Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case for iPhone 4 - accessory review

The Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case for iPhone 4 is just stunningly beautiful. If you've been following me on Twitter you know it's my new favorite iPhone 4 case and considering how long I used the Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case for my iPhone 3G it's likely to remain so for a long time to come.

But looks and personal preferences aren't everything -- hard to believe, I know! -- so check out the video above and keep reading after the jump to see how it performs.

Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case for iPhone 4 is easy to put on. Just slide it in volume control side first and press it down into place. Once safe and secure, you still have access to all the buttons and ports and it's cut generously enough around the dock that most 3rd party cables should have no problem fitting in.

Thin and smooth around the sides it doesn't do anything to help your grip but it doesn't hurt it much either. If you're worried about the infamous death-touch, yes it prevents that problem in weak signal areas.

The build quality is fantastic. The edges are smooth and well-finished and perfectly tapered so you can run your finger freely across the screen without bumping into them. Because it's a slim case, while it will prevent your iPhone 4 from getting bumps and scrapes it probably won't do much to protect it from high impact drops.

The Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case for iPhone 4 includes a mirrored screen protector. It looks beautiful when the screen is off but does darken it and shift colors slightly towards the blue spectrum when the screen is on, which is something the iPhone 3G/3GS version didn't do. If it bothers you, don't use it.

Overall the Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case for iPhone 4, available from the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store, is just gorgeous and very, very classy looking. I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't need a higher level of protection. If you want your iPhone 4 to look great and attract attention this is absolutely the hottest case on the market at the moment.

I absolutely love it.

TiPb iPhone 5-star rated


  • Gorgeous
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Excellent fit and finish


  • Screen protector darkens and tints screen

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Reader comments

Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case for iPhone 4 - accessory review


Okay, is it just me or does the logo hole look off-center to anybody else?
I love my Barely There 3GS, but that looks very strange to me on the 4. I can see myself having to by a similar case from another company which is disappointing.
Personally the logo hole was silly to begin with...

Except for the screen protector and the Apple logo cut out, it looks pretty much the same as the Belkin Micra clear cover I got from Apple in the free case deal. Personally I wouldn't use the screen protector. The mirrored stuff seems cool and all but I don't want anything that messes with the display quality.

How's the reception? I had issues with this same case on my 3GS, so didnt opt for this on my IP4 yet.

I have the case mate barely there chrome case for my iPhone 3g & I absolutely love it, its so thin that you can barely tell you have a case on. Glad to see they have the same quality for the iPhone 4, once I upgrade I will definitely be buying this case, thanks for the review.

Nice looking case but the off-center Apple logo kinda of ruins it. Also, I feel better using cases even with a bit of "lay-on-table-design" which allows you to put the iPhone face down on a table without making contact with the screen. Some of iPhone 4 (thin) cases has a small amount of lip (i.e. iFrogz LuxeLean) which is not real obtrusive to "screen swiping".

Nice looking case, same for the shirt. We're going to need Georgia do some shirt reviews since she seems to always have great styles :)

My concern would be scratches on the case making it look bad. I have an acrylic clear case and it scratched up in a month so much that it looks terrible now. Won't this do the same?

Hmmm....saw this on the Case-Mate site for the Barely-There:
Q) Is the front glass protected so that if laid on a flat surface, only the case would touch, not the glass of the iPhone?
A) The Barely There case covers the aluminum antenna trim of the device. If you laid the iPhone 4 down on a flat surface, the case would be touching the surface, not the glass.
From the pics and Georgia's video, looks like the Chrome case has a flush case side.

not one photo of the case right-side-up?
also, this hole-for-the-logo practice is ridiculous and has to stop. if the case is translucent, what purpose does it serve? not only does it NOT serve a purpose, it actually defeats the case's purpose. I had a "holey" case on my 3GS, and after a while, the phone was pristine -- EXCEPT for the circle around the logo, which was all scratched up.
dumb, dumb, dumb.
I will never, ever purchase a case with a logo hole again.

dear moderators,
paragraphs make text easier to read. why are the carriage returns removed from our comments, resulting in a mashed-up blob?

I like the fact that you can swipe all the way to the edge. Georgia mentioned that on the latest TiPb live. The Bumper makes it impossible to type "RT" on the left of the '@' when you're re-tweeting in the Twitter app. You need to backspace over the '@' and then type "RT @". I'm sure there are other situations like that.

@ mark - "... paragraphs make text easier to read ..."
+1. There should be a blank line between the line above and this one. I hit but now it's gone.

By the way, you look great in the video, Georgia! Keep up the great work. Also, nice orchids, nice Wonder Woman t-shirt, and have you thought about teaching your bird to say "Google sucks"? :-)

Just for a tip, next time you do a video, don't do it with lots of backlighting. Make sure the primary source of light is in front of you, not behind you!

It looks nice, but I feel like a Chrome finish always shows scratches and any dust or imperfections. For me personally that's a problem, but otherwise the case looks really nice. I think I'll be sticking with my Defender case however haha

if you look at picture 3, it already have scratches on the case already. and is there a case can ever make the cutout hole centered? they should just always make a transparent case and forget the cut out hole.

I'm surprised they didn't make the cutout apple-shaped. It wouldn't cost them much more. Just a hole cut out in the back makes it seem like an afterthought.

i Prefer the soft cases over this hard case that will scratch quickly. i just ordered this barely there case:
Kevin: the cases are made by Case-Mate. they are not allowed to use the apple logo in their products.

Does she come with the case? LOL. Kidding aside--think it would be a fingerprint nightmare and too much reflection in the sun.