Considering a new iPad with AT&T LTE? Good news, it's expanding to a dozen new cities by early summer

AT&T's LTE coverage map

The new iPad drops this week, complete with LTE connectivity, which means many of you may still be trying to decide between AT&T and Verizon. If expanded coverage is a concern, AT&T has just announced a bunch of new cities will be getting 4G goodness between April and early summer.

  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Akron, Ohio
  • Canton, Ohio
  • Naples, Fla.
  • Bloomoington, Ind.
  • Lafayette, Ind.
  • Muncie, Ind.
  • Baton Rouge, La.
  • New Orleans
  • St. Louis
  • Bryan/College Station, Texas
  • Staten Island, N.Y.

Currently, AT&T's LTE network is live in 28 markets, providing coverage to some 74 million Americans. Unfortunately, while AT&T's LTE iPad will work on Canadian LTE networks as well, Verizon's LTE iPad is exclusive to their network. That means you have to decide which one you're getting up front. You can't just switch SIM cards later. (Why be consumer friendly about it, right?)

Any of you guys holding out for the AT&T LTE model of the new iPad, or are you siding with Verizon on this one?

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Reader comments

Considering a new iPad with AT&T LTE? Good news, it's expanding to a dozen new cities by early summer


I ordered my AT&T LTE iPad on 3/9. Afterwards, AT&T announced that they would not be allowing tethering on the iPad, at least at first. This would absolutely have caused me to buy Verizon instead. I won't be buying a data plan for my iPad until this gets fixed.

Are you saying that they announced that the Hotspot feature that is suppose to be available on the New iPad will not work on an AT&T new iPad? I was hoping it would so that my fiance's old wifi iPad could connect to my new one.

.I was perfectly plaeesd with my iPad 2, a wifi-only model with 32gb. When Apple announced the new iPad, I typed up a long list of reasons why I shouldn't buy it. And then I bought one anyway. (I'll be giving my iPad 2 to my parents.)You've probably already read up on the new iPad and know the list of new facial appearance it has, and how the specs compare to the iPad 2 s specs. But comparing specs on paper is different than comparing the actual experience of using the two products, and the experience matters more than the specs. I can tell you which of those facial appearance, at least to me, really makes the experience of using the new iPad better. And there's only one: the show.I do a lot of reading on the iPad, and this is where the retina show really matters. Text is very sharp, even for very small fonts, and this makes reading on iPad much more comfortable. I've been reading Steve Jobs on my iPad 2 (using the Kindle app); I read the next stage on the retina iPad and then tried to read the following stage on the iPad 2 over again, and going back to the iPad 2 was unpleasant. I had similar results when I compared reading articles on websites using Safari and when reading a few pages of War and Concord in the iBooks app on the retina iPad vs. iPad 2. After reading on the new iPad, you just won't want to go back to reading on iPad 2.If you read a lot on your iPad, this to me is a compelling reason to upgrade, and perhaps the only compelling reason.What about photos? Videos? Games? Here, you can tell the difference, and the retina show is better. But in terms of how much the retina show increases my enjoyment of viewing cinema, video, and games, it is not enough to justify the cost of upgrading.On both iPads, I compared hi-res cinema I took at the Chicago Botanic Gardens using a DSLR with a excellent lens. On iPad 2, your eye can indeed discern individual pixels if you look closely enough, whereas on the retina iPad, it's like looking at a real print of the photo. But after looking at the cinema on the retina iPad, and even noticing the differences, it was subdue reasonably nice to view them over again on the iPad 2. Similarly for video: I watched a scene from the Breaking Terrible season 4 finale on both devices, and while it looked a bit better on the retina iPad, it subdue looked fantastic on iPad 2. Streaming hi-res movie trailers looked better on the retina iPad, but subdue looked fantastic on iPad 2. For streaming video from Netflix, I could not tell any difference, most likely because the resolution of the source material isn't any higher than the iPad 2 s show.I'm less of a gamer than most iPad users, but I did try Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy (a game supposedly optimized for the retina show) and Plants vs. Zombies HD (an older game). PvZ looks exactly the same on both, Sky Gamblers looks better on the retina iPad but it subdue looks very awesome on the iPad 2.In small, you can see the difference the retina show makes for photos, videos, and games. Yet, the experience of using the iPad 2 is subdue reasonably brilliant. The fact is that, even at a lower resolution, the iPad 2 s IPS show is exceptional.What about the other specs? Is it worth upgrading to get a newer processor, for example?No. I really don't see a difference in performance. The retina iPad is super quick, but so is iPad 2. Some apps load a small quicker, others I can't tell. But the speed difference, if any, isn't enough to make the retina iPad more enjoyable to use than iPad 2.I haven't had the new iPad long enough to tell you about battery life. Here is where I have to rely on specs. The new iPad is more store-hungry, but it has a much larger battery inside. This is why Apple says battery life is about the same.What about the improved camera? Sure, it takes better cinema than the joke of a camera on iPad 2. But do most people use their iPad for photography, anyway? If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S, your camera is just as excellent or better, and it's more convenient for taking cinema than using the iPad. Ditto for most smartphones. And only the rear-facing camera was improved; the front-facing camera is just as crappy as before. And that's a shame, because the front camera is the one I'd really use (for skype and facetime).What about dictation? I find it works about 80%, less in a noisy room. And it is simpler to dictate and then edit the few errors than typing something from scratch on the iPad's on-screen keyboard. But I don't reflect most people will use it enough for it to topic in the upgrade choice. People who write a lot on the iPad will already have an external keyboard (or should get

ordered AT&T model because they have LTE in San Francisco(where I live) and Las Vegas(where I travel frequently)

I work within the 5 boros of NYC and was forced to leave AT&T last year when I could no longer stand dropping calls in the middle of a work day while commuting anywhere through the city and major roads.
Can anyone who lives or work in NYC comment on whether or not AT&T LTE is fully deployed? Does this network work consistently? Is the coverage all throughout the city?
I'm not expecting AT&T to work flawlessly but it couldn't possibly be any worse than it was a couple of years ago trying to retain a phone call from dropping.

