CarPlay for Toyota confirmed, and then retracted, for 2015


Toyota is the latest auto maker to re-affirm its commitment to CarPlay for future vehicles, without saying exactly – or even vaguely – when it will be coming. In an article posted to its official UK blog, Toyota initially said 2015 before then retracting this statement saying it was an error.

A previous version of this article said Apple CarPlay would be in Toyota cars from 2015. This is incorrect and we are happy to put the matter straight. No dates about when Apple CarPlay will arrive in Toyota cars has been made.

So, we're still none the wiser, really. Details on which cars from Toyota will get CarPlay are still to come, and we're asked to "stay tuned" for that.

The more exciting news on the CarPlay front perhaps is that aftermarket stereo makers like Pioneer are already looking into it. Presumably Toyota may well have something to announce either for or in 2015 – there's still the big Paris Motor Show later this year, for example – but for now it looks like someone jumped the gun with its post. Shame.

Source: Toyota UK via The Verge

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CarPlay for Toyota confirmed, and then retracted, for 2015


I'm more interested in after-market stereo's anyway.. They do that, I'm sold.. Until then, it's a meh feature I won't ever get a chance to use.