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Best iMessage apps and sticker packs for iOS 10 — so far!

iMessage Apps and Stickers have hit the App Store for iMessage in droves (upon droves). Here are the apps and stickers we think you should check out!

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iOS 11 wish-list: Dark mode for iPhone and iPad

A system-wide night theme would let iOS look and feel great throughout the day, and be a huge accessibility benefit.

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How to create relationships for contacts on iPhone

Creating relationships for contacts with your iPhone can make things much easier while you're rocking your phone hands-free. Ready to start a new relationship?

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How to share Reminders with Family Sharing

How do you share reminder lists for shopping, chores, packing, practice and more with your family? Easily, Family Sharing!

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How to use the QuickType keyboard on iPhone and iPad

QuickType is Apple's predictive keyboard that gets smarter as you use it.

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How to manage contacts and call history in the Phone app for iPhone

How do you organize your phone contacts and manage your call history? In the Phone app!

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How to delete multiple contacts at once from your iPhone

Who are all of these people and why are they in my Contacts list and how do I get rid of them all at once?

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How to use text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

Tired of typing out long words, names, email addresses, web addresses, or entire sentences over and over again? Well then, save yourself some time and effort and set up some keyboard shortcuts.

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What would you change about iOS 10?

iOS 10 has shipped but Apple's already working on iOS 11 — so what do you want them to change?

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How to change priority for, move, and add notes to Reminders on iPhone or iPad

Reminders lets you add and change reminder priority, due dates, and more — all with just a few taps!

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