Best of iMore: iOS 7.1 arrives!

Best of iMore: iOS 7.1 arrives!

Every week at iMore we publish more breaking news, in-depth reviews, helpful how-tos, and editorial views than you can shake an apple at. While we're waiting for the week that will be to begin, here's a look back at the week that was, and at the very best iPhone, iPad, Mac, app, and accessory coverage we brought you! This week that includes the surprise release of iOS 7.1, more hints at what's to come in iOS 8, and what iMore is up to at Macworld|iWorld!

iOS 7.1





iOS 7.1 How-tos

Your most important story of the week?

That's just some of what we published last week. What do you consider the most important story? Did we list it or did we miss it? Let me know!

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Best of iMore: iOS 7.1 arrives!