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Get your iPhone 6 bumper cases today while they're on the cheap!

Made from a glossy and matte double molded polycarbonate, this durable frame conforms perfectly around the iPhone 6 to provide casual protection against minor drops. The bumper even slightly elevates the phone from flat surfaces, keeping it safe from unwanted scratches and scuffs. Choose your favorite color today for only $4.95

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Seidio Spring Clip Holsters for iPhone 6 are only $14.95 today!

The Spring Clip Holster keeps your device clipped in tight, no matter the hustle and bustle. Just snap it to your belt, pants or bag and pop in your device. The top spring clip is extremely tough and provides quick-release access when you need to answer a call, text or email. Get yours today and save 50%

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Apple iPhone Lightning Dock review

The new Apple iPhone Lightning Dock promises to be compatible with everything from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6s Plus.

Update: Apple has released new versions of the Lightning Dock to match the new iPhone 6s colors, including silver, space gray, gold, and rose gold.

It accomplishes that minor miracle by eschewing the old, grooved design of the past for new, flat one that presents only a surface and a Lightning connector. That way the width of the phone doesn't matter now, nor will it matter into the future. So we know the new dock is flexible — but is it any good?

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Using the Ecobee3 Wi-Fi thermostat with your Apple Watch

The only thing better than controlling your Ecobee3 Wi-Fi thermostat with your iPhone is... controlling it with your Apple Watch!

The Ecobee3 can be controlled by the on-device touch-screen, the ecobee3 iPhone app, and now also with the Apple Watch. I have to admit, even though it's limited, it's also absolutely amazing. The idea that I can monitor and control the climate in my house from the kitchen table, from bed, from the back porch, or from far away is something straight out of science fiction.

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Bose announces the SoundLink Mini II, packs better battery life and powerful sound quality

Bose has announced its latest Bluetooth speaker, the SoundLink Mini II. This speaker packs an even better battery life than the previous version, along with some sound enhancements.

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Save 50% today on these iPhone 6 Plus screen protectors!

Shield the display of your iPhone 6 Plus from annoying fingerprints and scratches while preventing glare at the same time with these precision cut protectors from Ventev. Including 2 per package, they're simple to apply and leave absolutely no sticky residue when removed. Yours today for only $4.95

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Logitech's MX Anywhere 2 wireless mouse can connect to three devices at once

Logitech has introduced the MX Anywhere 2, a new wireless mobile mouse that can connect with up to three devices at once, switching between them easily.

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Typo's keyboard for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 is available now for $189

Moving on from its latest legal setbacks with its iPhone keyboard, Typo has released their keyboard for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. It is available now for $189.

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Classic Buckle band for Apple Watch review

The Classic Buckle for the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch is made of Dutch leather from the ECCO tannery in the Netherlands, and is a refreshingly new take on tradition.

I didn't order the Classic Buckle for Apple Watch the same time as I ordered the Watch itself and the Leather Loop. I ordered it later, when I was at the try-ons, and I was speaking to one of the Apple reps about it. I'd almost dismissed it before then. The Link Bracelet was going to be my classic strap, after all, and the loop, my leather. But we got to talking, then trying, and then liking... From there it was one tiny step to ordering.

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Save over 50% today on Case-Mate Slim Tough Cases for iPhone 6

The Slim Tough Case is designed to offer a sleek and sophisticated silhouette that blends refined looks with enhanced protection. This case features a color-contrasting bumper, a shock-absorbing flexible interior, and is accented with metal buttons. Choose your favorite color today for only $13.95!

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