Case-Mate iMakeMyCase iPhone Case Customizations -- TiPb @ CES 2010

Case-Mate iMakeMyCase for iPhone

With iMakeMyCase, Case-Mate is taking their popular case model and not only offering you hot, artist-based designs, but breaking apart those designs to their core elements and letting you customize and collage them to create your own unique variation.

There are lots of on-line tools provided, included spays, mirror effects, and if you're not feeling particularly creative, reference designs by each artist.

Check out our walkthrough after the break!

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Reader comments

Case-Mate iMakeMyCase iPhone Case Customizations -- TiPb @ CES 2010


Honestly, why did this not happen sooner?
I actually am in complete disbelief that this kind of thing didn't exist before for the iPhone..

Cool idea, but I want to design my case using my own graphics... not mixing and matching somebody elses.
Give me true custom design capabilities for creating a hard case for the iPhone and then they would have my money.

@Carl, the sole reason they can't do this is because of copyright issues. Every design element on their site that they have to create these cases, they have rights to use. If you uploaded your "own work", how would they know it's legitimately yours, and not someone elses? If the real artist saw it on your phone, they could easily sue case mate.
I already designed one up, and am about to purchase it. :)
I think it's way rad to not only give us artists creations, but to allow us to take elements and create our own. I am assuming they will be continually adding artists if it does well.

Wow, lots of nice cases these days. This one's really cool. I might get one myself.
(Then again, I might go Scrooge on me again and just buy myself a cheap one: