is moving iPad firmly into the app space. Interesting.

iBooks is just one of the apps highlighted. Can you name them all?

Video after the break!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple's latest iPad ad is... magically delicious!


This ad wasn't as appealing as I usually find Apple ads. Doesn't make me want to get an iPad very much right now. Maybe when they come out with iPad 2 they'll have more to advertise about.
I am kind of hungry now though.

Here's a list of the apps in the new iPad ad:
The Photo Coobkook, Flipboard, Mathboard, Fruit Ninja, iBooks, Brushes, Safari (Twitter), Pages, The Elements, Star Walk

Hooray for my comment saying the word 'magical' grates being deleted! I would like to apologize for offending the hivemind.

I have an iPad and enjoy it but this whole magical line is insulting. There was a line in the latest Superman movie where Lex Luthor says something like 'An technology that is sufficiently advanced will seem like magic.' To me, that is what Apple is saying when calling their products magic. 'Our customers are so technologically ignorant that our iPad is magical to them'.

Are the iPad model people in the adverts all one-armed folk with prosthetic left limbs? Disarmingly motionless in the left hand!

Thats the magic of GUI, in which Apple is an expert. One-armed handling could be a sign of mobility and lite in weight.Neverthless, dont know how true is it?

Brian@7: that qouoe originated with the great science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

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