Bentley's latest ad was shot with iPhones and assembled on an iPad and it looks amazing

Bentley has released a new ad that touches their cars that you're likely to never be able to afford, but in an interesting twist the entire thing was recorded with a few iPhone 5s handsets and assembled using an iPad Air. Granted, they're using fancy add-on lenses and motorized rigs that you probably don't have. And they got to edit it in the back of a $300,000 Bentley Mulsanne. But otherwise, it's just like the videos you can make with your iPhone and iPad.

That said, there are a lot of tools you can add to your arsenal to enhance your iPhone videography capabilities. Your iPhoneography skills, if you will. There are crazy rigs that can mount your lenses and the simpler slip-on Olloclip lenses.

And, of course, there's the software to pull it all together, from live multi-camera switching to the surprisingly powerful iMovie for iPad.

Though it doesn't hurt to have a Bentley Mulsanne with its integrated Wi-Fi network, cellular connection, and plush quilted and perforated leather thrones to bring it all together.

Source: Bentley (YouTube) Via: The Loop

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Reader comments

Bentley's latest ad was shot with iPhones and assembled on an iPad and it looks amazing


Very slick ad. The ads and films shot on the iPhone 5S definitely have a look and feel of their own.
It's interesting to watch a film that was shot on the device you're watching it on. Then type this comment on that same device.

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Sorry, but when you're adding extra lenses and stuff on top of it, it's not really shot on iPhone. I'd like to see someone use the iPhone itself (no fancy glass and stuff) to pull this kind of video off. Good luck.

You got to be kidding me it's an accessory. It's still a shot with the iPhone + . Nice try to downplay the amazing capabilities of the iPhone.

It's still shot on a iPhone my friend. Try getting the sweat dripping from a athlete at a sporting event without a particular lens using a dedicated high end camera.

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I had just seen the vid elsewhere and I was thinking the same about the use of black and white rather than colour. It still looks superb though.