BlackBerry PlayBook vs. iPad 2 form factor showdown

CrackBerry Kevin is at CTIA this week managed to snag this video comparing the upcoming BlackBerry Playbook's form factor and dimensions against the just-released iPad 2.

Kevin has a bunch of other new PlayBook videos up, so check them all out and let us know what you prefer, the pocket-ability-ish nature of the 7-inch PlayBook or the big screen of iPad 2?


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BlackBerry PlayBook vs. iPad 2 form factor showdown


RIM aims at the business market. Clerks and such. My accountant is an old man wearing tiny glasses. He barely knows how his Nokia 6100 works. I just can't imagine him being enthusiastic about such a gadget and i am sure the name 'playbook' would ever draw his attention !

I'm also an accountant, and 30 years old---the majority of the accountants in my firm are in their 30's or late 20's. While I don't see this device useful for accounting, it has many other uses in the business enterprise. For example, for IT groups it's great that it is completely secure on the local intranet, and once untethered all the data/things that have been done are automatically wiped. An IT pro can come to your desk, reset your password on your desktop from their Playbook, or configure the network from the Playbook for your desktop computer, without needing to go back to his desk or make a call into the IT department. They can also track their tickets, and completed work items on the Playbook while they are on the move throughout the company. Currently, the Android and Apple devices aren't secure to do these types of things, but they're great for entertainment nonetheless.

I used to use BlackBerries and enjoyed the platform for what it was but Kevin Michaluk is the biggest fanboy I have ever seen. Flipping off the iPad 2 is quite unprofessional to say the least. Not that I'm on my knees for S.J. but at least he has contributed to the advancement of what a "smartphone" is and can do. All Kevin does is commentate on other peoples work.
I'd rather own a device that functions all the time without the option to pull a battery, than to have a device that has to have the battery pulled to function.

Gotta say I don't see the appeal of a 7 inch screen. My oldest son has a nook color and while it's a pretty good device for the price, I don't find myself ever considering disappearing off into a far corner of the house with it.
The 7 inch size is just not large enough vs my iPhone 4 to make it a markedly different experience, whereas the ipad experience is more akin to a laptop sized screen.

I'd rather have a 7inch screen because it uses less power and it is easier to BBM on

A smaller screen/casing also means smaller batteries duh!! And BBM is stuck with BB, there are a number of cross platform and free messaging apps out there. Then again I have unlimited SMS and multiple social toolslike most people, why should I care?

Poor iPad looks just like iPhone and iPod touch.. Forreal though?? Apple never makes a huge difference when something new is out... Blackberry is on top on this game

I owned an iPad for an entire week before I returned it. (the 1st one, not iPad2)
I think the 7" screen makes more sense for me because I feel silly on the train to work with a giant iPad, makes me feel like picasso. And keeping the screen away from other people's eyes is difficult to do unless I keep it held up to my nose. Their 7" also makes sense because it's a widescreen form factor, so for watching movies it's great not having those black lines on the ipad screen at the top & bottom. (which really makes the actual 'movie' viewing area similar to a 7" screen anyway). The stereo speakers help for movie watching too---the iPad2 is still mono unfortunately. However, for kids games and keeping around the house, the iPad2 makes more sense---it's just not what I needed a tablet for. It's a good 'stay at home' device. I wanted a device that I could take around with me.

Check out the video of how much better Facebook is on the playbook!
Very impressed!
Will be trading my iPad in for playbook!!!

I see your Facebook on the Playbook, and raise you Netflix, Real Racing 2 HD, Infinity Blade, hell... APP STORE on the iPad.
There really is no comparison. They seem to be aiming for two different clientele.

Right, like he said. Two different markets. If gaming's a huge priority for you, anything RIM puts out is probably not going to be right up your alley. If portability and multitasking are important to you, the PlayBook looks more appealing than the iPad.

they may be important but they may not be nearly as important as having the right apps. and i'm not talking about games.

PlayBook is gonna have NETFILX and NEED for Speed (NFS is built in/preinstalled)
also infinity Blade I will admit I would like to have that on the playbook but BB developers are great at making apps to work with hardware (they are slow though)

I android feature of the playbook is so that RIM can check the 'thousands of apps' checkbox. In reality de elopers will need to submit Android apps to RIM because the Playbook will only support a RIM Android store, not the Amazon or Google ones.

