Best Buy price-matches Target, offers the iPad mini for $199

iPad mini

The iPad mini is currently seeing a major discount at Best Buy, with the 16GB Wi-Fi version now available for $199. This is down from the iPad mini's normal price of $299. This deal is only available in physical Best Buy stores. If you want to buy new from Best Buy's website, it will run you $319.

The discount brings the iPad mini down to the same price we saw from Target earlier this week. The iPad mini originally launched at $329 in November 2012, with the price dropping to $299 when Apple introduced the iPad mini with Retina display late last year, which currently retails starting at $399.

Will you be picking up an iPad mini from Best Buy at this price? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Best Buy

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Reader comments

Best Buy price-matches Target, offers the iPad mini for $199


Does this sale only apply to the states or canada as well? Because I can't seem to find this sale in best buy canada

FYI - the $199 price works online, too. I just bought one at the discounted price online for my wife as a store pickup. You'll have to give it a couple of tries, though, because the iPad would suddenly become unavailable at the store that I chose due to "high demand." That happened 4 times before I lucked out. Good luck and happy hunting. Great deal!

If you take the flyer for either of these stores into Walmart they will price match.

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Target here is a joke for electronics. Long suspected employees for sandbagging and reselling items personally. Walmart price matched the ad when I went in to get one for my Dad.

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On a positive note, yes, picked it up today. Gonna keep it on the low as a future gift.

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I got one for use at work on Tuesday. Great deal. Was looking at refurbished ones about two weeks ago