AT&T vs. Verizon iPad 2: Which should you choose?

AT&T vs. Verizon iPhone: Which should you choose?

So you've decided on a 3G iPad 2 over its Wi-Fi counterpart, but now you must choose which carrier to go with - AT&T or Verizon?

For a breakdown of each carrier's pricing scheme, follow along after the break!


On the original iPad, AT&T offered two prepaid plans. Now, they are offering those same two prepaid plans in addition to two postpaid plans. Both the prepaid and postpaid plans have a 250MB option for $14.99 and a 2GB option for $25 - the difference lies in the overage charges of the 2 GB plans. In the prepaid plan, if you exceed 2GB, you must pay an additional $25 for 2 more GB of data. In the postpaid plan, it's $10 for each additional GB.


  • 250 MB - 14.99, $14.99/250MB overage charges
  • 2 GB -$25, $25/2GB overage charges


  • 250 MB - $14.99, $14.99/250MB overage charges
  • 2 GB - $25, $10/1GB overage charges

The other difference, of course, is when you pay for the plans. In the prepaid options, you pay ahead time for the data and if you use it up before the month is over, you have an option to buy more. In the postpaid options, you will be billed for the data you used at the end of the month. So if you want to ensure that you never exceed your alloted data cap, stick with the prepaid options. On the other hand, if you want data regardless of overage charges, go with postpaid option; you'll likely save money in the end.

Lastly, if you are currently on an unlimited $30 plan with the original iPad, you will be grandfathered into this plan automatically.


Verizon is offering a broader range of plans, so if you expect to use a lot of data, Verizon may be the better choice for you.

  • 1 GB - $20, $20/GB overage charges
  • 3 GB - $35, $10/GB overage charges
  • 5 GB - $50, $10/GB overage charges
  • 10 GB - $80, $10/GB overage charges

With both carriers, the plans are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time. To summarize, here's a chart that breaks down the pricing for a quick comparison.

Other Considerations

As with choosing a carrier for the iPhone 4, TiPb always recommends you choose the one with better coverage where you are most of the time. If they are comparable, start looking at data speeds and prices. AT&T boasts of having the fastest 3G network, while Verizon claims to be the most reliable.

Also, since AT&T is GSM/HSPA and uses SIM cards, if you're an international traveler and want to be able to get local SIM cards to use in other countries like Canada, the UK, etc. Verizon won't be an option.

Lastly, keep in mind that once you make your decision, it's final. The AT&T and Verizon iPads are equipped with different hardware, so once you choose, there's no turning back.

Do you know which carrier you're going with? If so, let us know who you chose and why in the comments below!

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AT&T vs. Verizon iPad 2: Which should you choose?


With Verizon you have to use the Mifi which you can connect up to 5 devices with no extra charge. So it's safe to say you would be better with Verizon's 3g plan. You won't need to tether with your own "hotspot". You can have your Laptop, iPhone, and iPad all online at the same time with no extra cost.

Verizon all day long. I have driven all over Southern California with my AT&T iPad and my Verizon Droid/Droid X (now iPhone) and the iPad does not have a signal 30% or more of the places I go while Verizon has 95% coverage. And even when the iPad says AT&T is there, it wont render web pages a lot of the time. AT&T's coverage is just not worth the frustration in SoCal.

Yes but if it doesn't work the speed is useless. So choose very carefully and also if you don't travel outside the U.S. i recommend the Verizon ipad 2.