Facebook! How old are you anyway? Have your mommy re-read the title of this post to you. Since you live in her basement and have no bills you can get them both, Puto

The bigger screens are nice but for some people who are always on the go the smaller form factor is a plus. I have a galaxy tab and it's nice that I can put it in my pants pocket and keep moving. Ipad would require a bag or for me to manually tote it... Not cool

lol, good video. The flicking off of the ipad had me laughing... as well as the playbook pocket walk

You kinda lose all credibility when you act like a middle school brat by throwing the middle finger up like that. Grow up little boy.

first thing I love the PlayBook and I'm buying for sure
second the finger was uncalled for
third the ipad 2 is not all that special (same as the original with very few upgrades)
forth Playbook's specs are higher than iPad (on a 7inch screen means it beats iPad)
finally the iPad you get a bigger screen for $500...But PlayBook is faster and does more (even FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hardware, no matter how good it is, is useless without a good software library. Just ask any Palm Pre owner. Apple has a superior software library. That's why iPads and iPhones sell at an insane pace.

Faster? and you know this how? By all of the reviews and benchmarks for the playbook. Oh yeah, that's right. There aren't any yet. Maybe you should hold off on the nerdgasm over the specs until someone actually gets one in their hands and runs it through the paces.

Wow ! Good for you. Be sure to have your Playbook connected to a poweroutlet when watching your favorite bikini-chanel or you'll be out of juice in no time.
Flash... Lol !

As much as I would like for the playbook to do well, It will not outsell the iPad 2. All the playbook reminds me of is a remake of the folio A companion device to a blackbeery. I know my opinion isn't worth much, but I think the playbook has a long way to go before it is considered to be a premium device.

Playbook -> BB can't innovate so they imitate...Its nothing but a knockoff! Will stick with the Innovator!

You do know that Apple didn't innovate by building the iPad right? You can thank Paceblade for the first tablet, and Fingertouch for the first finger-touched based UI. (not requiring a stylus). I guess you can even consider the 1989 Samsung GRIDpad as the first portable tablet even. Not that the iPad is not a great device, and has brought large-scale-tablet computing to the masses. (small-scale-tablet-computing would probably be the PalmPilot).

The "pocket-ability-ish nature" still doesn't change the fact that it's a BlackBerry. I'd even take a 7" iPad over a 10" PlayBook.

Even though the Playbook has potential to be better, it's not Apple. Therefore it's not good.
PS Good work staying faithful my brainwashed minions, keep the money coming in :)

7" screen? Man my iphone has a bigger screen :)
Why would you want a tablet that is small? Try reading books, playing games, surfing the web on a small screen...doesnt work. If you want something that can fit in your pocket then buy an iphone. Flash? Well i can live without the flash for now...

Looks like hes mad cause hes only got 7 inches and ipad has almost 10. Must be frustrating to try and sell the smaller one to the ladies

The Playbook is a better mobility device than the iPad. It's size and the ability to run Flash makes it a better on the go device. Sure Flash is becoming less relevant and I am sure there are a bunch of other criticism, the fact is there will always be a time when you need Flash.

Why is everybody wining about flash ? RIM is aiming for the business market. Are those office-animals so franticly into porn or what ?

If I am going to spend $500+ I do not want any limitations. Flash is not only limited to video. I was using my iPhone to find the location of a store, unfortunately the store locater was Flash based, and the yellow pages app could not find a location close by (it turned out there was one close by).

Yeah right, likely story. I bet you $20 if you tell me the name of the place you're looking for in what town, Google Maps on my iPhone will find that exact store.

Flash is still very relevant, and not just for watching videos. A lot of web-based platforms for sharing data, documents, and schedules utilize Flash as part of their interfaces. Even a lot of company homepages use extensive use of flash. (i.e. ) In terms of developer content, Flash is used for Adobe AIR, and not to mention the Operating System Kernel on the Playbook (QNX) and Adobe Flash is the same software combination that is running on the infotainment systems by car manufacturers around the world. (BMW, Audi, Porsche, Lexus, Chrysler, etc. are all using this.) While this doesn't make an impact on the iPad, it does go to show just how extensive Flash is still used in our daily lives. Also shows how powerful that QNX operating system is, considering it was in wide use in cars since the 2000's with tiny 300MHz CPU's.

