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Health & Fitness

How to move your Health data to a new iPhone

Thanks to a third-party app, you can now transfer most of your iPhone’s health data to a new device — even if you don’t have an encrypted backup.

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Best Fitbit

Fitbit has done a great job filling its line with excellent products at varying price points. But only one is the absolute best, and that's the new Fitbit Charge 2.

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Best external heart rate monitors for iPhone and Apple Watch

Keeping healthy is a lot easier with your iPhone and Apple Watch, but once you add in an external heart monitor to the mix, you’ll really kick-start your fitness routine!

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How to set up and start using Health for iPhone in iOS 10

Take control of the Health app on your iPhone in iOS 10.

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Apple Watch 2 rumor roundup

Want to know what’s up Apple’s sleeve for Apple Watch 2? Here's the latest on casing sizes, cellular rumors, and more.

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How sharing your Apple Watch progress with your friends will work in iOS 10

With iOS 10 and watchOS 3, you'll soon be able to share your Activity progress with other Apple Watch users. Here's how.

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How to use Workouts with Activities for iPhone

Get active straight from your wrist with the Workouts and the Activities app!

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How to use Activities for Apple Watch and iPhone

Start getting active in the most convenient way possible: With Activities right on your Apple Watch!

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Fitbit won't sync to your iPhone? Here's the fix!

Although it may be tempting to believe there is a magical presence inside your iPhone updating the numbers and moving your progress bars around, it's actually happening because of a process we call syncing.

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5 ways fitness trackers make your life better

Although more research is needed, we think that wearing a fitness tracker can’t hurt, and in fact, can help improve the quality of your life in several concrete ways. Here’s why.

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