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Best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for summer shindigs

Having a reliable Bluetooth speaker that you can keep in the shower, bring to the beach, or toss on the boat makes a huge difference when you're not constantly worried about water damage. Match that protection with jam-up sound quality and you're set for summer outings.

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This screen protector kit for iPad Air 2 is only $11.95 today

These clear shields provide excellent scratch protection, and with the anti-glare feature you can enjoy your device with no reflections. They're easy to apply and remove, plus they'll never leave a residue behind. The kit includes 2 screen protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and an applicator card.

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BioLite NanoGrid: Outdoor lighting with spare juice for your iPhone

If you're heading out camping this summer, you may want to check out one of BioLite's newer products, the NanoGrid. It offers a backup battery for your iPhone and iPad with a full spectrum of lighting utilities.

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This sturdy skin case for iPhone 6 is only $13.95 today in every color

The Satin Case from Body Glove brings case innovation alive again with its brushed aluminum texture and trimmed high gloss accents for an all-around reliable solution against damage. These skins are stretch and tear resistant, perfect for long-term use. Don't miss out while they're on sale!

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UE Roll review: Waterproof Bluetooth speaker that's fun to play with

It's one thing to bring your iPhone to the pool or to the beach, another thing to be able to listen to music while you're bobbing in the water. If you're looking for a speaker that you can get wet, you should check out UE's new Roll.

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Best waterproof cases for iPad Air 2

If you're planning on taking your tablet to the beach, poolside, or even on the boat, you may want to consider picking up a reliable waterproof case for your iPad Air 2. We've selected 3 of our favorites that ensure your iPad stays bone dry above or below the drink.

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Save 50% on this HD Impact screen protector for iPhone 6 Plus

This screen protector is designed to fit perfectly on the display of your iPhone 6 Plus, and is easy to apply — even for a novice. The ultra-slim PET film features multi-layer shock absorption, is naturally resistant to fingerprints, and provides a smooth touchscreen experience. Available today for $14.95!

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Save 50% today on these metal bumper cases for iPhone 6

The TETRA Case adds an advanced design to your typical bumper case with its geometrically shaped corners and CNC-machined aluminum edging. Even with the combination of aluminum and shock absorbent TPU, it's amazingly thin and lightweight. Grab your favorite color for only $14.95!

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Best rugged cases for iPhone 6

We're in the thick of summer, and that means getting out and getting active. It could be something as low-key as hitting up the beach or backyard, or as intense as hiking or biking. Whatever you're into, we've got a few protective cases here that will make sure your iPhone 6 gets through it all in one piece!

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Save 67% today on this see-through hybrid case for iPhone 6 Plus

Shield against drops and scratches without bulking up your iPhone 6 Plus with this Amzer SlimGrip Hybrid Case. The back is made of a transparent polycarbonate with a glossy TPU bumper that enhances grip. Get yours in black or white for $4.95!

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