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Did your iPhone or Apple Watch screen just turn gray? Here's the fix!

Help! My iPhone (or iPad, or Apple Watch) screen looks like a black and white TV. What do I do?

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How to use Siri with Apple Music

With Siri you're only ever a press and a sentence away from controlling Apple Music. From adding songs to liking them, filling your Up Next queue or clearing it out, here's what you need to know!

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How to make an emergency call on a locked iPhone

You can make a phone call from a locked iPhone without a passcode or Touch ID.

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On Dark Matter, iPads, and trucks

Computers are like trucks: They're more powerful, but with that power comes the potential for exploits. As such, iOS may be the safer future route for most users.

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How to change your wallpaper on iPhone or iPad

Make your iPhone and iPad your own by changing the screen's wallpaper and much more.

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How to use Night Shift on your iPhone or iPad

How do you make sure that staring at a screen late into the night doesn't destroy your sleep patterns? Night Shift can help!

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How to sync content with iBooks on iPhone and iPad

How do I sync my content in iBooks? Make sure all your important data stays up-to-date by adjusting your settings.

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How to delete multiple contacts at once from your iPhone

Who are all of these people and why are they in my Contacts list and how do I get rid of them all at once?

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How to back up your iPhone or iPad

How do you make sure you don't lose your photos, messages, and other data? Back up you iPhone and iPad now!

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Swift Playgrounds: Previewing Apple's remarkable new portal to code

Apple has just made Swift Playgrounds available in 5 additional languages: Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Latin American Spanish.

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