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Sonos lineup gets a price bump in Canada due to weak Dollar

Sonos has increased the price of its connected speaker lineup in Canada due to the weak Dollar.

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Grab Kmashi's 20000mAh Quick Charge 2.0 power bank for $20 at Amazon with coupon

Right now you can grab Kmashi's 20000mAh power bank for $20 at Amazon with coupon code 3Z9KLROS, a savings of $13. The power bank is Quick Charge 2.0 compliant, so you'll be able to charge your phone fast while on the go.

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The best in-ear headphones

There are thousands of pairs of in-ear headphones out there, so if you're looking to try something new and better, where on earth to begin? Right here! We've rounded up some of the Mobile Nations editors to share their favorites.

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Amazon Echo Dot Review: An inch and a half of Alexa may be all you need

Echo Dot is what you get if you lop off the top inch and a half of an Echo. All the brains in a smaller stature, with a smaller price to go along with it.

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How can I stream Amazon Prime Music in my home?

Amazon Prime music is Amazon’s foray into the music streaming jungle and a way for you to enjoy your music on and offline.

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Sonos wireless speakers buyers guide

How to pick the perfect Sonos speakers and system for you!

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Will Sonos wireless speakers work with my computer?

Add every computer in your home to your Sonos sound system to make playlists and share music in every room of your house!

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Grab the Logitech UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker for just $149.99

The Logitech UE Boom 2 portable Bluetooth speaker is currently on sale for just $149.99 at Amazon, a savings of $50. With the UE Boom 2, you can rock out to for hours with the speaker’s 360-degrees of sound output.

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Yes, your iPhone 5s and 5 cases will fit the new iPhone SE!

iPhone SE looks like iPhone 5s, but will your old cases fit with your new phone?

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How to charge your Apple Pencil

If Notification Center shows your Apple Pencil needs charging, here's how to do it.

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