Are cheaper Lightning accessories on the way?

Are cheaper third-party Lightning cables on their way?

It looks like cheaper third-party Lightning accessories might be on the way, as Apple has lowered the cost of their MFi Lightning program. Apple seems to have lowered both the price of the MFi license and reduced the minimum number of parts that need to be ordered. These moves will make it easier for accessory makers to offer less expensive licensed Lightning cables, as well as other products according to Macotakara:

Apple lowered the price of MFi licensing use rate and Lightning connector purchased amount from January, 2014.

It is thought that it takes time so that a price is reflected by Lightning connector accessories dealt in by the companies.

Are you looking forward to cheaper Lightning cables and accessories? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Macotakara

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Reader comments

Are cheaper Lightning accessories on the way?


Very funny considering the next version of micro-usb may look just like a lightning connector.

Unfortunately, that ship has already sailed. I like the design of the lightning connector but it still makes Apple obnoxious. And shame on the EU for letting them basically ignore the micro-USB standardization. I am excited for the Type-C connector though.

The question asked here depends on what they actually reduced it to.

$4 per connector fee to $3 per connector fee is still a lot on a bigger scale but most likely, companies would take the extra $ per connector as profit and not pass it on.

It's not like Apple's mandating those companies to drop the price.

However, dropping it to $1 or just mere cents, companies would probably start a price war with each other because folks would pick the cheapest ones possible and companies can still keep $1 for themselves.

hell yea i want! my cable is almost broken but works.. i don't know what the first-hand person was doin with it

Good, maybe this is because of all those phones catching on fire and apple not wanting all the bad press of people using knock off chargers and maybe they hope this will curb that.

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If you guys are looking for an MFi cable that's great quality and affordable (relatively speaking) you can't beat the Amazon Basics cable which runs $9-10. Our cat was eating all of my other cords but she won't touch this one. Only downside is it has the fatter lightning tip so I can't charge my phone with the case on.

But to answer the question... We already have some extremely cheap accessories out there so things really can't get any worse, only difference is now they will actually work.

I bought a 6ft Amazon cable for my iPad, the connector at the lightning end came apart in less than a month. I had to tape it to get it to work. I bought a couple cheap cables from 5Below and they have held up well, 5 of 6 still work after a few months use.

£1 fake cables from eBay for me. They break after a while but I can buy another 14 replacements before I reach the Apple price for a single one. I would be prepared to pay more for the real thing but not the excessive amounts currently charged. Hopefully this news will mean reduced prices of alternative accessories and cables and then, soon after Apple's own prices.

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It will be a welcome relief to have more reasonably priced cables. I tried the cheap ones that stopped working within days, and bit the bullet and bought Apple originals.

Fortunately it is a once only expense (unless Apple changes the cable again) to buy all the cables at the right lengths for home, work and travel.

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The goog thing about Apple is that they are so popular, wherever you go there is always somebody with a cable.