BodyGuardz Skin for iPhone 4 - accessory review

The BodyGuardz Protective Skin for iPhone 4 provides excellent scratch protection

I have just applied the BodyGuardz Protective Skin onto my iPhone 4 ($24.95 in the TiPb iPhone store) and I put at ease about not getting any more scratches on my iPhone 4.

Application can be a little daunting, but if you take a gander at the video above we'll walk you through the steps. I find the trick is to not be shy about using the supplied spray so you can more easily adjust the screen protector and squeeze out those bubbles. It's also worth noting that for at least a day after you apply it and sometimes a few days, your iPhone 4 is going to look a little weird - but having used these products for many years I know that the bubbles and 'fog' goes away completely.

After the break, a few more thoughts, a small gallery of photos, and a video showing how to apply the protective skin.

Once on, the iPhone isn't any thicker, of course, and the glass on both the front and back are completely protected from scratches. The rear-skin is open so as not to occlude the camera lens, but that tiny extra thickness also means the lens isn't resting on a table when you set it down, which I also like.

This particular skin has a glossy rather than a matted finish, but it also adds just a bit of extra grip to the sides and back, which I appreciate. I'll note too that my iPhone definitely suffers from a fairly serious "Hold Different" Death Grip signal issue and the BodyGuards doesn't attenuate it. If you're looking to fix that, you'll want to get an iPhone 4 case instead of (or in addition to) the BodyGuardz

So while application is a hassle (they include two full skins in the box), once you have it on your iPhone the knowledge that it's protected from keys, grit, and other causes of scratches is indeed a balm.

You can get BodyGuardz Protective Skin for iPhone 4 from the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store.

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BodyGuardz Skin for iPhone 4 - accessory review


Omar doesn't understand why Zaggs Invisibleshield doesn't supply the shields for the metal band. Looks like Omar should have gone with this product. Does Bodyguardz have the rubbery orange peel feel like the Invisibleshield? "You come at the king, you best not miss"

Zaggs Invisibleshield full coverage version does cover most of the "metal band". I have it. Works great!

Metal bands will scuff. This would cut down on it. Personally i cringe at the idea of all that water near my phone. I tried to apply unique skins body guards and once i saw water getting close to the 30 pin connector and the water indicator, i threw the whole thing away and ordered a casemate vroom case which i love.

In my experience and after using Zaggs products on my previous two iPhones, the texture and and feel to the touch while using the BodyGuardz is much better, I have the front and back protected but didn't use the side protectors since they look kind of awkward to me, but again that's just my opinion.

I have the Zagg Invisible Shield maximum coverage which DOES have pieces for the metal band as well. The back looks fine, but even after waiting several days there is still some major distortion (rainbow lines) on the front of the screen, which are distracting and even a bit nauseating. It is especially noticeable on light/white screens.
I want to see the crystal clear beauty of the Retina screen otherwise I might as well own a 3GS. I'll definitely be returning my invisibleShield. It does add just a slight bit of grip which is nice when pulling the phone out of my pocket, but overall it is a big disappointment. :( I've had cheap screen protectors which didn't even distort my iPod Touch screen, so not sure what the issue is here.

No way would I ever by my own fault put any kind of liquid on my phone. This is just nuts! I have seen this for a while now, and all I can think is, "I'm not going to mess up my phone for this.". Once Power Support puts out their screen protectors, I will be buying a pack.

I would not use any of these that use a liquid to apply. It could void the warranty from Apple. And these companies that make these know that.

I don't know what many people still prefer the Zagg over Bodyguardz. I've used both and prefer the latter option. Most likely I'll be doing the skin/bumper(or similar) combo.
Deiter, can you post some follow-up pictures of when the film clears up?

I tried the Bodyguardz skin on my 3G after the glue of the invisibleShield failed after about 6 months.
The Bodyguardz glue didn't fair any better with my 3G (although I imagine it will stick better to the i4's flat back and sides).
I would have to say the Bodyguardz skin was worse because the material itself scratched easier in my experience and the scratches did not disappear like they did with the invisibleShield material.
The rainbow discoloration is a little worrying.
The reason these skins do not solve the antenna issue is probably because the material they are made of is conductive (has to be for the touchscreen to work). If someone produces a skin with non-conductive sides though I might try that.

all these liquid shields are great depending on how well you had them installed i live in salt lake city where invisible shield started and at every mall there is someone that will install it for you and majority of the time they do a great job when installing the shield and if it sucks you would just bring it back and they will add a new one for free. As for getting water damage. I've had an invisible sheld placed on every ipod and iphone i've had and not once when i went into an apple store they said that there was water damage. Out of curiosity i asked them "what really is water damage" and they said that's pretty much dunking it in water. Having it on the counter while showering or even applying the shield won't affect the iphone at all.

I used the dry install zagg and I ended up removing the front as usual. I can't stand my finger not sliding across the screen and the screen just doesn't look as good.

Try Phantom Skinz, I find they are just as good if not better than Zagg or Bodyguardz but less expensive.

I used BodyGuardz on my 3G, and am now using them on my 4. Bodyguardz are very durable (the screen protector on my 3G is still the original one applied two years ago, and looks brand new.) I did eventually take the back off of the 3G because the beveled edge made it darn near impossible for the corners to stick properly. Plus, I got a Griffin case with a macro lens, which wouldn't fit with the back Bodyguardz on.
I found the Bodyguardz for the iPhone 4 much easier to apply. I was disappointed that the edge protector came in several small pieces, which leave some areas completely exposed. I would have thought that having the straighter edge design would have made the fold-over side protectors much more effective on this phone. Oh well. I still love the invisible protection Bodyguardz is offering.
To all of those freaking about putting on a protective shield with a wet application: You spray the skin...NOT THE IPHONE ITSELF! As long as you follow that rule, and wait the required 12 hours before turning the phone back on, you are not going to damage the phone or risk voiding the warranty.

I got the bodyguardz full body installed on my phone on Monday at a mall kiosk. Came to $27 with installation absolutely no bubbles, no rainbow coloring, smooth, and very precise positioning. So I suggest finding a kiosk if your weary of doing it yourself. Looks Great and protects the phone wonderfully, I have the full body on my phone and an apple bumper around it providing full protection until the otterbox is available

Which product would you say offers a feeling closest to the glass screen? I want a screen protector, but am partial to the smooth cool feeling of swiping my finger on glass...

I've had a Power Support Anti-Glare on my iPhone 2G for 2 and a half years and will probably get the Power Support for my iPhone 4... not sure how the anti-glare may affect the retina display though.

BTW free shipping + 10% sounds more reasonable if you're going throw out a coupon code. Makes no sense to pay more when it cost less to buy directly from other than to support tipb

Hi, question here:
Will this stay on okay with my iFrogz case? It's the kind that has a bottom and top that slide together. I don't care so much if the sides stay on because I might not use those anyhow, but I really need the back and front to stay on.

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I really like these iPhone 4 covers because it can preserve the pristine condition of the gadget. When you sell it a couple or three years later, you can even haggle for a good price for it. Just saying.

I used to use Bodyguardz for my ipod and then I changed to Gadgetshieldz to protect it. Gadgetshieldz is better, it made my ipod look more polished than how it looked with Bodyguardz. And at the time I used Gadgetshieldz it was much older and had been through a lot (a couple of falls)but after applying it, my ipod looked brand new.

I believe that may be an interesting point, it made me suppose a little. Thanks for sparking my personal pondering cap. Occasionally I am getting a lot in a rut that I simply really feel just like a record.