The iPad 2 is so much better than the Playbook. That guy is really a stupid jerk. Grow up!

From his other videos, playbook looks slow, very slow. He stated not final version, but compared to even the original iPad it's not a competitor worth worrying about.

Slow? What videos have you been watching??? There was a video that showed the browser on the Playbook running faster than the original iPad, and that was months ago!

Yeah, you're right! You forgot to mention that it was against the original iPad released one year ago without that Nitro thing on iPad 2 which makes Playbook browsing look sluggish.

Oh badman putting the middle finger up at the iPad 2! And btw cause of the screen on the playbook the playbook apps(in there few) are going to differ that much as they are only a bit bigger but only enough to enlarge app size nothing else again btw hope it made blackberry just a little bit more important by an IOS device the finger sorry mate

Didn't realize that 3 inches (9 sq inches) made that much of a difference. The iPad looks monstrously big in comparison. Since I'm looking for something big enough that I can read the screen on it, I'm more inclined toward the iPad.

I don't understand how people can say the ipad 2 is better than the playbook. Ipad 2 is obsolete... It was when they announced it.

@B. Oliver"...........Genius take, but it was not a take because you had no facts to support your point.
Next time, at least bring some game here. If not, don't waste your time. The only thing that pisses me off is the three seconds I took to read your post........I can't get back.

I'm not B. Oliver, but he's right and really just by looking at the specs is enough to justify his statement. iPad2 is missing: stereo sound (still mono!), HDMI output to 1080p (only 720p), ability to record 1080p video and photos, ability to output dual video (different output on the tablet screen vs HDMI output, ipad2 only does MIRROR mode.), ability to multitask, tabbed internet browsing in Apple Safari browser, (only one website at a time), flash support, stereo microphones, USB support, although both state 1GHz dual-core CPU's, did a benchmark comparison on the processors and the TI OMAP 4430 is significantly faster than not only the dual core A5; but also NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Samsung Exynos at 1GHz, double the RAM in Playbook, although the screen has the same horizontal resolution, since it's on a smaller form factor should better significantly sharper due to a higher pixels per inch / DPI, screen form factor (ipad2 = 4:3, playbook = 16:9 widescreen.. also means no black bars at the top/bottom when watching movies). What it really comes down to is screen size preference, applications available, and compatibility. (i.e. iPad2 if you have AppleTV, iPhone, iMac, etc.)
iPad2 is a great product by all counts, the Playbook is just a better product.

Gotta love that huge Blackberry logo on the bezel........are you kidding me?
Any mention that the only way the email client works is if you have a Blackberry device and it needs to be tethered to the Playbook?
As for the middle finger, douche is, douche does.............and size does matter.

Next time I am in the market for a TV, iwill go for the 24' model over the 60' inch model.........Duh, not winning!

What a jacka$$! Why is this crap even on TIPB? Leave this crap for crapberry's blog. Love how it fits in your pocket.... is it suppose to be a phone or tablet? Blackberry=Bankrupt soon

I love my iPhone but will definitely try out the Playbook; just to try something new, if anything. I've been playing with the iPads at the Apple Store for awhile but just can't justify the purchase when I have a phone and an iPod Touch that does the exact same thing, except on a bigger screen.
I look forward to the Playbook. I have not doubt it WON'T outsell the iPad and, since it's a first gen release, it'll be chock full-o-bugs. But still, it's something new that doesn't look half bad.

This guy is stupid (n) read that on your playbook dude!
Like really your gonna even try to match up any blackberry to an iPhone pshhh give it a couple of years and MAYBE you can beat a 2g iPhone!

