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This nylon holster for iPhone 6/6S is now 36% off

Built for your every day needs, this Turtleback Holster is made of nylon and is equipped with a metal rotating belt clip. The ergonomic design allows you to access your iPhone 6/6S with an easy release magnetic closure. Available today for only $22.95!

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The best iPhone 6s Plus cases

You're getting an iPhone 6s Plus and you want to make sure it's well-protected. Take a look at the best cases available to make sure you've got one in your pocket.

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This is the Speck MightyShell Case for iPhone 6/6S

This iPhone 6/6S hard case is mighty indeed. Featuring 3 layers of protection fused into one solid shell, you'll be prepared for impact when your device takes a heavy hit.

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Save 50% today on this tempered glass protector for iPhone 6 Plus

This slim tempered glass measures only 0.3mm in thickness and provides a crystal clear look on the display of your iPhone 6 Plus. The oleophobic coating helps resist annoying smudges and fingerprints while retaining optimal screen sensitivity. Grab one today for only $9.95!

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Snag a 3-pack of Apple Watch screen protectors today for only $6.95

Protect the display of your Apple Watch while preserving its clarity with this ultimate screen protector from Seidio! Its 3H hardness rating makes it an excellent choice for warding off scratches and scuffs without diminishing touchscreen accuracy.

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Save 52% today on these slim kickstand cases for iPhone 6 Plus

The SURFACE Reveal Case by Seidio is the ultimate low-profile iPhone 6 Plus hard case; combining a super-slim design with a protective outer shell that reveals the Apple logo on the back. For extra convenience there's a fold-out kickstand for watching movies and more. Grab one today for just $16.95!

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Karma Go mobile hotspot review

We loved the flexibility and business model of the original Karma for those who only need a hotspot from time to time, but it was hamstrung by Sprint's aging WiMax network. After a little stumble, the new Karma Go is here with better hardware, the same great usage model and yes, a proper LTE network behind it.

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Anki Overdrive races its way to retail stores, available now for $149

The successor to the extremely popular Anki Drive, Anki's Overdrive, is now available. Starter kits are arriving in retail stores, priced at $149, with expansion packs and Supercars available as a separate purchase.

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Yes, iPhone 6s cases will work with the iPhone 6, and vice versa

Apple has already begun updating their Apple Store displays in preparation for this Friday's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch, and one casualty: A surprising lack of "iPhone 6"-branded cases. The good news: Those 6s and 6s Plus cases work fine with the 6 and 6 Plus.

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Save 39% today on this MFi certified Lightning (male) to MicroUSB (female) adapter

Connect your device with this Lightning connector to a micro USB cable to charge or sync your device. This useful accessory allows you to re-use your old Micro USB cables or chargers and is small enough not to interfere with cases. Available today for just $7.95!

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