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How to customize Calendar for iPhone and iPad

Apple’s Calendar app lets you manage your schedule on the go, whether you are enroute to work or traveling to a fabulous vacation destination. iOS gives you a number of options for putting your own stamp on the application. Let’s walk through them.

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How to gift and redeem content on the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad

iTunes is a fully functional store app so, you can send and redeem gifts, check your balance, and change your payment options right from your iPhone or iPad.

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Can't see the new iMessage bubble effects in iOS 10? Here's how to fix it!

If you can't see the fancy new bubble effects in iMessage for iOS 10, your reduce motion settings might be the reason!

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How to add attachments to Mail for iPhone and iPad

How do you add an email attachment on your iPhone or iPad? With iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more!

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How to manage Mail settings for iPhone and iPad

Managing your email accounts in Settings can make your life a lot easier!

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How to track and find nearby Pokémon with the Sightings screen in Pokémon Go

How do you track nearby Pokémon in Pokémon Go? Monday's update introduces the Sightings screen: It isn't exactly clear-cut, but you can use it to help figure out which Pokémon are in your area.

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How to organize photos and videos into albums on your iPhone or iPad

Get your photos and videos organized into albums, so that you're not constantly searching through your entire library!

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How to download iOS 10 public beta 7 to your iPhone or iPad

Itching to try out iOS 10? Public beta 7 is now available. Here's what you need to know about downloading and installing it!

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How to download iOS 10 developer preview 8 to your iPhone or iPad

If you're a developer looking to take a peek at iOS 10, here's how to install developer beta 8.

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How to adjust the date, time, and timezone of your iPhone and iPad

ou may never need to change your time manually in your life; however, if you are traveling somewhere that’s in a different timezone and you are unable to get any service (Wi-Fi or cellular), you could be stuck backward or forwards in time, so to speak.

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