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iHome's new Bluetooth speakers carry portable power for your iPhone

iHome has introduced two Bluetooth speakers, the Kineta K1 and K2, that each offer a portable battery to let you easily charge your phone on the go.

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This protective folio case for iPad Air is 63% off today

The VersaFolio Case is perfect for any tablet user that needs a protective nylon carrying solution that also doubles as a versatile stand. The 4 grooves and velcro insert allow for different viewing angles in both portrait and landscape positions. Available today for just $12.95!

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Moshi's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases offer premium protection

Moshi has announced three cases for the upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The Napa and Luxe cases offer premium protection, while the Ion adds some more juice to your iPhone's battery.

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Will your iPad mini cases fit the new iPad mini 4?

If you've already found the perfect case for your current iPad mini and plan to upgrade to the new iPad mini 4, you may be asking yourself if you can keep your case afterwards.

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Logitech announces the Create Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro

Logitech has announced its first accessory for the newly-unveiled iPad Pro, and its a keyboard case that connects to the tablet's Smart Connector.

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Why I'm excited--and a little nervous--for the Apple Pencil stylus

Yes, it's true: Apple announced a stylus for the iPad. Ahem, excuse me: A Pencil. At no point during Wednesday's announcement did the company use the dreaded S-word, preferring "pencil," "device," and a few other monikers. But a stylus the Pencil is, and an exciting one at that. Here's why I'm pumped for the Apple Pencil—and what I'm still worried about.

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Will your existing iPhone 6 case fit the new iPhone 6s?

With the brand new iPhone 6s comes the search for new ways to keep it protected from damage. What about using our current iPhone 6 cases on the new iPhone 6s without having to open our wallets?

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The new official iPhone cases and docks come in a wide palette of colors

Apple has also refreshed its accessory lineup for the iPhone, with a variety of new colors for various accessories. You can now grab a matching color dock for your iPhone, and protect it with some new pretty colors.

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iPad Pro Smart Keyboard cover announced

Apple has announced it will offer a Smart Keyboard cover for the newly revealed iPad Pro, allowing users to type on a physical keyboard while also folding up to be used as a cover.

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Save 52% today on the Naztech MFi Lightning Charge & Sync Super Dock

This low profile dock sits anywhere you prefer and offers a fast, reliable charge for your iPhone or iPad. Connect to your laptop and sync up with iTunes, too. Grab one today for just $16.95 while they're on the cheap!

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