I had the 32GB Verizon iPad 2 and I ran over 50 speed test all across central florida (coast to coast; atlantic to gulf) and I consistently got 1/3 the performance from Verizon's 3G built into the iPad 2 than I did while using it as WiFi tethered to my Old AT&T iPhone 3GS.
Ironically the speed tests were slightly faster using the speed test app on the iPad 2 than on the iPhone 3GS even though they both used the AT&T 3G network through the old iPhone (the iPad being tethered to the iPhone via WiFi). The median points were consistent at 3 times speed with AT&T, and the average was about 307% faster with AT&T. I didn't virtually all tests at the same location and time to control the accuracy of the results. Also It didn't matter when I was sitting under a Verizon tower, AT&T was still faster (I think about 270% at that point).
I understand that the technology is quite different, and the max download is 3.2 MBps and upload is about 1.8 Mbps with Verizon's EV-DO 3G. My old iPhone has HSDPA (D for down) capable for 7.2 Mbps download, but only the iPhone 4 has the HSUPA (U for up) so my upload speed was sometimes slower because the standard upload without HSUPA is maxed at 364 Kbps, though Verizon had trouble beating that sometimes.
Bottom line, I'll never try Verizon again, at least in Central Florida. I'll wait till 4G LTE where LTE is LTE, no GSM, or CDMA differences. The 100 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up while mobile and up to 1 Gbps down while stationary seems so extreme that it'll make 3G look like dialup again. I'll have wait and see about the reality of this!

I meant to say: "I DID (not "didn't") virtually all tests at the same location and time to control the accuracy of the results."

Two other unlikely errors! I meant to say 384 Kbps (not 364 Kbps), and 3.2 Mbps (not 3.2 MBps, bits not Bytes). At the end even though Verizon's iPad 2 upload speed was slightly faster (1.8 Mbps max), but rarely over the non HSPA speed of 384 Kbps. With AT&T, I would get around 330 Kbps very often, that's impressively close to the max of the non-HSPA of 384 Kbps.
Hopefully with the next iPhone it'll be 4G LTE and all this will be moot and I'll keep my unlimited data plan (hopefully they'll grandfather that into 4G LTE also!) and I'll never use any 3G on the iPad 2 anyway, just Wifi, (could but not BlueTooth, too slow), or USB Tether. Hopefully the WiFi on the next iPhone will be 802.11n uploading also (not "n" for just downlink, so it'll upload perhaps ~70-80 Mbps to my iPad 2 or iPad 3) or even better, 802.11ac?

AT&T, surprisingly, has not announced the availability of the iPad 2 for March 11. Customers interested in the AT&T iPad 2 may want to call their local store before heading out shopping.

Yeah I was thinking about that.. But it sucks u can't get the $30 unlimited been a new customer .. but I guess I'm going to stay with my old 3GS n make it a hotspot with.
Miwifi ..

You can't just pop any old SIM in without unlocking the baseband and I know of no unlocks for iPad 2 baseband yet.

Unlike the iPhone, the iPad is not carrier locked in the first place. If you can get a micro sim card for a carrier that supports the same frequencies, you can use it without problem. There is no need for a baseband unlock, since the baseband is not locked.

I have Verizon as my provider and tethering is 2 gigs for $20 a month using the wifi hotspot on my Droid X. That's the same price as 1 gig if I got the 3g ipad. So I will just get the wifi model and enable tethering if I need it.

I think i will go with Verizon. I use more the 250MB, but I don't use 2GB. I don't mind sacrificing At&t's spotty but faster service for saving the extra $5 (taking Verizon's 1GB Plan) and having more (although slower) service in more places.

I have AT&T for my iPhone provider and it works great for me 99% of the time but there are some outlying areas here in the Boise Area where Verizon has better data coverage so I figure why not Verizon on the iPad so I can have the best of both worlds for data. If I don't have good Data on my iPad with Verizon and I need it, I should be able to tether my iPhone through MyWi and be golden.

Not sorry to say that I am a Verizon customer. Have the Ipad and Iphone from there and have Hotspot on my Droid X. If AT&T were last provider on earth,I would be without a provider. Cannot stand them. Cancelled home phone cause they couldn't keep it working.

I wonder if I will be able to keep my old $60 unlimited plan that I have on my Myfi. Either way I'm getting the Verizon one for coverage. Verizon would probably rather get rid of me after my 86gb month lol

What makes me an a**hole?! The fact that I have an unlimited plan and actually use it? I have had this plan many years and use it as I see fit

It's the fact that you have an unlimited plan and don't have the sense to use wifi and get off the network. It's the 1% of data hogs that screw things up for others. 86gb a month over a mobile OS is retarded plain and simple. I stream Netflix over my PS3 and have a 250gb monthly cap. I watch 20 high def 2 hour movies, at least, a month and barely use 50gb.

