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How to share events with Calendar for iPhone and iPad

This article details how to share calendar events on iPhone and iPad.

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How to download iOS 9.3.5 on your iPhone or iPad

Apple has just released iOS 9.3.5 with an important security updates. You can download iOS 9.3.5 using the same procedures as previous updates.

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How to get the iCloud Drive app on your iPhone and iPad

Ever since Apple released iOS 9, we've had the iCloud Drive app, which lets you see everything and anything stored in your iCloud Drive on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and even Mac. In iOS 9, the iCloud Drive app starts off hidden by default. You can get it back on your device at any time.

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How to add Accessories in the Home app for iPhone and iPad

Here's how you get your shiny, new HomeKit Accessories set up and ready to roll in the Home app.

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Calendar: Ultimate guide

How do you organize your appointments, update your agenda, plan events, and keep on time with your iPhone and iPad? The built-in Calendar app, of course!

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How to save attachments in Mail for iPhone and iPad

You can save your email attachments to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more!

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How to set up Reminders lists on iPhone or iPad

It's quick and easy to create reminders for yourself using Reminders for iPhone and iPad.

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How to crop, filter, and adjust Live Photos in Photos for iPhone and iPad in iOS 10

You can adjust your Live Photos exactly how you want them in iOS 10. Here's how!

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How to use the Home app in iOS 10

Trick question. Everything's new in the Home app, 'cause it's new to iOS 10. Here are some of the features you should check out to get started!

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How to add a home to the new Home app in iOS 10

If you need help setting up a new home in the iOS 10 Home app, here's how!

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