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Logitech's MX Anywhere 2 wireless mouse can connect to three devices at once

Logitech has introduced the MX Anywhere 2, a new wireless mobile mouse that can connect with up to three devices at once, switching between them easily.

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Typo's keyboard for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 is available now for $189

Moving on from its latest legal setbacks with its iPhone keyboard, Typo has released their keyboard for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. It is available now for $189.

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Classic Buckle band for Apple Watch review

The Classic Buckle for the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch is made of Dutch leather from the ECCO tannery in the Netherlands, and is a refreshingly new take on tradition.

I didn't order the Classic Buckle for Apple Watch the same time as I ordered the Watch itself and the Leather Loop. I ordered it later, when I was at the try-ons, and I was speaking to one of the Apple reps about it. I'd almost dismissed it before then. The Link Bracelet was going to be my classic strap, after all, and the loop, my leather. But we got to talking, then trying, and then liking... From there it was one tiny step to ordering.

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Save over 50% today on Case-Mate Slim Tough Cases for iPhone 6

The Slim Tough Case is designed to offer a sleek and sophisticated silhouette that blends refined looks with enhanced protection. This case features a color-contrasting bumper, a shock-absorbing flexible interior, and is accented with metal buttons. Choose your favorite color today for only $13.95!

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How to use Siri with your HomeKit accessories

HomeKit devices are here, and with them comes home automation devices that can interact with Siri, Apple's voice-activated assistant. Once you've installed and connected your HomeKit device, here's how you set it up with Siri!

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Waterproof your iPhone 6 Plus with this Seidio OBEX Case and save 40%

Gain all-around protection from the elements with this OBEX Case from Seidio. Using waterproof membranes over the critical points of your iPhone 6 Plus, this dual-layer case keeps away water intrusion and manages to absorb impacts at the same time. Serious protection for serious users. Choose your favorite color today for only $53.95!

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Elgato announces HomeKit-enable Eve sensors now available for pre-order

The Elgato smart sensor system includes HomeKit-enabled Eve Room, Eve Weather, Eve Door & Window, and Eve Energy sensors.

Eve Room lets you monitor indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity, all measured by a sensor that analyzes volatile organic compounds (VOC). Eve Weather keeps track of outside temperature, and air pressure; Eve Door & Window lets you monitor whether your doors and/or windows are open or closed, and monitor stats for time and duration; and Eve Energy tells you how much power your appliances are using. All of these products can be controlled in the Elgato app or, thanks to HomeKit with Apple's voice-operated assistant, Siri.

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Insteon releases HomeKit-enabled Insteon Hub

The Insteon Hub brings switches, outlets, thermostats, and light bulbs into Apple's HomeKit ecosystem.

With the Insteon Hub and HomeKit you can create and control multiple houses, rooms, and zones with your iPhone, iPad, or Siri. Quickly build scenes and adjust several devices at once, along with scheduling scenes to repeat on specific days, weeks, or dates. There's even a comprehensive dashboard view so that you can easily see and control your home automation system.

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iHome announces HomeKit-enabled SmartPlug coming June 15

With the iHome SmartPlug you can turn even non-HomeKit-enabled accessories on or off with just the sound of your voice.

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Lutron launches HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge

With HomeKit support in the Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge Lutron lets iPhone and iPad owners light up their lives.

Lutron's Caséta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit includes the HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge: It, combined with wireless Lutron lights, lets you control a specific lamp, an entire room, or your whole house. As such, you can make sure the light in the kitchen is off — or all your lights are off — even if you're not in those rooms. Caséta Wireless can also control the Lutron Serena remote-controlled shades along with select thermostats.

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