I see two different markets. A 7 inch and a 10 inch. If you want big, go big. If you want small, go small. No comparison. iPad2's closest rival is the Xoom. When you fly on a plane, do you really care about the traffic back down on the ground? Let the PlayBook 'play' while the iPad does the real stuff!!
Flash is a nice-to-have, and to some, a got-to-have. But when flash is all you got and the alternate device has everything but, then of course you're going to pull that card. I love my iPad, I'm looking forward to upgrading to the new 2. The lack of flash won't tick me off far as much as if I had a Playbook or Xoom and after 10 minutes, I'd be thinking "ok.. now what?"
Seriously. It always makes me laugh. Sitting on the train. Person next to me answering emails on a blackberry with white earphones in their ear... follow the cord... follow the cord... into the coat pocket or backpack. Email is now sent, away goes the berry, out comes the iPod touch for some gaming!!
My final word on the PlayBook is this. And working for 12 years with a large Fortune 500 company, who's written business cases and recommendations for every new technology introduced in as many years, I can tell you that this mini tablet will mainly make it into the top execs hands only... I'm hoping RIM wasn't aiming for corporation dollars. The PlayBook is a joke for productivity. Even the iPad was hard to justify with and without a bluetooth keyboard. And for real - just the name PlayBook alone kyboshes it's potential.
At the end of the day, RIM had to represent. The Playbook is their best answer. Kudos. I'm sure it will do rather well. Now excuse me while I go play some jams from my iPad via AirPlay thru my sound system.

Are you kidding. RIM was clearly working with their enterprise clients for a device such as this. They will sell tons of these devices to that market. I have no clue where you get the idea that it is not a productive device where it comes with the full version of docs to go that has been redesigned for the PB. With the addition of BB bridge and BB balance I do not see where this is any thing less than productive.
This is what 12 yrs of being in IT can do to your mind, makes it less ideal when looking at what a device can bring to the table instead of throwing your old school mind set. And if you are in the job space as you say you are you would know that the term Playbook is used heavily in the corp world, that is why RIM choose that name. Its a reference term, not the way you and many others use it "playbook" like it was meant for gaming, It was meant for business, as in "PlayBook", a scheme or set of strategies for conducting a business campaign or a political campaign". I am staring to think your post is full of holes.

@Vic. Nice analysis - RIM going for the corporate business. Only one problem with that. Those clowns at RIM fell asleep at the wheel for so long they have lost market share to IOS and Android in that same category they used to own. They fell prey to resting on their laurels and have an even bigger task at hand.
BTW.......that corporate business you are referring to......this is FACT. 80% of the countries Fortune 100 companies are already incorporating iPad into their program. If you said that statement last year at this time ( iPad launched in April 2010) you would havesaid I had been smokin too much herb....
One love my brother.

Did he really flip off a tablet computer? Lol wow Little jealous, being silly and joking around or just a teen tool.

Why is everyone getting so angry? The middle finger was a joke he obviously owns the iPad 2 and enjoys it or he wouldn't have one. Calm down people it's just a tablet that none of us are making money on.

Guess none of you people that keep bringing up the battery life read that the Playbook gets 10 hrs of battery use, with will Flash integration. Yes it was a little childish to flip off the ipad but saying things like the battery suck, the screen is to small, and it will fail is far from the truth but I guess that is how a bunch of people feel I its OK. But first get the facts right first. BTW the PB is way better than the Ipad that is a fact.

The only fact that's clear Vic, is that you have no clue. You don't own either device. All you have is access to the Internet to voice your premature opinion. You wouldn't know what a rich tablet experience was if it kicked you in the ass. The PlayBook will do well. I don't doubt it. But in this game of catch up, that's the most any of these new tablets can do.

I'm glad that you know what devices that i own. Yes I own a Ipad and it is a great device but I have use a PB at different events and I can tell you first hand that it is better. There is no need to play catch up when the device on paper is better. In sales I will give you that but that's it. RICH TABLET experience really and that what you get from the Ipad with it's lack of features that really makes a tablet what it is suppose to be, a productive tool not a gaming platform. I enjoy my Ipad, Dell streak 7, and my Galaxy tab but I would never call any of these devices a rich experience. I don't even think that the PB will give a real rich tablet experience but I still think that it will be and is a lot better than all of these.

