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How to add rooms, zones, and scenes to your HomeKit house

Take control of HomeKit by sorting accessories into rooms, zones, and scenes. Here's what these categories do, and how you can control them.

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Naztech's Vault+ Waterproof Cover for iPhone 6/6s is 57% off today

This durable waterproof case keeps your iPhone 6/6s protected from impacts and water damage up to 6.5ft below the surface. It features a built-in kickstand and is Touch ID compatible. Get one today for only $29.95!

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Save 28% on a pair of Beats Solo2 wireless headphones, only $216 from Amazon

If you are looking to ditch the wires, but not the sound, you'll want to check out this deal on a set of Beats Solo2 wireless on-ear headphones. Amazon is giving you a chance to save 28%, dropping the price down to only $216.

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Pre-order LifeProof's FRE Power battery case for the iPhone 6s for $129

LifeProof's FRE Power battery case for the iPhone 6s is now available for pre-order. The case can give your phone up to twice its normal battery life.

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Save 43% on Seidio Spring Clip Holsters for iPhone 6/6s Plus

This spring clip holster keeps your device clipped in tight, no matter the hustle and bustle. Just snap it to your belt, pants or bag and pop in your device. The top spring clip is extremely tough and provides quick-release access when you need to answer a call, text or email.

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The Hermes custom Apple Watch face gives me hope for third-party clock faces

The Hermès-branded Apple Watch not only comes with a custom band, but a custom clock face, too. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Apple's developers built whatever Hermès asked for—even if that included new complications. But I can't help but hope that it's also a hint that custom watch faces are possible—and possibly coming in watchOS 3.

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Misfit introduces new Shine 2 wearable activity tracker, available now for $99

Misfit, a continuous competitor in the fitness wearable space, has just announced its newest wearable, the Shine 2. This new model builds on the success of the original Shine, and adds plenty of new features.

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Magic Mouse 2 review

The new Magic Mouse 2 has one significant difference from the previous Magic Mouse: It now packs a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Because of that change, though, it's now lighter and has new "feet" that allow it to glide smoother than ever. How much of a difference does that all make?

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Save 48% today on this OEM wall adapter and Lightning cable

Designed to fit in any standard US outlet, the charging block is compact in size, leaving access to any neighboring plugs. The included USB Lightning cable reaches 3.3ft in length. Grab yours today for only $19.95!

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Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 6s Plus review

The Spigen Tough Armor case provides excellent all-around protection for your iPhone 6s Plus with a decidedly rugged style.

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