AT&T expands pre-paid GoPhone service to iPad 3 and iPad mini

AT&T is expanding its pre-paid GoPhone service to include a limited number of tablets for the first time. This will allow users with compatible tablets to purchase data time on AT&T's network on a monthly basis.

AT&T's list of GoPhone-compatible tablets includes Apple's third-generation iPad and the iPad mini. Owners of these products must also purchase a $9.99 GoPhone SIM Kit card in order to use the service. Once that's done, they can pre-pay for their tablet data on AT&T's network.

For $15 a month, users can access just 250 MB of data, and 100MB of additional data can be purchased for $10 each. For a $30 monthly fee, the data limit goes way up to 3GB, with 500MB more for $10 each. Finally, paying $50 a month gives tablet owners on GoPhone 5GB of data, with each extra GB worth $10.

Assuming you own an iPad 3 or iPad mini, is this pre-paid service from AT&T something you might want to use?

Source: AT&T

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AT&T expands pre-paid GoPhone service to iPad 3 and iPad mini


I already pay the $60 plan (plus ONLY sales tax, no other taxes or fees on top of that plan) for 2.5GB of data that allows me to tether without issue. That's cheaper than AT&T's $80 plan for 2GB, or $65 if you get the $15 discount for BYOB. And for every gig of data I'd pay over, it'd be only $10 instead of $25, and to prevent AT&T from ripping me off, it has to be paid in advanced instead of just being tacked on at the end of the month. I also have access to full speed LTE, and the same availability of coverage as my postpaid friends.

And for the record, if you finance for an unlocked phone through Apple, you can pay the $25 monthly fee for 250 minutes, or unlimited calls and text for $50, and not have to pay for data at all ;)

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I have been using the 5GB plan with tethering on my iPad 4 for the last few months. I have found that even with travel I don't end up using that all 5GB.
There is another plan that I will be switching to next month.

1GB for 3 months - LTE (No Auto Renew) for $25.00

This seems to be the best plan for me at this time. At least until T-Mobile updates their network to LTE (3G would be nice) in more of VA.