My apologies, you appear to be well experienced in the tablet field. We will have to agree to disagree. I have used all of the devices several times myself. I find while the playbook may be better for web surfing, the buck stops there. It's a shallow experience.
Now if you want to compare the OS and the ability to configure, and other major important things like security, then hands down iOS can be a sap, although not entirely as sappy as it evolves with Airplay, personal hotspot and (hopefully-soon-to-come) full multi-touch gestures.
I'd even venture to say I like Honeycomb better than them all but because it has the most potential. But on a grand scale, they all just meet where the iPad made its big footprint. They wont have app stores like Apple. And while 80% of the apps are either garbage or in other languages I don't comprehend, the developers that the iOS platform attracts are innovating in a space that is predominant and consistently swelling. The 20% good apps far outweigh all the other wanna-be app stores combined.
Don't even get me started on peripherals, add ons, etc. From cases to chargers, docks, ports, cradles, you name it. How many designers do you think will jump aboard the PlayBook train? I don't see any bedside radios with a playbook dock attachment.
Every demonstration, youtube video, keynote address and announcement about the PlayBook shows gaping holes into what it can actually do. Everyone analyst agrees to this. It's a 'Me Too' device. Executed to the best way any company could given the fact they fell asleep and are soooo late in this game.
Don't let your love for the Blackberry brand cloud your perception. From a technology and innovation stand point, Apple (and the third party designers and developers who make awesome apps) is on top. Restrictive and dumbed down for the masses, maybe, but still none-the-less far more advanced than a catch-up-7-inch-ooops-we-better-do-something PlayBook!!
Once Honeycomb evolves, that would be the contender I'd tell Steve to worry about.

Bigger IS better... A 9 inch dick is better than a 4 inch dick.
Richard Simmons

I like how he has to flip the iPad 2 off because just by looks alone crushes his stupid playbook I guess I'd get frustrated too trying to defend such a lame product all the time.

No not really.. He made the video, he knows what he is doing.. iPad looks just like stupid iPhone and IPod touch.. Whats the big difference between them three?? iPhone u can talk, iPad same as iPhone but yu dnt talk, iPad same as iPod touch just not as small.. Wait till yu get to see playbook for yourself

why is everyone saying the ipad 2 is better? i've only really seen 2 stupid reasons why people think its better. a) the screen size and b)apples appworld....i'm guessing no one reads specs? playbooks screen resolution is about the same and it's 3inches smaller. the playbook will be able to use android apps. i also heard the ipad2 has 512mb of doesn't even have that spec on there website.

ipad or ipad 2,, its just rubbish..and dont forget fcuking iphone.. feels like holding a photo frame in a train.

Ok... To be honest they both have something better than the other. iPad has great apps, but, it looks just like the iPhone and iPod touch. It's something that seems impossible for apple to change when it comes to mobile devises. Blackberry might be small, but that's all apple fans can say. Blackberry has waaaaay better web browsing and it has a flash of 10.1.. And have you guys seen face oom or any other page on the playbook?? There hasn't been a device that can actually play the Internet just like a computer, nd it's also the first tab to have multi screen touch pluuuusss APPLE fans blackberry has a high resolution screen of 1080p with HDMI port to connect to your tv.. Can I pad do ANY of this things? I dare you to say yes

Forget iPad 2. I know much stuff about technology and iPad is deffinetly not better than playbook, wanna know how I know?? Well I just saw one of the first commercial of playbook stating all it does, like 10.1 flash, which is now strong enough to have Internet just as a regular computer. All ya can say about iPad 2 is that is bigger, I wud still go with playbook juuust because of everything it does.. iPad 2 is nothing but an iPod touch just big and white, while blackberry made a huge difference of menu, apps and web browsing. And one last thing, I posted this with my iPod touch LAST generation. I like it, just wish for blackberry better :)

Playbook has HDMI-out
Ipad2 does not.
Playbook has a 3mp camera (front)
Ipad2 has 1mp camera
Playbook has 5mp camera (back)
Ipad2 has 0.8mp camera
Playbook has REAL multi-tasking
Ipad2 does not (Not counting Steve Jobs pathetic excuse for multi-tasking)
Playbook supports full flash 10.1
Ipad2 does not
Playbook has 1gb of RAM
Ipad2 has 512mb
Playbook is easy to hold
Ipad2 is a photoframe
Ipad2 is an oversized Ipod
Ipad2 has bleeding issues
Ipad2 is a pile of crap marketed to idiots, made for idiots.

Why is everyone Leaving out the SD USB Port that the Playbook has besides all the other amazing specs? Playbook wins hands down....By the way I have the Ipad and ummmm Me no like ordered my Playbook and will recieve it Apr. 19 Apple is great but too many restrictions

I think of the ipad as just a device to run apps, almost like how you run single games on a gameboy. The playbook is like a computer.... word processor, spread sheets, real browser and secure

Bottom line. If you want a toy, buy an ipad2. Otherwise the Blackberry Playbook is the one to go for.

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