Use T-Mobile prepaid.
It's $1.49 a day for unlimited data on the days you use it. To use it, just open up Safari and try to go somewhere. It'll take you to a prompt asking if you want to pay for it. You can't buy it on accident by open an app or whatever. Now, you won't get 3G, but it's a good deal if you can stand EDGE.

I'm not choosing between AT&T and Verizon. It's between Tmobile, Vodafone, Orange and O2, maybe 3, Tesco Mobile or some other network. You see, not everybody lives in the USA!

Who or how could you use 10th of data in a month?!? Me and my wife have both used our iPad daily at work all day for 9 months now and not once even came close. The most data I've used has been 1.64 gb in a month. And I use mine every day. Lots and lots of emails (usually with good size attachments) and tons of YouTube not to mention the daily surfing the web looking at random crap all day. I just couldnt see using that much data.
Here in NC AT&T 3G is pretty good so i wouldn't change. Verizon seems to have it right as far as business goes. 1gb isn't quite enough data so your pretty much forced to get the 3gb plan for more money.
I on the other hand will not be upgrading due to I hate my daughters iPod touch 4th gen and I have a feeling the iPad2 will be about that thickness which seems just too thin for me. Also the back camera on it sucks really so no need yet.

IMO it all depends on where you live and what is important to you. If you want to talk and reply to a text, check your email or browse the web when talking go with AT&T if you dont mind missing out on those features go with Verizon. I am on AT&T and want Verizon only because I don't get any reception at my vacation house.

Asian as had super fast and cheap internet for years.
Europe is beginning to get super fast Internet.
America? Just a bunch of fat Good Old Boys lining their pockets with money.

Slow day I guess? If I were upgrading, and did not have an unlimited plan I would buy the wifi version and then tether. I have two options that way, AT&T or Sprint. If they ever expand their WiMax to my area I would get the 4G Mifi from Clear/Sprint. Look at it this way, for an extra $10.00 I'd get unlimited WiMax on my iPad, MacBookPro, iPhone, and Blackberry, drop all data plans to minimum and save $$$$

I am considering the tethering option since I have a Mac laptop, an iTouch and plan to buy an iPad. When you tether, do you know if 3G is enough speed to stream video from the internet to an HDTV w/out buffering interruptions?

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I was going to just get the WiFi only version, but am now thinking about the AT&T model to get the GPS functionality and ability to connect anywhere on the go. Then again, my smartphones have decent GPS so maybe I will just go with the cheapest solution.

I think verizon is very relible and stable on data connetion I can drive and listen pandora for hours in my car with my iphone and never interrupts, great connetion for music streaming

Other pages have mentioned that Verizon will be charging a setup fee of $35. They will charge it again if you are off line for a few months. If true this could make a huge difference.

Definitely Verizon. $20 a month for 1G is probably about right given how much time I spend connected to Wifi.

lol why is there alway someone here with a this is better than apple mentality.. you need to go to android central if thats the case.. keep in mind also.. that touch screen phones and tablets were started by apple..and the bar was set high so everyone is trying to play catch up at this point..had apple not come out with these devices who's to say anyone else would have? or at the quality that they are? apple started it and set the bar pretty high.. not saying android is bad but different and i have a droid and going to iphone.. im an apple fan and i find the os to be alot more stable.. no force close or memory issues or slow down...just my 2c

I have a (grandfathered) unlimited data on my AT&T iPhone. Was planning on jailbreaking and linking up with my iPad2. (1) Do I need to get a 3G iPad2 to do this? (2) If I needed/wanted to get a 3G iPad2, would it have to be an ATT iPad b/c my iPhone in ATT, or would that not matter?

If I have a Micro 3G tower at home, can I add the iPad2 to it? I have to go into my account online & add the phone#'s I want on it. But how would you add the iPad2?

