Best Buy trade-in program gives you $200 or more towards a new iPad with Retina display

Best Buy trade-in program gives you $200 or more towards a new iPad

Best Buy has brought back their trade-in program and this time they'll give you $200 or more towards the purchase of new iPad with Retina display when you trade in your old one. They'll accept 2nd and 3rd generation iPads for the trade-in and the value you get will be based upon the condition and capacity of your current iPad.

While Best Buy will put the value of your trade-in on a gift card the catch is that you must use it towards the purchase of a new 4th generation iPad, nothing else. That means if you get the minimum $200 for your old iPad, you'd be paying around $299 out of pocket for a 16GB WiFi iPad with Retina display.

Trading in your old iPad may be less headache and much easier than dealing with eBay or Craigslist but you'll probably get more money going those avenues. Either way, it's a decent enough deal for those who just want to walk in and back out with a discounted deal on a new iPad.

Source: Best Buy

Allyson Kazmucha

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jcgarza says:

Anyone know how much a 64GB wi-fi iPad 2 in pristine condition with chargers would get?

CORYK333 says:

Honestly, not much......their "buy back program" has always been quite the ripoff on our end. Better off on swappa or eBay IMO

Allyson Kazmucha says:

Pretty much my thoughts... minus the convenience of not dealing with buyers and taking the time to sell it, it's not a good offer. You'd get cash and a lot more of it just to be patient and sell it online or to someone local.

Bill McNeal says:

Yup, I sold my almost 2 year old 16gb wifi only white iPad 2 on eBay back in April for $320. I still had the original packaging and everything and jail broke it for the buyer, but all in all it was super easy. I upgraded to a 64gb iPad 3, and when the time comes to upgrade again, back to eBay I'll go.

Jeanland says:

I have a question a bit off topic but, what is the wallpaper on the ipad in the photo? I LOVE it!

clintshaw777 says:

$200 I think looks a good option if someone wants to dispose off their old iPad..but I also heard people selling it for more on really don't know ..maybe best is to explore both options..

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