Best Buy launching two-day iPad trade-in promotion starting today, $200 gift card for your old iPad!

Starting today, for just two days only, Best Buy is offering a $200 gift card when you trade in your old but working iPad 2 or iPad 3. The gift card is valid to use towards any in-store or online purchase, so if you wanted to pick up a new iPad, or iPad mini, you're looking at a hefty saving when you trade-in your old one.

Trade-in must be done at a supported Best Buy retail location, and all the tablets they take in will go off to be recycled. Best Buy has said that this latest promotion follows the amazing response to their earlier iPhone trade-in event. You have to take advantage today or tomorrow, so if you're interested head on down to your local Best Buy. What are you planning to buy with your $200 gift card?

Source: AllthingsD

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Reader comments

Best Buy launching two-day iPad trade-in promotion starting today, $200 gift card for your old iPad!


No one is getting my pristine, sub-year-old, 64 GB, 4G iPad 3 for a $200 gift card - not in the next two days. Not without someone holding a gun to my head.

Figures no iPad 1 - I'd have stolen my Mom's to replace. :-( (If it even applies to BB stores in Canada...)

sell it on craigslist or ebay. even an ipad2 is worth more then $200. a new one from apple costs $399, a refurb costs $319. sell it for $250-300. what a rip off.

Exactly. Best Buy was going to give me $160 for my Surface RT on trade in. I sold it on eBay in two days for $400. And that's cash, not a BB gift card.

Hmm... just checked the Best Buy web site. It would be helpful if you updated the story to include the information that you *have to buy* an iPad with Retina Display to get the gift card! That makes a huge difference!

In other words, you're being "seduced" into buying an iPad now, when in just 2 months, the new & improved iPad 5 will be available. And, worse, you'll also be stuck having to buy something for $200 at Best Buy, which you may or may not be in the market for.

Plus, as several have pointed out, you can sell your iPad 2 or 3 for more than $200 in any event-- sell it and put that $$ towards the new iPad rather than the old one.

Not a good deal at all.