I am leaning towards Verizon. I have an iPhone 3GS on AT&T. I drop calls all the time in Orange County and surrounding counties. Although I am not sure if this relates to Data use? So, even though AT&T is faster, the problem is getting service. I'd rather have consistent coverage with slightly slower speeds than fast speed with choppy coverage. Any iPad 1 owners have input on Data usage speeds on Verizon or AT&T? I watch a lot of Netflix.

Verizon; coverage drives my decision; nothing worse than seeing zero bars when you need them.

The hardware uses a standard siw card so I can use it in England, India, Canada, etc.
I use Verizon for everything else so it will me nice to try out AT&T
Published articles show that AT&T's service has improved markedly and is now as good (in some cases better) than Verizon.
We shall see.

Please help me decide what carrier I should choice Verizon or At&t for iPad 2 32GB wifi + 3G I will use most on the home network but when I going to let say vacation or some other trip in USA and would like have internet on the iPad what would be your call? I will need maybe just few time during the year to use carrier service other then that I'll use my wifi in the house or at a work and not planning to go overseas for 3g even if go there is always way to find wifi connection. But if I go let's say to South Caroline or Florida what would you choice. I just don't want to make mistake with this device. This will be my first apple product since I like better Android platform for phones but not for tablets so I choice to go with iPad 2 for first time. Also what's deal and issues with Verizon connection I read last few days all over the forums and websites.
Thank you for your help!!!

Currently have BBerry on Verizon. Plan to switch to iPhone on v
Verizon, but want to also get an iPad. Is there a significant speed difference between AT&T & Verizon? (I had AT&T cell for 10 years and had horrible service and connectivity). What is the better choice and WiFi vs. personal hotspot?
Thanks for any help.

I am so ticked that I did not see that Verizon 3G does not work in Europe for my Ipad2...thats the whole reason I bought it!!! Because I travel alot and I don't have a data pkg with my cellphone, could I get a mifi and would that work internationally ? I'm not very educated about how these things work so appreciate any help..

Does At&t have an activation or reactivation fee? I see that Verizon does not. With both companies not making you lock into a contract this would be important info. Basically, if I go for 3 months without 3g having either provider will it cost me any $$ to activate 3g (contract or not)?

I have an ATT Iphone which gets pretty good data service outside of Wifi zones. So...if I need to get or send data outside of wifi I'll just use my Iphone. No big deal. Why pay extra for data on the Ipad? Think I'll stick with a pure Wifi Ipad unless someone tells me I'm nuts.

I have ordered the IPAD 2 with 3G 64 AT&T. I am still worried that I am choosing the wrong carrier. Basically, I will be using it at home with wireless...but I want to be able to travel in the email, and watch/download movies. I don't know how much space I need on my carrier to download a movie. I have a MacBook Pro at home, and wonder if choosing AT&T is the wisest choice. I don't know what tethering is.
I heard that AT&T also has T-Mobile now....does this make any difference? My phone service is Sprint, so this is not an issue.
Any input please??? Thanks

You will be happy with the AT&T version especially now Walmart offers the micro sim from straight talk for 14.99 and then unlimited data plan for 45 a month. The service is nation wide, you could also use a tmobile sim or Cincinnati bell as I did in the past

ok's something that non of you have tried or mentioned here since we're on the subject of speed and price..
I have the unlimited att $30 and jailbroken phone and thinking of getting an ipad2 wifi only..i dont do alot of travel outside US so as long as i have 3g and able to use a 3rd party app from Cydia called mywi 4.0 im good..i have tried it on my laptop using USB, bluetooth, and wifi signal and very imprest with the result..

I just got the AT&T iPad 2 but have not used the 3G as of yet. I mainly wanted it when I'm away from home and don't have access to wifi. My question is this...since I purchased the iPad I've read that you might be charged roaming charges. This is a concern to me - have any of you had to pay roaming? Do either of the plans address this? Thanks.

I live in a country where GSM is the norm. Thinking about buying the AT&T 64GB, Wifi + 3G model because it is much, much cheaper (about $350) to purchase from America than from the country that I live in, but wondering if I will be able to access all function or if the AT&T model is locked and will limited its operation?