Wow AT&T. Canton and Akron Ohio and no Pittsburgh?? Well, I ordered a Verizon one even before I knew they wouldn't/didn't have service in my city (pittsburgh), considering AT&T doesn't have ANY type of service in one of my traveled areas.

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so does apple.
Why would I want better customer service, if all I'm going to get in return is spotty service and poor product?
I'd rather deal with a-holes who provide a seriously straight product, rather than Ross from friends holding an antenna above his head, which is how I see at&t, I just feel bad for them.

My iPad 2 is AT&T . But my new iPad is Verzion . With more LTE plus the hotspot with no extra charge why would I every but AT&T again .

Minneapolis has pretty good 3G/4G AT&T coverage, which is why I bought another AT&T iPad to replace my iPad 2. Until I read about Verizon's LTE in Minneapolis, $20 1 GB, and free teathering. I only need 4G data for a couple days a month. I canceled my AT&T pre-order and quickly ordered a Verizon new iPad. I can't wait to try out the LTE and hit spot feature!

You can still access AT&T's network. The iPad (other than LTE bands) is global and compatible with all the networks. It's an unlocked product.

No way am I getting a AT&T lte iPad. I have thr iPhone 4S and after all this crap with my unlimited plan.... I cant trust them. I got a vzw one.

Yeah right, LTE speeds on Cap-o-rama AT&T/Verizon? You'd have to be insane to do that on any limited data plan.

One thing to consider: when ATT drops to 3G (?4G not LTE), you'll still be able to get 3Mbps while with Verizon, your stuck with 3G CDMA (about 0.6-0.8Mbps).

The iPad on Verizon and AT&T are identical except for the LTE bands. This means, if you buy a "Verizon" iPad you can use it on AT&T if you have their SIM. So... the whole 3G thing is a real non-issue.

No. I wrote that comment one year ago, if you didn't nitcoe. I still prefer the click feature over the lack of this feature on the iPhone and other smartphones, but I am now aware of many problems with the storm. There are still advantages to the Storm, though.

The 3G in all of east Texas isn't that wide spread ( AT&T ), I won't hold my breath for "4G" anytime soon ( years?). I have no plans yet to move to one of those dots.

So, my question is this: if I'm going to be using AT&T LTE, which is the iPad version that I ordered, when the LTE network is unavailable, will I revert down to HSPA 3G speeds? Because if I do, then I would absolutely choose the AT&T over the Verizon model. Because HSPA is far superior to EV – DO.

That's correct, it says that in the press release. That's the benefit of having ATT. Their prices are awful, but they have plenty of data networks. So you'll get both LTE and HPSA+.

I think people are mis-understanding how this new iPad works. The Verizon iPad and AT&T iPad are identical except for the LTE bands. So... if you buy a Verizon LTE iPad and you run out of LTE coverage, you can technically still access the AT&T network if you have a SIM. So the real question is... do you risk LTE with Verizon's 200+ markets or AT&T and their 42?

No AT&T tethering on iPad? Does that mean tether the iPad connection to another device? Or you can't use your iPhone's data connection for yor iPad. Wife has a corporate iPhone account so data caps are not a concern. She will always have her iPhone so do not see a need for data plan on a iPad.

According to the map AT&T has "4G" in my area but not LTE and my area isn't on the list of cities getting LTE "soon" so what exactly is the difference if any between "4G" and LTE?

AT&T's "4G" network is their 3G network rebranded and sped up (thanks to the ITU allowing AT&T to false-advertise this). It's not a "true" 4G network like LTE. Between HSPA+ and LTE you can expect faster speeds and great penetration with LTE.

I have the iphone 4 with AT&T, and an Android with Verizon. I ended up buying the Android because in the SF Bay Area AT&T has horrible, spotty service. I can go almost anywhere, from Gilroy to Ft. Ross, and generally get decent Verizon service, but even in many parts of downtown SF, Oakland, and Berkeley, I cannot maintain a call or consistently get data with AT&T. And when you get to outer areas, like all of western Marin and the coast, AT&T doesn't even know it exists. We've been waiting for AT&T U-verse at home for 5 years since they announced it would be in our neighborhood soon, and it still isn't. If you check the Apple store refurbs, there's a good reason most of them are AT&T -
I can't say Verizon is very good for CS, but at least they are trying to get the equipment out there and get it working - Oh, and their 4G downloads blow away most hard-wired connections.
I expect my new ipad with Verizon on Friday.

can att lte run on 700mhz band????? on verizon ipad model????? if so i'd go keep my ipad verizon model, i recently exhanged it from the att because around cleveland it was always searching and i had to turn on off the airplane mode verizon so far has been good...but i could imagine how fast the att lte will be probly over 20-30 mbps where verizon lte right now im getting 11mbps ... but i have tested that i can use att sim for hspa+ will an average of 6mbps....hopefully this verizon model can jump on att lte...better to have the best of both worlds