Now you can buy an iPad while you shop for underwear at Macy's

iPad vending machine

Electronic vending machines aren't anything new when it comes to airports or other travel stops but how about iPad vending machines at a Macy's Department store? Consumerist writer, Ben Popken, spotted one in the men's department of his local Macy's.

What I find interesting is that they'd have these machines in a mall that also contains an Apple Store. I've always understood why they'd have them in airports. If someone has to sit on a 14 hour plane ride they'll probably pay more than retail for an iPad. Jack up the prices and you'll get people to pay them when they're on a time limit to find something to escape boredom for the next several hours. But inside a Macy's is just weird to me.

What do you guys think? Would you buy an iPad or high end electronic device from a vending machine in a department store?

[The Consumerist]

Allyson Kazmucha

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Towson980 says:

The Macy's here in Towson, Maryland has had this vending machine for at least two years now; I wouldn't exactly call this news.

Rican2909 says:

"Electronic vending machines aren’t anything new". Read the post... its not news its a blog post... learn to read before you comment.

Chris says:

Perhaps you your self should read his post again. He's talking about his local macys

Asdollah Mirza says:

I think YOU TWO need to read & comprehend. Towson is correct.
The article is basically saying the electronic vending machines arent anything at airports etc BUT THIS is more than a blog, its bringin us the news (which its not) that they now have them at Macy's, which theyve had for a while .

Rican2909 says:

Lol tipb The iPhone BLOG is more than a blog lolololol

mlawrnce says:

Ouch, lighten up (and read the post first)

dantzig says:

Has that vending machine at the Macy's in Towson been selling iPads for at least 2 years. Now that would be something.

MyPhone says:

This is nothing new. Macy's has put iPods and other electronics in vending machines for years. Now they are just stocking them with iPads. I'm not really sure where the story is here.
As far as why people would use them, I probably wouldn't, especially if there was an Apple Store in the same mall. However, I could see how some people would as Macy's typically offers a discount for paying with a Macy's credit card. Assuming the iPad wasn't excluded from this, then I can see a benefit of using it.

Aaa says:

my luck, the iPad would break on the drop down. lol

NickyTerentino says:

no diffeent from getting it shipped through UPS. They Manhandle those Boxes..Its Sicking

SteveC says:

The Macy's near me has had one of these for years as well - I think where it would come in handy would be the last minute shoppers during the holidays! I know i have been in Macy's on December 24th, and if I needed a last minute high tech gift (and not knowing if there were any other stores open) I would seriously consider breaking out the plastic...

Usa Rocks says:

Can I get behind you in line?

Asdollah Mirza says:

Always happens to me with vending machines and Snickers Chocolate bars, when I am waiting for my friend at the Saab dealership while he is negotiationg and high-fiving the sales guy! ;)

myPhone says:

I'm not sure how lucky you are, but I do know how much of a douche you are. SPAMMER!

Muenzenhamster says:

The bots can't read your replies.

Chris says:

The same way you would if you bought it at an apple store.

OrionAntares#CB says:

They have a staffer next to the vending machine to activate it for you???

OrionAntares#CB says:

If I already have a laptop with me, why would i bother buying an iPad from a vending machine???????

Ryan H says:

for some reason i find it even more appealing this way. its striking some kind deep-seated, child-like desire for anything in a glowing glass container.
plus i wouldn't have to wait for it to ship, and I wouldn't have to listen to an apple store employee try to sell me five different things during the transaction.

Chris says:

How is it strange? Is there a law that says apple must only sell its products?

DeLeon Hughes says:

In Buffalo, NY there's a mall (Walden Galleria) that inside the Macy's (where I work) they have them. I seen a few people buy the iPods. Not the iPad yet.

Speziale Michael says:

We've had these in Connecticut at my mall for years. This isn't anything new.

DiamondDNice says:

The Mens Macy's in Union Square in San Francisco has had one of these for more then 4 years selling at least ipods, headphones, and cases. (left S.F. years ago so no clue what's in it now). Not only that, there's a large major Apple store about two blocks away.

Neil Anderson says:

Guess Macy's is trying to increase their per square foot sales numbers. :)

Columbus Figuroa says:

I wonder about the initial capital needed and ROI though. Do you have an idea Fitz? I think this a good business and easy to manage as well, and i'm thinking on whether to invest in this kind of business as soon as I can. :p