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Top iPhone, iPad, and Mac deals for October 9

We've gathered together some great discounts on iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps, accessories, and devices for you today.

We'll keep showing sales that are ongoing after double-checking that they're still active and the price is the same, as well as updating the list with anything new that we find. Of course, if you spot any great deals, don't be shy - drop a tip in the comments!

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Transparent protection for your iPhone 5 at an incredible price of $11.95 today!

The back of this Reveal Case is made of a thin polycarbonate that's completely transparent, so it's almost as if you don't even have a case around your iPhone. The edges are made of a slim rubber, making it easy to install and remove when necessary. Don't miss your chance to save 40% today!

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HTC RE camera and Zoe app will support the iPhone

At an event in New York today, we never expected that HTC would be announcing news for iPhone owners, and that's exactly what's just happened. One of the new devices announced at its Double Exposure event in the Big Apple is this, the RE, and it's a camera. And it's a camera that connects to the iPhone. Oh, and it looks like a tiny periscope.

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Backdrops for Chromecast can now show personal photos and more

An update to the Chromecast app for iOS will now let you activate a nice screensaver for your TV populated with all sorts of web content. Backdrops can include Google+ photos, curated artwork, news and lifestyle pictures, satellite imagery, and lots more. If you're looking for more information, just crack open the Google app and ask "What's on my Chromecast?" The Chromecast app itself will also have more information on what images are being shown.

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Mummify your iPhone 5 in any color and save 32% on these stylish skins!

This uniquely designed skin case wraps around your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 to provide impact protection from front to back. The Mummy Case is completely flexible, making it easy to install and remove when necessary. Choose from 9 different colors and get yours for just $16.95 today!

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We're flippin' crazy letting these iPhone 5 flip cases go for 50% off!

These iPhone 5 cases are a combination of an Italian polyurethane and a cloth-like texture to provide impact protection while giving your device a snazzy look. On the inside you'll also find a slot for storing your ID, credit card or cash—great for an evening out. Today both the dark gray and red versions of this flip case are available for just $19.95!

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Livestream app lets your audience live the action with you as it happens on your GoPro

Thrill-seeking adventurers can now livestream what they're doing in real time with a GoPro Hero camera thanks to the Livestream app, which now supports live broadcasting of what's currently being captured by your GoPro to a connected iPhone app. Thanks to the Livestream app and the GoPro camera, you can share moments like a concert or a performance to your audience in real time without any delays.

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These protective, colorful iPhone 5 skin cases are perfect on a budget. Only $4.95 today

Made of 100% premium TPU, these soft skin cases for the iPhone 5 are excellent in providing protection against drops and feel comfortable in the hand. Available in 5 different colors, you'll enjoy a scratch-free coating and access to your camera, ports, buttons and display!

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Any rugged iPhone 5C users out there? This hybrid case is marked down 54% today!

This iPhone 5C hybrid case features a thick silicone inner layer that absorbs impacts with a thick polycarbonate shell that sits on top for extra protection. It's thick, but great for anyone who works outdoors in the thick of things. Did we mention it even has a built-in kickstand? Yours today for only $6.95!

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NFL won't allow its football players to wear Beats headphones on TV

Apple's recently acquired Beats business won't be seen on camera at National Football League games, even though the Beats headphones are very popular among many NFL players.

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