So glad I read your article! I did not know Verizon does not allow for Sim Cards. I'll be going with AT&T as I want to use on my travels as well.

Wait for a 4G version of the iPad2 anyway. You guys are honestly wasting your money on this 3G junk. 4G LTE does use a sim card if you want one so bad. Apple will catch up with the Xoom and other devices soon enough. Just be patient.

Wait for a 4G version of the iPad2 anyway. You guys are honestly wasting your money on this 3G junk. 4G LTE does use a sim card if you want one so bad. Apple will catch up with the Xoom and other devices soon enough. Just be patient.

Not that I disagree, I'm just curious. Where is the sim cars in the AT&T iPad 1 or 2? I've never seen the slot. Then again....I'm on Verizon which may the reason

Yes your correct. the Verizon iPad does not have a SIM slot. But the AT&T iPad 1/2 has it on the upper right side i believe.

On a cruise, they charged for international data. Does the plan for the ipad2 include all foreign travel data charges of can they add more on to use it on a ship?

I don't know which to choose. I bought the Ipad2 wi-fi but at a conference the mi-fi didn't work good at all. so i'm taking back the wi-fi only getting the 3g. The carrier is my issue. read that Verizon charges a reconnetion fee if you for months without the 3g. bummer. can someone enlighten.

Does anyone know if I choose ATT and I use the 250GB up during the first 10 days, then call ATT to cancel my renewing subscription, can I then decide to Start another 30 days period on the 14th of the current month and pay the $14.95 for the 250GB? Or is it when you cancel your renewing subscription, it begins 30 days after your first month of service even though, in my example, you ran out after the first 10 days.

Can you tell me whether both iPads (AT&T and Verizon) will work on a South African 3G network. In other words, if I order one or the other presumably I can use a South African Vodaphone/Vodacom 3G plan and just insert the Sim card. Is that correct?
Regards, Andrew

Recommend ATT - Based on my experience, Verizon CDMA does not work in Nigeria and from the comments of others here, it might not work in other countries too

This article tells us what we already know, so it's basically useless. Stop writing this junk or have some respect for your job. You look like a complete amateur that just wants to lure people to a useless site.

You a bit presumptuous concerning your remark. I just purchased the Ipad 2 and found this info very helpful.

1st time iPad shopper here (I'm not a Sooooper Genius like Jon, dang!) and therefore have found the article helpful, thanks. Perhaps he should troll some intellectually/technically deeper waters if he finds this site so amateurish and useless...

This article answered 1 key question for me and saved me from waiting to speak to an ATT rep.

Lol, troll much? Actually his article was VERY helpful and the fact that you found it useless and still read the whole thing says a lot about or intellect or lack thereof. Dude, do yourself a favor and quit trolling to get a reaction out of people.

I won an ipad in a contest. Have not received it yet. On the order it reads Apple Ipad 2 64GB wifi verizon tablet. I have my service with AT & T. Can I keep my current service and what do I need to do to change over?

When you use 3G on the iPad it sets up a completely separate account for the iPad and it is managed on a month by month basis as you need it. It does not interact in any way with any existing account that you have for home internet or other phones that you have. You can have a Verizon iPad and any other kind of service for your other devices or home service.

I don't know if you still have your iPad, but if you have a64gb I will trade because I have a at$ t one!

It doesnt look like your prize ipad has 3g. You probably just won the standalone wifi model without 3g (which retails for $130 less). Without 3g, you cant subscribe to either AT&T or Verizon for data service

I chose Verizon because it is more reliable and has better coverage. If you can't get wifi in a foreign country at your hotel then screw it. I am not going to go threw the trouble to find local sim cards. Also you will be able to use your Verizon iPad on vodaphone if your in Europe.

Simply put get the "AT&T" iPad 2....Verizon uses CDMA which Is impossible to use outside of the US with other carriers that use the same technology as AT&T. As soon as CDMA dies in the US so does your iPad 2's cellular function. GSM/UMTS cellular in the "AT&T" iPad 2 is used by literally something around 90% of the worlds cellular carriers all SIM cards to so just pop out the sim and get a local one...obvious choice...I mean unless you don't do your research. Not a Verizon hater I use them for my iPhone but given the choice I would go with AT&T for the longevity and multiple uses of GSM.

CDMA on the way out? Uhh... No I think not. GSM coverage sucks in the US and if you are spending most of the time in the US like most people that are buying these are, then it would be foolish to buy a GSM version in the US unless you enjoy EDGE speeds or no service at all.

I travel 70% of my time and most of that out of the US. Using CDMA is like going with neanderthal man… nice tough guy, but he's extinct. Guaranteed… the rest of the world is NOT going to CDMA and it's USeless outside the US. SO unless you're just a local yokel, forget about Verizon. This is like in the old videotape days arguing whether Sony BetaCam is better than VHS… it doesn't matter; VHS eventually had 100% of the market. There are new versions of GSM coming along all the time, but no more CDMA

I think I'm going to buy the verizon ipad since my phone is GSM through t-mobile and if I need an internet connection my phone (mytouch 4g by HTC) has a 2 user WAP on it. Verizon because of the speed and I'd like to have a device that can be used in rural areas in the US, which verizon does well.

Does anyone know if you purchased Ipad2 when they came out with 3G through AT&T, can that Ipad2 switch to Verizon 3G instead without getting a new Ipad? And if so, does anyone know how well the Verizon 3G works vs. the AT&T plan?

No, you can't switch it and how it works depends on the coverage in your area so if you have good coverage they probably both work just about the same. The downside to Verizon is that it uses CDMA for 3G and you can't put a pre-paid SIM in overseas to get connectivity with the Verizon iPad, but you can with AT&T. Also, when CDMA is dead your 3G on your iPad will die with Verizon, but not with AT&T. That said I'm not a fan of AT&T because of their political donations, but a fact is a fact.

You should stop spreading misinformation. My God...where on EARTH are you getting information that CDMA is on it's way out?? Who cares is much of the rest of the world uses it. That's not the case in the United States and it will not be for the foreseeable future. CDMA has exponentially better coverage in the United States than GSM. It's not even CLOSE.

Well Stephen, it's called opinion for a reason, and the world is much larger than just the US... I find Austxjr's comments helpful and somewhat reliable, based on my further research. I don't have an ipad for social reasons, but rather for business ones, and it is important for me to be able to use it globally. Thanks Austxjr, if not for your comment I may have bought the verizon version and would have been screwed when it comes to my business travel.

No you can not switch to Verizon 3G if you get the ATT 3G version iPad. And don't listen to Austxjr. He is being quite unrealistic that CDMA is on the way out. CDMA has much MUCH better coverage in the US. Just look at the coverage maps for att 3G and Verizon 3G. It's not even close with CDMA having an exponential advantage in coverage. CDMA is not close to on it's way out, and will not be for the foreseeable future. There is way too much money invested in the US on CDMA. I don't know what Austxjr's prejudice is against Verizon but he doesn't know what he's talking about. That said, he is correct on not being able to switch from one or the other.

Thank you for this article. I found it very useful and it answered clearly the one question I had about carriers re travel in Europe.

I would opt for the AT&T iPad. Your not using it for "call reliability" you are using it for data. AT&T is pretty good about that. Verizon is slower too. It depends what your coverage is and what are you willing to pay?

I have Verizon service for my LV touch phones. Is there a package to include my iPad with our Internet and data service. I feel like I'm paying for each phone separately with no breaks for a family oe senior plant include my I pad. Also what do you mean about choosing and not be able to change. Do you mean when I bought my pad and they put app for AT&T that I cannot change to my verizon plan??.

Just like an iPhone the iPad is set up for either Verizon or AT&T... You cannot switch it you need to buy the one that works with the carrier of your choice.

I’m not certain the place you are gtntieg your info, but great topic. I must spend some time finding out more or figuring out more. Thank you for wonderful information I used to be searching for this information for my mission.

We chose Verizon for both an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4S. I have a friend that has the iPhone 4 with AT&T service. She's says it's great as long you don't use it as a phone! She get's nothing but dropped calls, static, poor reception, etc. And she's standing outside on the balcony! On the other hand, I can use my Verizon phone in the interior bathrooms on the 2nd floor of the 5 story reinforced building that I work out of with no problem. The internet was full of posts from people having problems with the iPhone 4 and AT&T. Haven't seen much of that once the Verizon option became available. I know the iPhone 4 had an issue with the antenae and users not holding it correctly (read "poor design"), but I believe the problem was magnified by AT&T's spotty reception. If I lived in an area with consistent, strong AT&T signal coverage, then I might have considered AT&T more. Then again, probably not, because we like to travel (in the U.S.) and the chances are pretty good Verizon is going to give us better service
wherever we go.

AT&T because I travel to european countries a lot and this is where I might mostl likely use 3G. One can use a local Sim card to avoid roaming charges from Att. However if you are a traveller in US then there is a scope of having Verizon as it seems to have a wider data coverage.

Griggs, a well thought out answer that at least is honest. I'm not sure where some of these other posters are getting their information. Verizon's CDMA is vastly superior to ATT and T-Mobile in the United States that use GSM. GSM just does not have anywhere near the same coverage as CDMA in the States unless you live near a large metropolitan area or a major highway.

Griggs, a well thought out answer that at least is honest. I'm not sure where some of these other posters are getting their information. Verizon's CDMA is vastly superior to ATT and T-Mobile in the United States that use GSM. GSM just does not have anywhere near the same coverage as CDMA in the States unless you live near a large metropolitan area or a major highway.

haha, alright stephen, we get it... you love verizon!!! give it up... I did my research and just found you to be wrong for my specific needs. Until verizon actually releases their new improved ipad 2, my best choice is the at&t ipad for its global access.

Yes, you can have your Verizon (VZW) iPad 2 or VZW iPhone 4S used outside of US. Provided that you have established a good customer record for 90 days, VZW can unlock your ipad or iphone and used it anywhere in the world. This is something that the open public are not aware of but go ahead and check it from Verizon.

If you buy a wi-fi only iPad, can you get a plug-in device (like a dongle thing, as they call it here in the UK) that works off the mobile/cell phone network to get wi-fi service on the go if you're in a home or location without wireless network installed?

Great question... I'd like to know the same question. If you can, then this changes everything.

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Great question... I'd like to know the same question. If you can, then this changes everything.

do they sell those dongle things in us, cuz i would like to to get a smart phone, PDANET my smartphone from AT & T.

I already have a verizon data account and a mifi mobile hotspot. Do I still have to buy the verizon version of the ipad2 or can I just use it like I do on my laptop as a discoverable network on the WiFi version?

Well, I got a verizon ipad2 as a gift. I used it only on wifi for a month, then decided a the 3G data plan would be handy for upcoming travels. I don't need much data wince I'm usually on wifi, and the smallest plan was only minimally more than the at&t one so I did not exchange my ipad for an at&t one when I got it.
HUGE mistake. I went into the verizon store yesterday and now their minimum plan, MINIMUM is $30 a month. I absolutely refuse to pay TWICE the price my old at&t one was and so I will regret my decision not to exchange it every single time I'm not in a wifi zone. Verizon screws me over constantly on my cellphone and I would rather have no connection than allow them to fleece me like that on my ipad.
BEWARE anyone considering the verizon one. It will cost you TWICE as much per month for a small plan tha at&t. It's positively ludicrous.

I am deciding to buy one tomorrow i do travel international, like UK, Dubai and India, i guess my choice would be ATT in this case. I have a question... do these IPAD s are locked like the phones ?? does it need to be unlock before i could use 3g service international ?? is it easy to get this done ??

att offers unlimited wifi to all their customers for free, this is another reason i purchased the att ipad, for more data, free wifi hotspots all over, that do not count against your data, plus 1 more gig of data over verizon's same cost plan. everyone who is clueless lothes att, everyone who is smart, knows att is the very best wireless option.