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Garmin vivoactive fitness tracker review

Garmin's vivoactive offers built-in GPS, up to three weeks battery life, and custom apps for the sports you enjoy most.

You can take the vivoactive wherever you go, including swimming and in the shower. Wear it to bed and the vivoactive will also monitor and track your sleep quality. With custom apps, great battery life, lots of color options, and much more, there's a lot to like about the Garmin vivoactive. I've been using the vivoactive for a few weeks now and while I'm mostly impressed, with a price tag of $250, it's definitely not the fitness tracker for everyone.

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Save 43% today on these 6ft Lightning cables!

Ventev's Charging Data Cable provides 6 feet of convenient charging and syncing whenever you need it. The cable's flat design makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles and even easier to store away for traveling purposes. Available in gray, blue or white for only $16.95

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WaterField's Travel Express case offers portable protection for Apple's new MacBook

WaterField Designs has unveiled a new travel case for Apple's new MacBook.

The Travel Express case was made to fit the new 12-inch MacBook. The case holds not only your MacBook, but a number of accessories as well.

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Monoprice announces new USB-C accessories for your new MacBook

Monoprice has announced a new line of USB-C cables and adapter accessories designed for Apple's new MacBook and other USB-C devices.

The new cables from Monoprice offer USB-C connections for USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1, and they'll let you use almost any USB accessory through the single USB-C port on your new MacBook.

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Grovemade introduces a wooden laptop stand to bring order to your desk

Grovemade, a company that specializes in wooden accessories for laptops and mobile devices, has introduced a wooden stand for laptops.

The stand sits your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air at an angle, raising it up for better viewing.

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LaCie's new 1TB rugged Thunderbolt SSD can take a lot of abuse for $949.99

LaCie has launched a 1TB version of its rugged Thunderbolt external SSD for $949.99, allowing Mac users to keep their files safe even under adverse conditions.

The new version has double the storage space of the next largest Thunderbolt SSD drive from LaCie.

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Save 46% today on these metal bumper cases for iPhone 6 Plus

These unique bumper cases fit perfectly around the edges of your device and feature raised side buttons for quick and easy access. Even with the combination of aluminum and shock absorbent TPU, the TETRA Case is amazingly thin and lightweight. Available today for $18.95

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Flir FX takes aim at both home surveillance and action cameras

Flir's been working in the world of infrared imaging for years, but now they're delving into a new market: home security and action cams with the Flir FX.

Flir is taking on both Dropcam and GoPro with the Flir FX. This little camera is a roughly 2x2x1-inch block with a circular lens sitting front and center. There's an available home base that it can mount onto for home security purposes, as well as options for exterior mounts, car mounts, and even a waterproof sport case that you can strap onto your helmet, bike, or what-have-you (ala GoPro). With Wi-Fi, remote monitoring, and a nifty "RapidRecap" feature that compresses hours of activity into minutes, Flir's system is going toe-to-toe with Google-owned Dropcam.

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The Guitar Wing MIDI controller can now connect to your iPhone over Bluetooth LE

Livid Instruments has updated their wireless Guitar Wing MIDI controller with support for direct connections to you devices over Bluetooth LE.

Apple introduced support for direct MIDI connections over Bluetooth LE with OS X Yosemite an iOS 8, and with a firmware update, the Guitar Wing will work with this new connection on either platform.

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Need a hard case for your iPhone 6? Grab the SURFACE Reveal on sale for $17.95 today!

The SURFACE Reveal case is the ultimate low-profile iPhone 6 hard cover; combining a super-slim design with a protective outer shell that reveals the apple logo on the back. The exterior features a soft coating that provides additional grip, too! Get yours in black, blue or gold today and save 49%

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