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Which Fitbits are best for beginners?

Just starting a lifelong workout regime? It's never to let and Fitbit can help you stay on track and reach your fitness goals!

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Which Fitbits do sleep tracking?

Using your smartphone in bed is generally considered to be detrimental to getting a good night's sleep, unless you're using it to track your sleep patterns using your Fitbit wristband.

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Which Smart Scales Support Fitbit?

Weighing yourself day in and day out can be tedious and frankly a little disappointing. Stop being scared of your scale and make it work for you by choosing a smart scale that integrates with your Fitbit.

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What's the cheapest Fitbit?

Fitbit is a popular brand of fitness tracker, having sold more than 21 million devices since its launch in 2007. Of the eight models Fitbit offers, there are three to choose from if price is a concern for you.

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Which Fitbits have heart rate monitors?

So you've decided you're going to get a Fitbit, but now you've learned some of them have heart rate monitors? Are they important? What do they do? Which Fitbits have 'em? Time to find out!

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Snag a 3-foot Apple Lightning cable today for only $12.95 — that's 35% off!

Need an extra Lightning cable for syncing and charging your Apple device? This 3-foot cable from Apple will do the trick, featuring a USB 2.0 plug at the opposite end for connecting to a charging adapter or USB port. Grab one today while they're on the cheap!

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Which Fitbits are best for kids?

Fitness is important through every stage of life and your kids deserve to get in on the Fitbit action too! But, which Fitbit really is the best for your tyke or teen?

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Save 43% today on Seidio LUMA cases for iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus

These unique and protective cases are designed to take your iPhone's camera flash alert light and spreads it throughout the clear bumper when you receive notifications. Included are 5 color plates to switch-up whenever you want! Grab yours today for only $16.95.

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Seidio belt clip holsters for iPhone 6 and 6s are half-off today only!

Providing a quick and efficient way to access your iPhone 6 or 6s on the fly, Seidio's spring clip holster features a durable swivel clip for attaching to your belt or pocket. There's also a soft lining that keeps the display safe from scratches while clipped inside. On sale today for only $14.95!

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Sweet Valentine's Day gifts for the tech lover in your life

Need help finding the right gift for that special someone in your life this Valentine's Day? Skip the stuffed animals and give them the gift of awesome (and unique) tech with our 2016 Valentine's Day gift guide!

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